Instagram Followers Control My Life For A Day – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP216

Today I’m going to be letting Instagram decide on my day. Yesterday night I put up a little Instagram story that said that today I am going to be sort of doing polls throughout the day to let my followers decide how my day should proceed? So basically just giving them two choices because Instagram polls you can only have two choices. I am not very optimistic about it because I feel that given two choices, like followers will typically choose the worst choice for you. So I’m going to go out of the house and you guys get to decide what I’m gonna wear out of the house. So behold the options. So I’m gonna ask them now… What should I wear today? Okay, so for every poll I will wait for 10 minutes and then I’ll go with the majority’s decision. So right now it’s only been a few minutes but the Qi Pao is winning by quite a lot. So usually for this the results doesn’t really fluctuate a lot. I’ve always seen that it kinda stays the same after the first few minutes. So I’m just gonna go with Qi Pao now then. So majority of you guys voted for the Qi Pao so I’m wearing my Qi Pao now. I guess it’s actually the prettier of the two options.
And I’ve got appropriate hair. And plus I’m the right race to wear this so it’s not culture appropriation. Actually it looks quite nice. It like fits me quite well but it’s just that it’s very very hot and it’s made of this cheapo synthetic material. So today it’s quite warm. So I think we’re going out and I’ll probably just die in this and I think that a lot of people will just stare at me and think I’m crazy lah but then again, I’m quite used to that.
So it’s okay. Okay, so it’s time for the next poll.
After I’m dressed I’m gonna go out. So guys should I go to the east now or should I go to the west? It’s up to you guys.
So much power in your hands. I always feel the option at the right side gets more answers because people accidentally press it to go to the next snap. So I shall put east there because I don’t want to go to the west. Smart right? The west is like… very far away from my house. And I’m sure people will make me go there with bus. And I don’t want to spend two hours in the bus okay? Okay, it’s been 10 minutes so I’m gonna check the results now. It says 54% for the west and 46% for the east. So I guess the west won. So the producers have written the exact location where I’m supposed to go to. So I guess I’ll open the west one. Tuas… Which is like terrible. This is Changi Airport. Changi Airport is so nice! Why? We could have gone to Changi Airport and sit on the three storey slide. Instead I have to go to Tuas! Next, I am going to let my followers decide how I’m gonna get to Tuas. So I think it’s either by bus/train or by private car? Okay, so it’s been about six minutes and obviously bus and trains is winning by a lot. So this one I think this one is confirm there’s a winner… So let’s just go with it. Okay, I’ll take the train. I haven’t taken it in many years. And I’m gonna go journey to the west now. So I guess I will… Ignore it. I can spin it. Let’s go. So to go to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), I have decided the best way for me to do so is to just go to the bus stop and ask a random stranger how to get to the nearest MRT station. And I will patiently sit here and wait and act like I’m like very very normal. You see, the lady is in her sari. She’s in her ethnic dress. So can I. It’s normal. Oh my god. How much is it?
Nobody knows. Never mind. I’ll put $1. It cannot be more than that. Okay, so I think the MRT is this way. So let’s go. Everyone is like “What the F#$%?”.
What is wrong with this woman? Can eat in the MRT or cannot?
Oh my god that’s so sad. You know what, I’m just gonna go ahead and just do that. Won’t get fined lah! Who’s gonna fine me? Eh what kinda like… Terrible… This is terrible man.
There’s no freedom of anything. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Okay, I’m looking at the map now to decide where to go. So I guess now… where am I now? Oh am I? No wait… I’m here. So I have to take the train to go to Tuas. I guess I’ll go to Tuas Crescent cuz it’s considered Tuas and it’s the nearest one. I’ll go like (makes train sound) this… to Buona Vista and change to the green line. Correct? Okay, alright. Towards Tuas, here. This side. Oh this smells like the old MRT. Oh my god it’s so beautiful here. Okay, so our MRT train stopped at Joo Koon and then I realised that it’s not going to Tuas. So it’s really weird because when I was trying to get my ticket, the machine actually let me select Tuas Crescent which I’ve selected and paid for. So now apparently the train doesn’t go there. SMRT! Hello! Wake up your idea! Okay, so I’ve clarified with the staff so apparently it’s not that there’s no train to go to Tuas, but the Joo Koon train does not go to Tuas. You have to take a shuttle bus downstairs to go to Gul and then from Gul station take the train to go to Tuas. Okay, so now we’re waiting for the little shuttle bus to bring us from Joo Koon station to Gul station. I don’t know why somehow the train just does not go to Tuas? And they don’t tell you beforehand. They just assume you’re just gonna be okay with this. Anyway it shows you that if you’re going to Tuas, nobody cares about you or your feelings. So that me I guess right now. It’s so warm here…
I’m dying in my Qi Pao. Almost wished you guys chose the Fubu. Okay, so now we’re at Gul Circle we’re on our way to Tuas Crescent now. Where we will finally reach out destination in two hours after we set off. The train is like super empty because… Look at that… it’s freaking empty. So I guess we’re right at the end of Singapore now. Anymore west and we will kinda drop into the sea. The time now is 5 minutes to 3pm and we have finally reached Yes! We are at Tuas Crescent guys! Look at that! Feels like some kind of adventure but actually it’s just within Singapore. Oh my god what’s with this stairs? It’s so long. Eh this picture is very nice. I wanna take a photo here. Tuas got very Instagrammable stairs. In case people who want to do like blogshop shoots or what not can come here. Oh my god! This station is so empty there like nobody here at all. You can do whatever the F#$% you want here! Is there any nice food to eat around here? How long? Wah so far away! There’s no place nearby where we can walk to to eat? Oh my god… So basically there’s no where to eat around here. The nearest food place is 10 minutes away. And according to that guy 10 minutes walk meaning for girls it’s probably like 20 minutes walk. See lah you guys.
If you’d have pick the east then we’d be in Changi Airport and it’ll be so nice and beautiful and pride of Singapore etc… And instead we’re at TUAS! Happy now?! That’s what is smelling like shit. Wow… disgusting. You guys! Hey there! We’re at the Amenity Centre. Turns out it’s a real place. There seems to be a lot of options here for us to choose from so let’s just go in and have a look. This is called the Secondlink Food Centre. So let’s just eat here. Oh my god. I’m gonna let you guys decide what I’m supposed to eat for lunch. Okay, so today I’m gonna try to go out of my comfort zone and order some food that I wouldn’t usually choose. So I’ve picked two of the stalls that is my least favorite choices and you guys get to decide which one I should order. Here is option number 1. Fish soup stall from here. Or… Indian food from there. Alright, so it has just be a few minutes since I last posted my poll. Overwhelmingly, people chose Indian food. So let’s get Indian food. Okay, so now I’m asking people whether I should eat Mee Goreng or Murtabak? Okay, so Murtabak won the poll. Now I’m going to go order my food. Let’s go. So I know you guys want me to do something embarrassing so now that I’m waiting for my food, should I… Dance around the food court sing the Shanghai song or should I approach one of the groups of guys here and ask them whether my Qi Pao is nice or not and whether they think I’m pretty or not? So the Murtabak has arrived and it’s time for me to eat. I have never ordered Murtabak in my life can you believe it? So today is the first time. I don’t know why I never ordered Murtabak before? I in general don’t really like Indian food because I hate parsley. And so I don’t like any kind of food right that they might chop up parsley and put inside the stuff. So for me like Murtabak is very mysterious. I don’t know what is inside there. I feel like it’s very likely there’s parsley inside I will just won’t order it. Okay, so it’s full of onions and I don’t like onions. I mean I don’t hate them but I don’t want and mouth full of onions. So I’m just gonna eat the corner lah… It’s okay. I’ll still eat it. Because… I promised. Very oniony. The poll results are in. I’ve finished eating and 61% of people ask me to dance. It’s okay. I’ll follow through. I’ll go and dance now. Alright. I’ll do that. I’m f#$% embarrassed. Okay, don’t be shy.
Alright, you’ll never see this men again. It’s okay. Nobody cared about me! Can you see how calm they are?
They’re just like… Can we like go now? So I’m sufficiently embarrassed. I’m still blushing now but you can’t see because I’m wearing a lot of makeup. But let’s get out of here. So now I’m just gonna explore this place a little bit and see what they have. Guess what?
I have arrived at a 4D shop right now. So should I buy 4D because I don’t ever buy 4D. So I don’t think I’ll win. But alright. Should I bet?
Yes or no? So most people voted I should… So most people voted I should go ahead and buy it so I guess I will. So right now I’m gonna poll whether I should buy today’s date or the time right now? Alright, so overwhelmingly people voted for the time right now verses today’s date. So I went ahead and bought the time. I bought $4. 2 big 2 small. I don’t know what that means. But ok lah… $4 I don’t mind losing I guess. By the time this episode comes out the results would be out. And most likely I would not have won anything. Because I’ve never won anything in my life. No lucky draws what so ever. So but if this time it wins next time I buy 4D I’ll sure go and poll people again. So we’ve come to the end of the episode. As usual don’t forget to like, subscribe and also hit that little bell icon so you can get a notification every time a new video comes out. Or you can also download the Clicknetwork app so you can watch all of our videos before they come out on YouTube. Thank you very much for watching.
I love you guys! I’ll see you guys next time.
Bye! So earlier I asked people whether they regretted sending me to Tuas instead of Changi Airport. And 66% said they do not regret it. I think that they’re enjoying themselves, I guess after all this is quite an adventure. And like Changi Airport everyone been to right? But Tuas, not everyone has been here. So here you go. Here I am.

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