100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Media fumbles the G7 summit

  1. Peter Baker sounds like a fool!!    What was THAT about??   LOL.  Wow,  does the media NOT get anything?   I was watching this and then the media reported something completely different!    Are they in the Twilight Zone?

  2. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves for this how ridiculous. How is fox going to look when trumps decisions will hurt America and can’t wait for his taxes to show who owns him Russia

  3. Obama got this country out the recession and dumpster Trump became so call president at a good time, thank you president Obama

  4. the leftist media is another arm of the demonRAT anti-American Party. Vote out the demonRATS and never tune to the liberal media again

  5. Nice job Laura …… except for the 1,000,000 "refugees". More like illegal migrants sent to Europe by the Brotherhood.

  6. I don't really care what CNN, MSNBC et al are saying, it's still crystal clear to me that the American economy is beginning to tank, tarrifs are hitting farmers and steel workers who are wondering what the hell ever possessed them to vote for Trump, he made a complete bozo of himself at the G7 and not one poll (even Fox's own) suggests that he's in a comfortable position.

    But I have to tip my hat to your blind adoration of this narcissistic, delusional, incoherent, corrupt prick.

  7. US Citizens will pay for the tariffs (Not the Chinese.) Higher prices on electronics, shoes, clothing etc. coming to a shop near you. Little wonder Trump's approval ratings are plummeting.

  8. It is unfortunate that fair and truthful journalism has failed. Many media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Google are politically influenced and at many times do these thru manipulative filtering, video editing, coverage and comments. Fox News is one of them. What a shame.

  9. Ingraham makes it sound like the purpose of the G7 is to boast about your economy. She knows darn well that the G7 meeting is intended to bring together the leaders of the best Democratic economies in order to discuss how to address problems on a worldwide level. Sure, that includes China’s trade manipulations, the tensions with Iran, and the fires burning in the Amazon (a meeting Trump chose not to attend because he is too much of a snowflake to defend his administration’s environmental policies which are so at odds with the other G7 nations’ policies). China denies coming back to the table. Iran says they won’t meet with U.S. until sanctions are lifted. Trump did not sign any trade deals and all the negotiations discussed were already in the pipeline. Ingraham’s lame joke about the number of words in the final statement intentionally distracts from the fact that Macron would not even produce a final commitment statement signed by all the leaders because Trump refused to sign the document last year. The media did not misrepresent the G7 meeting, and nowhere have I seen the mainstream media state that Trump should “do what Europe does.” It merely presented the reality of the meeting versus Trump’s delusional reality. Funny, how when Ingraham lists the problems in Europe, she neglects to say how American farmers are getting hammered by tariffs, how over 100 U.S. Representatives are calling for the President’s impeachment, how Trump and his administration is engaged in a multitude of lawsuits brought by Attorney’s Generals of multiple states and by American citizens and organizations, and how Trump is using his office and sacred trust to promote and enrich his own businesses.

  10. President Donald J. Trump is Making America Great Again with a stronger Manufacturing / Industrial Based Economy…
    Meanwhile… under the leadership of Theresa May, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron… Europe's economy crumbles.
    *Trump 2020 !!

  11. What? This isn't reporting at all. No one is talking about only the economy and that wasn't the only purpose of the meeting.

    This lady is dumb

  12. How can America suffer from a man who is against democracy by OPENLY telling the other G-7 leaders that democracy shouldn't have to be a consideration to be in the G-7 in order to defend Putin to be part of the G-7?! This HAS to be because he ALSO wants to be a dictator. WE in America believe in freedom and democracy; we don't want to be under a man who wants to be a dictator. He already shows all the signs of wanting to be a dictator: he lauds other dictators like Kim Yong-un and Putin while making himself an enemy of democratic leaders, he takes away powers from congress like tariffs and declaration of war, he tells people not to believe the press and does not give them access to cover him, and on and on. It will ONLY get worse if freedom loving Americans do not stop him.

  13. When is the largest deficit in USA history going to be paid? How will the USA pay this record deficit with an incoming recession? Results ?? The chaos in USA economy is a mess. Why do you think there has been a record sell off in the stock market over the last two months. People can see what is happening. Who is this Ingraham going to blame when it becomes apparent that the USA economy is spiraling down the toilet?

  14. Typical Fox News lunacy. The G7 is not about the media. It's about the world leaders in attendance. Ours happens to be the dumbest MFer there. But Fox wants to focus on media coverage. SMH….

  15. Stop helping the Democrats by pinning the economy and the sins of the Fed on Trump. The tariffs were a horrible idea that came from ONE Trump advisor who is an economic illiterate. The rest just went along after Trump decided to listen to the moron. Having brainless commentators convince people that Trump is responsible for an economy on the edge of collapse does not help him.

  16. Since when is Germany in recession?? Really? How comes that we here in Germany don't feel it?? May be because it's a another big lie from your very stable genius?? With unemployment rate of lower than 3%??!!!
    Germany has broken yet again in this quarter the exports record! With a big surplus in GDP, and a 0 (!!!) on debt and deficit?? A recession?? Hmm if you put all this data together would find out that Germany has a very healthy economy! And far more stronger than the U.S have!! You idiots can all fact check this if you have the brains and education to do that

  17. Pathetic to see Trump demand that Putin be rewarded for stealing Crimea. Do you invite a thief back to dinner after they stole the silverware?

  18. Trump : let's not argue and bicker about who invaded who, let's deflect from the issue by bringing up Obama for no reason.

  19. Here’s an idea. Give the hard working Chinese people seven days’ notice to pack up and leave China, then test our military strength against the Red army and its Officials; I believe we would win hands down! Then give California, and the other Democrat States to the Chinese refugees. That could also take care of our labor, and open border issues with Central/South America … And China would eventually make a great US State, then we could Lord it over Russia.

  20. You're the media, Laura, I know you struggle to remember that, but it's true; barely. So you fumbled the G7, just like your bloated orange mouthpiece.

  21. "Back in 2016 when our economy was kinda limping along…" —- Laura, out of her mind yet again. Yes, dear, that Obama economy, where he was handed off a recession-trending near-depression mess from Dubya and then proceeded to turn it around inside of two years was "limping" in your mind. After those two years he then drove it forward through 76 straight months of steady positive growth, which is easily googled of course. And while he was doing all of that, the side effect of his 'limping' policies somehow managed to pull the USD out of the proverbial toilet and restored it to a respectable worth on the world market. Seriously blondie? You don't recall the USD being worth less than 80 cents Canadian? I sure do. The Euro was kicking the USD's butt during the Bush years as well, but if you'd bother to compare the PoundSterling graphs you'd see that towards the first years of Obama's 2nd term that trend was reversed.

    Look, I've studied untold graphs and stats and figures of all manner and stripe to either prove or disprove the seemingly outrageous claims that "Obama ruined the country", and all I've ever been able to find is just that…. your claims are outrageous. Not to mention willfully ignorant.

    I can forgive you the boneheaded claims. After all, it's your job. But willful ignorance is a thing I cannot abide.

  22. 5:10 nope sorry but the yellow vest are dead. they were 280 000 at the beginning and now only less than 25 to 28 000 dispatched in all of france and they think they speak for all of the 67 million people of france. the only thing remaining of them are only the little extremist part of it who keep screaming without knowing why. ask them why they keep protesting you wont find 2 of them to give you the same answer. they've just become a incoherent mass of people with incoherent revendications. in fact no news in france is reporting about them anymore because no one cares about them now. ask any french what they think of them and 90% of them will certainly roll they are and say something like " pathetic group of bored people who dont know what to do of their weekend"

  23. Canada, with only 37 million people, owns the tenth largest economy in the world. Scale that to the USA and you think YOURS is the envy of the world?

    Ingrahamanomic genius at work.

  24. hust … what do you say – europe especially germany in recession…

    do you mean, you can avoid civil war? how?

  25. Ms, Ingraham, you constantly boast of the "greatest economy" ever. Well, I am sure from your multi-million dollar payday chair, it looks that way. But, for tens of million Americans, it is not. Myself included, we struggle to meet basic costs on meager pay checks despite full time status, or, multiple jobs. You are out of the loop and genuinely ignorant about the lives of average folks.

  26. Is this you and true? President Trump tweeted, .I don’t want to Win for myself, I only want to Win for the people. The New
    is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore! Please explain please reply. If so I'm gone

  27. The news channel for those who like their news broadcasts from bimbos and creepy middle aged men.

    Good grief. No wonder Trump gets elected when you're all this dumb. Looking forward to any response that is intelligent. I'll politely respond with 'Loser' if your post is junk. I'm getting into the Trump spirit.

  28. is this actual news in the USA, its like a dodgy friend who keeps giving you bad advice, our Ventolin is $7 while yours is $300, and it only cost $3 to make, we don't have socialism over in the EU, we pay for our health service through our taxes, probably about the same as you would pay in the USA, but they don't charge us $300 for something that costs $3 to make.

  29. Wishful thinking and false statements are not reality. How people feel about Trump has nothing to do with the facts. China did not call the White House, there is no concrete deal with Japan, although a trade deal was discussed. If Trump accomplished something at the summit why isn't Blondie talking about it??? Why is she bragging about our economy instead of ticking off all of Trump's accomplishments?? Isn't she supposed to be "reporting" or "talking about" the G7 Summit? Trying to twist China's arm through tariffs will never work, the US will lose. Their economy is interconnected with ours and the rest of the world. Hurting them only hurts us and everyone else and will lead to a very serious global recession. This was not the right way to go about getting China to change. Ingraham is correct regarding the economic problems in the EU, but does anyone seriously think that this trade war is going to make that situation better? Instead of taking steps to fend off a recession, we are racing full speed towards one. Sadly, Obama, Hillary, the EU, the Chinese or anyone else will be blamed except the one who brought this on in the first place.

  30. The American people see right through all these misleading and lying media talking heads, pouring out their propaganda, the smartest thing the voter can do, is to remove every political left loony from office, then America will be safe

  31. Can you tell why Nancy Pelosi is in Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras on a Central America Tour and No one has even acknowledge that's She's down there running down our country about how we treat Immigrants? I've looked at all channels NO NEWS!

  32. Oh yes, because Trump became president that's why the USA as the strongest economy,not that they where always since the 60s. Dumb blonde

  33. It must hurt Laura that Trump fired Fox News today. He don’t live you anymore.

    Losing the Trump Nutsucker Contract is a blow.

  34. If the amount of words is what matters bigmouth Obama wins hands down he could drone on for hours and say absolutely nothing.

  35. Media fumbles? LOL! Fox's right wing opinion hosts are so silly. If they recorded Trump farting, his mindless worshipers would be calling it the most presidential fart ever. LOL

  36. How much does the lying left media hate America. All the reasons other countries are doing poorly are all the same things Trump is reversing and winning (Making America Great Again). The media remain silent that Trumps brilliant counter punch deal with Japan to vito China tariffs is the game changer. Trump keeps playing 4D chess whilst the loonies on the Left continue to run propaganda that the majority are now awake to. ie CNN ratings. All this and no mention of Iran buckling is the icing on the Hate Cake called the Left.

  37. Are these Eppsteins blonde bimbos ? They are backing Trumps lies & mental deterioration ! They are propagandists intent on feeding the hate responses by trumpateers

  38. Tump is not Christ-Like whatsoever.

    -1 Peter 3:9

    Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.
    -Matthew 5:38-42

    38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ 39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. 40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

  39. When are we going to get our left of centered Group of Seven debt ladden counties out of Socialism and back to being constructive producers of Wealth?

    Vote NO on Experts.

  40. Girl, I really loved your comment Elise Labot "UUHH BRILLIANT ANALYSIS" hahahaha, you are the best!! Man you're good. keep up the good job of telling the truth!

  41. i love the way you do what you EVERY TIME.1 issue i.m asking martha ,brett tucker,shannon and especially shawn is to cover the most important issue is the attack on our 2nd.trump made promises that he is backing out on at a very crucial time for the only ammendment that's a GOD given rite. lindsey graham was pressured by the left to start red flag laws and trump appears to want to follow suit.if trump is a liar,he needs to be called out.WE need to know because we are concerned.thank you GOD BLESS

  42. Trump has been in office for almost 3 years and he has not done anything to fix the Crimea situation either. Now that he is in power, he should show the world how it is done!

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