Instagram Eye Candy Ep. 42 | Brittany Razavi aka Brittany 187 | Zaddeee’s Favorites
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Instagram Eye Candy Ep. 42 | Brittany Razavi aka Brittany 187 | Zaddeee’s Favorites

187 as many know is the code number for murder. And killing the gram is what Brittanya 187
has been doing for the past few years and it’s always premeditated. Raised in California Brittanya rose from a
difficult upbringing to become a VH1 reality star. When that flame died down she didn’t stop
making moves and 16.6 million followers later she is the highest paid web based entertainer. And for good reason. Not only does she consistently communicate
with her fans thru her website but she also consistently provides some of
the hottest sexiest content you can find. And her Instagram page also provides the hottest
sexiest content on the gram. She keeps the Vegas strip lit pulling exhibitionist
stunts that attract all eyes whether old young man or woman. She is super confident and fearless, showcasing
her body with risqué photos and videos that would turn a soft bowl of pudding into a rock
hard boulder. Man, I had to take a break from looking at
her timeline and go take a cold shower just to regain my focus and bring you this commentary. Brittanya is not shy about the work she has
done to her physique so you gotta respect it and you gotta thank whoever her doctor
was because her tits are amazing and her ass to waist ratio is unbelievable. I think I speak for us all when I say that
I just wanna get a quick squeeze in just to see how it feels. Just one squeeze Brittanya just one. But seriously this inked model who has graced
the pages of many a magazine with her unique look is one of the most recognizable women
on the web. Oh and by the way that gorgeous face is all
hers and it’s just as memorable as her body. The stunningly exotic look comes from her
Mexican decent and her drive comes from shear inspiration and a love for what she does and
the many fans who appreciate her work. She adores the pleasure she brings to men
and also loves to bring her girlfriends along to add to the entertainment. Brittanya is a hustler who understands the
value of collaboration and has set the example for all who use Instagram as a platform for
branding. She’s a legend in her own right and will
be spoken about years from now. So get your mind right get on Instagram and
follow Brittanya187 now and please don’t forget to tell her that Zaddeee sent you. Thanks for watching Instagram Eye Candy on
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2 thoughts on “Instagram Eye Candy Ep. 42 | Brittany Razavi aka Brittany 187 | Zaddeee’s Favorites

  1. I was wondering when she was gonna be on here lol plus there some more you missed like Jem Wolfie Strella Kat Pumma Santiago Yasmin Estrada (realhatedigmodel)

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