Instagram Followers Control My DIY!
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Instagram Followers Control My DIY!

What’s up guys we are the sorry girls my name is Kelsey. Hi, my name is Becky And today we decided to do the Instagram decides our life But instead of life we’re doing DIY because we’re diyers. (That’s what we do). We’re DIYers. Did you guys know that? I don’t know if you knew that. Are you subscribed you should subscribe notification bell? Okay. Thanks So we are gonna head to different locations and source things all via your answers on our Instagram polls We’re doing about our personal Instagram. So if you aren’t following those those will be linked below. Mm-hmm We are kind of just gonna do it as we go get your answers and you know DIY some things. I hope we make something cute together. I hope you guys make cute choices. Otherwise, this is totally your fault. Just kidding It’s a team effort. Okay, we’re gonna start off by going through the thrift store for Becky’s DIY.
(Lets go!) Okay, we’re at the thrift store, what did you just ask Instagram I asked them whether I should do the fashion side of the thrift store or the end of for what are you hoping for? I? Like home decor more for a little bit. I’m cool with whatever. Oh my god. Well, let’s see We’ll kill some time in between each posts But we’re not gonna give you guys that much doesn’t time to decide because we have a lot of DIY to do today Hope you guys are on that Instagram and you’re on it quick Should I get this for the Shania Twain concert? Okay, that started out as a joke, and now I’m a hundred percent getting this for the Shania Twain concert. Are you seeing those mirrors right now? So Decor won by 75% you guys love decor to, we feel each other. So let’s go check out some option Like, baskets would be cool. They rearranged our thrift store (Very Canadian ‘Eh?’) Oh my God, remember when we made an old mantel. Wow. This one’s a little bit better. (A little bit) That little table is like actually kinda cute. Oh, but like, what are you even gonna do with that? It’s perfect Are you actually kidding me right now what that’s so funny ours is cuter still this one’s probably like 20 dollars You’re gonna give people the option of furniture or frames in one photo Uh, so furniture won by a whopping 68 percent So I guess you need to shop in this section And I’m not gonna tell Instagram what I end up picking because I want it to be a surprise for them as they go along But you guys get to see it right now Have you made a choice yet? I was thinking maybe this cuz I can actually use it and you could like paint the Wicker like a cool pattern Yeah, like a boho add some tassels do something fun Okay All right. I just picked up this wicker laundry hamper, which is very cute But also has a lot of potential now, we got to figure out from Kelsey’s Instagram where we’re going for hers We’re trying to figure out if we should go to the hardware store or the fabric store. Let’s ask the gram Hey guys. Today we’re doing the Instagram chooses my blank challenge Don’t your help to answer some polls to help me out with this DIY okay, so I asked them where we should go because my choice was fabric store or hardware store and hardware stores winning 55% to 45% It’s super close. we’re going to the hardware store. Also, can we get lunch first Becky? Yeah I asked on my insta polls if we should do salad or sandwiches for lunch Good choice.
So warm. Okay, so now you guys need to help me decide whether I’m gonna make something for the wall or something for the floor Vote below what they gonna choose Guys, we’ve been waiting and this is the closest poll to date. Whoa, baby. We’ll wait a little bit longer I guess It’s too close too close for comfort. Too close to call? okay, so I just told Becky to go vote for floor because I want that one to win and she just made it like a 50/50 come on Are you kidding are you kidding? Okay, literally been waiting for like 20 minutes. We were getting mad dirty looks from like every employee and customer in here It is still at 50% It keeps bouncing back and forth and it’s like right now 50% I’m gonna be the tiebreaker right now and we’re gonna make it for the floor. Okay? Okay, okay Not that many options You want a cheese wheel leg?
*Becky pretends to laugh* I think I’m gunna go tall.
YOU don’t think anything, we’re gonna ask Instagram
-We are?
– yeah Oh no!! Okay, so 71% chose tall, so we’re gonna get the tall legs. All right We are back to working on my DIY project and we are heading to the fabric store Currently and I’m gonna get you to pick out what fabric I want because it’s a laundry hamper And it has fabric in and already I want to replace it with something new and clean So they’re gonna tell me what color we’re gonna do Should I all of a sudden start making pants or continue with my DIY.
-Woah, plot twist Abandon the DIY or not? Linen linen Wow Wow. Vibrant AF. Could this be an option?
-No. Okay, did you find something you like yeah, so I have two options either own white white or a grey grey. Two very different vibes. Let’s see what they say All right light one that one so we are gonna grab that and go back to the office Audio montage of us getting in the car *Beep* Okay, we’re back at the office and I’m gonna ask Instagram whether I should paint or stain See what they choose.
what’s your question for the audience? I’m glad you asked I want to paint my hamper like either like a solid color or I do a pattern on it And I’m gonna use these papers to represent it I feel like you’re like tricking the audience a how it’s actually kind of funny because they might think I’m using this exact paper But I’m just gonna ask them pattern or plane and use this to represent it sneaky sneaky Got the shot. Let’s wait find out what the answer is. So stain or paint winner is oh my gahd, my polls are always so close 54% Painting so we’re going to paint Okay So cats out of the bag I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna be making today Ever since we redid the loft this plant got repotted and it just kinda sits on the ground and it looks a little sad sitting On the ground, so I want to make it a very short stool inspired plant stand. so I bought those legs the tall ones Thanks to the Instagram fam. And now I’m going to use some MDF because we have it laying around the office You guys hate it when we say that (we do) but I’m sure we’ll run out of MDF one day (good) But you can use a wood or anything I don’t know you guys are upset why we say that it’s just we’re using material that we have That’s so much better than buying new things So I’m going to cut out a circular size. That’s just a little bit bigger than the base of my pot here *Lots of drill noises* (needs alone time with the stool) so satisfying All right So it’s been a bit and after lots of votes the clear winner here was patterned So my plan is to use a paintbrush and some white paint and paint like a BoHo-y pattern print onto this laundry hamper Okay, so my patterned paint job actually turned out really cute I honestly was like a little nervous when that one won cuz I didn’t totally have a plan But I really like how it’s working out now I’m gonna jump back to the light color pattern that won the vote and cut out the bag it’s gonna on the inside of this so I’m gonna cut one long strip and that’s gonna be the front the bottom in the back and then two pieces one the side and sew that together Okay, the last question I’m gonna ask Instagram is Straight or angled. It’s because I’m gonna do a little something something with the pot. All right Let’s see. What they say. *Freedom* we have 57 percent are at angled and 43% are at straight. So I asked this question because my pot here It’s a little plain. It’s a little white So I wanted to spice it up because it is like a blank canvas. I was either gonna do maybe like a straight color blocking Effect but I guess now I’m gonna do an angled color blocking effect because the insta fam voted for angles I have one more question for you guys And that is I want to put like a deco or some sort of like latch or like tie on the front to pull up the top easier and I want to know if I should do that out of cord and do like a tassely thing or should I do it out of faux leather and do some sort of like pull tab You guys let me know on Instagram in like ten minutes Thanks. How’s that going?
Um, good the only thing that because this paint is really thick when I peeled off the tape it kind of peeled off some of my lines, so I’m just gonna come through this
Oh true that works so well
Almost done now. Yayyy All right, you guys wanted the faux leather so let’s get to making this Matching patterns is very important and then I just strung a piece of twine underneath the little tabby I made and tied it to the top here and That’s complete. Y’all y’all.
Who am I? Painted. stool Painted. Plaahnnt.
Oh Oh Oh. What?
no, it just looks heavy. ..It is heavy. Yes, so cute.
Into it. It’s gonna have a new home in the living room Yas Yas Yas. Alright so that is how our DIYs turned out. What do you guys think? I mean you we I think who everybody did a good job here. I think they turned out really cute Let us know if your votes were the winning votes and if you guys didn’t vote should we do this again? Yeah, so you got you can vote make sure you’re following the story girls on Instagram Kelsey Marillis (@kelseymarillis) on instagram Becky Lynne (@beckyylynne) on instagram So you don’t miss out on stuff like this in the future. Yes Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked make sure you give it a like if you love it I’m sure you sub it. Alright. Bye. See you next time. Byyyeee.

100 thoughts on “Instagram Followers Control My DIY!

  1. That hamper ended up being adorable!! I think it would have looked cool with a grey base color instead of the normal brown, with the white bohemian patterns! It would also give it a pop of color!
    I also loved the plant holder!

  2. This was so fun to watch. I’m a new subbie, hope we can become youtube friends and support each other 😀 x x x x

  3. The hamper looks so rushed and half done and half hearted though 🙁 and this is coming from a boho lover.

  4. Omg we shop at the same places. I just never had a good experience with the women who works at the fabric place.

  5. I have to say I love thesorrygirls fashion style in general, but this leather skirt you had on in this video, is killer gorgeous!

  6. They take everyday things in turn them into something you would find a rich trendy place (lol the last part I just basically described laurdiy's house)

  7. Oh you TOTALLY should have kept that funky weird kinda "I used to be a teak stump but now I'm a slab" MDF piece and had it wonky and organic looking… just sayin. And Gold… obvs.

  8. Is it weird if I ask for this thrift stores location 😂😂😂 I live in Toronto but I can never find good thrift stores and the one(s) you guys go to have an amazing selection lol ! I hope you guys see this and can help me out 😭😭😊

  9. Hey, I love your channel, but for the love of DIY's please never use black foam paint rollers D; I work at a paint store and everyone loves to use them because they assume they'll give a super smooth finish. Black foam just makes your paint go bubbly when you roll, and soaks up a tonne of paint that you COULD be using for future projects (it's a sponge, so this is a given). Next time you buy rollers, please just try a velour or mohair one for me? I promise you'll love them. ps. Frog tape will also be your new best friend, painters mate isn't worth the extra time you need for repainting.

  10. For the holidays you could do a diy on gifts that didn't quite hit the mark, so instead of returning them… Turning them into something cuter!

  11. Why is every one hating just leave them alone for crying out loud they are just trying to have fun u r just stomping all over it jeez but any ways love u guys 💕

  12. That spray can print !!! That’s a Rebel 8 poster. I have the shirt of that print. I would flip if I found that frame 😫😭

  13. Ceux qui veulent exploser sur INSTAGRAM en 2019, je vous conseille de faire un tour dans cette agence :

  14. When you put a fabric liner in something, the “right side” should be what you see when you open it… meaning before you insert the liner, the raw seam edges should be on the “outside” so that when you insert it, the raw seam edges are hidden against the basket.

    In other words you should not have flipped the liner around between sewing it and inserting it.

  15. Damn… Its better not to read comments of other people. They take the whole thing too seriously. The sense of entitlement of some people 🙂 amazing… The girls are doing a great job. You are entertaining, and hard working and creative with good sense of taste. In no way or form this particular youtube channel (!!!) had any promise or obligation to guarantee satisfaction of the things you will do at home with your own hands. Folks who critisize that the girls did this wrong or that wrong are type of folks that critisize cooking recipes online (my cookies didnt turn out same as yours… Your fault)…come on, guys. LADIES thank you very much for your work 🙂

  16. Cute but you should turn the liner inside out for the hamper because you don't see the other side anyway

  17. These are great. I have two ideas for you guys: DO a DIY challenge by using only what's already in your drawers; Get 5 random people buy 5 random things and you must turn them into DIY projects; Do a button-inspired DIY, something with buttons. You haven't done buttons yet 🙂

  18. What thrift stores do you go to?! I live in the Niagara Region and I wished we had that much furniture in our thrift stores, ugh it would make decorating my empty apartment so much easier 🙁

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