47 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM ENGAGEMENT DROP 2019 – organic instagram growth hacks 2019

  1. OMG, yes!! I've been losing followers, engagements and everything else. I've been using a lot of IGTV and truthfully about to give up both on IG and FB. I'm a photographer and it used to help but now I find IG is simply a waste of time. I'm focusing on Blog Posts (SEO), Pinterest and one of the reasons I recently started with YT. Thanks for the info and happy I found you!

  2. Great video. There’s definitely been a drop in my engagement on Instagram. I feel like the platform is changing. I think the stories and IGTV still does well. However, It’s not my favourite platform now. Thank you for sharing this. 😊

  3. Yup yup! I went from 1-2k likes per post to 1-300 likes per post 😳 but still getting booking for photography clients

  4. Great information! I definitely need to get more into IG for sure. Really good information and great quality. Keep it up

  5. Yes, this is definitely noticeable. And you're right, I've noticed a slight difference in my views since using IGTV and Stories, but there's so much more to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I need to get more active on IG. I saw someone's post about IGTV which seemed like something worth my time. I focus a lot on YT because your content is always being searched for if you use SEO right. Got a lot to learn about IG!

  7. The algorithm has changed but there are still some ways to stay on top of it 😉 Great insights and loved watching this video too!!

  8. Hey Ortal, I really WANT to do more IGTV since I do so much YOutube, but I lack time. Also, I find it so sad that I can't simply post my Youtube video's and need to put more work into it to make it shareable on IGTV
    I just need to prioritize….

  9. I use to be getting 30k-120k views each video. Now my guitar covers barely can get 10k. Also I have 18.9k followers. What can I do to get my views back up please respond

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