Instagram Eye Candy Ep. 49 | Raven Loso aka Ravie Loso | Zaddeee’s Favorites
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Instagram Eye Candy Ep. 49 | Raven Loso aka Ravie Loso | Zaddeee’s Favorites

God damn I know I sound like a broken record
but there’s so many beautiful women out there of all shapes, sizes, complexions, etcetera,
etcetera. And it’s easy to see one and say damn she’s
bad as shit, then you see Raven Loso and you fuckin lose it and say oh my god she’s the
baddest! Why Ravie, why do you gotta do it to us all
like that. Killing the gram every time you post. Lookin all delicious showing off that fire
ass physique, damn her body is crazy, a graduation gown couldn’t hide those curves. And that sweet good girl face, those delectable
lips. That smile…yeah..She’s the definition of
eye catching, she’ll make you do a double take looking at your phone. And Raven is about her business. If you treat her right, she’ll always bring
something to the table. Creating multiple income streams one of which
being her clothing line Sweetblood Apparel. Her form fitting designs are perfect for women
blessed with a shape similar to hers and she is an hourglass personified. Look at that body….wow…she’s thick all
over..yes indeed. Raven is a brand ambassador and influencer
with over 2.4 million followers and her reach continues to expand. She exudes good vibes throughout her timeline. Her still images and video capture her essence
in a manner that will make you fall in love with her energy, and off course make you salivate
over her shirt busting cleavage and her jean popping cake in the back. But what more can I say, there’s no question
what you need to do. Go to Instagram, follow RavieLoso and please
don’t forget to tell her that Zaddeee sent you. Thanks for watching Instagram Eye Candy on
Zaddeee TV. If you love beautiful women and want to stay
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