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Instagram Automation Software That Is 100% Free

alright guys I got a great one for you
here today essentially what I’m going to teach you is how to automate your
Instagram following an engagement you know for free 100 central for a because
I personally and just ignore this Instagram account actually that’s
something that I’m just kind of working over in building you’ll see whisky with
vacation spots and no followers it’s just was the one that was up so I’m
going to use it so essentially what this will do is it will automate one of your
instagrams for you now won’t do multiple ones one of the things that I recommend
is follow like there’s actually something that I use with a lot of my
it’s a great Instagram automation salt or Sarma Instagram pages to market
because when you have when you’re starting to build instagrams around
multiple niches and you know funnel traffic to your sites you’re going to
need automation software it’s going to target follow better you know around
hashtags on certain pages it’s going to you know it engage with those pages and
those people and that content better and there’s really no measure there’s
nothing that you can do manually that measures up to it or come even close so
I recommend flour licker there’s a bunch of different software’s out there this
is just the one that I found best you can obviously purchase one account
license for I think it’s fifty seven the f50 $7.99 for when your Instagram
accounts or you can purchase five or I’m limited now I’ve the unlimited it’s
ninety seven ninety nine and what that does is the one-time payment so that’s
phenomenal I’ve paid I think it was a year and a half ago or something like
that and I haven’t had to pay since and every single time I open up a new
Instagram account and I start target filing and go through the process you’ll
see how fast this one one jumps up it basically follows for you it engages for
you and you can set up on automation so you don’t have to worry about you set it
and forget it and it’ll start building for you so this is phenomenal I
recommend this you can start with one account license and the one the great
thing about this and I’m in no way affiliated by follow up with file like
our guys the great thing about follow licker is you can buy one account and
test it on one of your things and once you have it on one Instagram you get
better at it you can you know upgrade you don’t have to pay you know ninety
seven ninety nine per and women accounts license then you you only have to pay
the difference between the account licenses so I think that’d be forty
57 yet be 40 bucks difference to upgrade you don’t have to pay the full amount
total you just pay the difference so that’s cool feature of something I
recommend also just kind of realize I’m talking very very fast I think it’s
because I just had two cups to coffee so bear with me guys I’m sorry but uh so
yeah I’m going to go through you know if you’re not looking to spend money which
a lot of people don’t have the you know the 100 bucks roughly to spend on pala
licker or automation software totally understandable I’ve been there myself I
know I you know I understand how that goes
if you’re looking for just one automation you know way one way to
automate your your Instagram account for one Instagram account now there’s only
for one Instagram account I have your answer so essentially we’re going to do
is you’re going to go to the chrome store and you’re going to type in Auto
insta data me I believe it’s just auto in so you don’t have to type in the dot
me but we’ll just Auto insta yeah there you go auto answer and this
is what it will look like and then it will pop up as this little a in your in
the top right of your browser now what this essentially will do is you’re going
to have your Instagram account up when you have this running and it will pop
this little app into to a as a plug-in on your Google Chrome browser now when
you open it up you’ll start to see pages like this and you can you know set up
liking automation based around hashtags you can set up following automation
based around other pages which is really cool
and you can set up on follows from your page which is really really cool now
another great thing about this is you can set up sleep times because you want
to mimic a you know you want to mimic a normal person as much as possible so
when you set up a sweet time you don’t want to be running 24 hours a day it’s
grand will flag that’s you know if you’re following people 24 hours a day
that’s something that’s an easy way to get flagged you know obviously a lot of
the intervals are to set with the the follows per second and per hour so
that’s a great thing but you can kind of adjust them and they’re set to the two
thousand a day limit which is something I recommend as well you know you can
look through these and set them up you know how you know ever you want however
you see fit but essentially with the software
does just to get into it really really briefly is it will collect pools based
around either your if your unfollowing it will collect the pool and you’ll see
scan pool on followed pool hashtags like and similar for all of them it will set
up a pool around your followers if your unfollowing or it will set up a pool
around hashtags if you’re liking so you can like based on hashtags which is
really cool and one of the features that I love because I’m all about target
following and generating traffic is and I’ll have my Instagram course you know
with all this linked in the description for you guys you want to check that out
with a subscriber discount but essentially the target following is is
you target following if you don’t know is you target follow based around a
certain niche so this is something I’m working into a vacation spots page you
know for one of the courses and I’m starting to teach to kind of you know
show you guys how to build a page like that and send it around a niche like
that but just ignore the whiskey for the time being so pretend that this was a
page target following essentially is I would search a page that is similar to
do with with my niche that is already established and already has an engaged
following so let’s try to vacation destination see if this one’s good so
it’s not phenomenal it’s got four thousand followers it’s low but it has
decent engagement it’s got a you know four hundred it’s got multiple hundreds
of people you know liking and commenting their stuff so that’s a good kind so
maybe we would use this page for a day or two and then we would move on to
another one now what I teach when your target song is you don’t follow the
followers you follow the people that engaged and like to be post so what you
do is you go in and we’ll check all the people that like the post or even if
even better the people that commented on the post and you would follow all the
people that liked the post now you don’t want to follow more than 62 I found that
60 to 70 honestly now pushes the limit but you’ll want to follow more than that
an hour Instagram will flag you for that to you know instagrams algorithm will
flag you so basically what this does is it collects users from the pool in pages
you know automatically so you don’t have to target follow yourself now you can
collect followers if you’re trying to follow and that will collect the pool
from their followers or you can collect users from the comments and the likes
which is something that I like to do too so I’m going to say collect users who
like the post collect post commoners and then I’m
going to save it now I see that this goes red now what it does and I’ll go
back to this and it might be a little bit slow is it will start the pools will
grow right here and then you can obviously turn these on or off whether
you want to like you know post space that’s on the you want to like sorry a
lot of coffee you want to like posts that those people have that commented
have you know posted that will that will generate engagement – I prefer to target
follow I like that and you’ll see the pools kind of growing slowly and then I
have this turned on so I’m following people based on the rate that I’ve set
in my settings in this pool so this is a way that you can kind of set it up to
slowly automate for you and that way you can literally just set it and forget it
once you once you’ve done that and it will follow people all day long that’s
how you file a little follow on Instagram and how you set up automation
for free 107 for free because I get this question all the time so I just wanted
to kind of answer that for you guys and help you out this is a great tool that
you can use it’s 100% free you don’t have to pay for it so I really hope you
got some value if you did please like the video I’d really appreciate if you
subscribed we’re I’m really excited about this like
– community of people that we’re building
you know this like-minded community of learners obviously I’ll have things
linked in the description if you want to check out my Instagram marketing course
phenomenal phenomenal content I’ll have the Youtube subscriber discount link in
the description for you but with that being said guys I hope you have a great

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  1. absolutely great video! 🙂 It helped me understand the differences between the two services, do you have a video on Instamate2.0? Do you know if its any good?

  2. Great Video Bryan – Thanks! $5 a month is NOT a Big Deal … Not Sure why People are Complaining … "Go BIG or GO HOME!" 🙂 Giving this video a "Like"

  3. Wow! one-star review now… ."Ad injection to google search results" "Installs adware/spam on Google/search engines" etc. It probably was good at the beginning…

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