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Indian media shame on you
Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to another episode of Smile2jannah. The Imran Khan and Donald Trump talk that took place on the 23rd of September was quite
respectful. Imran Khan did the impossible and
finally managed to explain to Trump the whole Kashmir issue is about… President Trump I believe said yesterday “you look at the two gentlemen heading those two
countries, two good friends of mine, I said fellas work it out just work it out” Pakistan India should just come together, it sounded like the the Nike ad- just do
it. Well first of all I had to explain to President Trump the Kashmir issue and the… and I think the second time when I
had a long chat with him I have managed to explain it to him and that’s why he
says it’s a complex issue, its been going on for a long time. It’s a difficult… it’s a complicated issue But as I was browsing through YouTube I came across this video by a prominent Indian
media which gave a very twisted and deceitful perspective of the talk (for
the Aki’s watching it was da’eef) Alright so here’s the claim of the Indian media Imran Khan received nothing but cold shoulder during his bilateral meeting with
US President Donald Trump Nothing but cold shoulder. All right so let’s see where these cold shoulder moments are. So we’re gonna double, triple quadruple the trade it would be very easy to do, they make great products and so do we nothing but cold shoulder and it’s an honor to be with you thank you very much cold shoulder I mean as if there are not already enough challenges you know… cold shoulder I have a very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan Nothing but cold shoulder And under this leader he’s a great leader I think he wants to make great progress Cold shoulder out of my respect for your Prime Minister Cold shoulder and I will tell you this
you have a great leader and he’s a good man he’s a nice man Cold shoulder Happens to be a great athlete not that that matters but it’s always.. it’s always nice Right I don’t know which video these guys were watching, maybe it was cartoons again, but I struggled to find a single “Cold shoulder” moment Here the Indian media takes
a sound bite of a comment Donald Trump made to one of the pakistani reporters. On the other hand Trump even snubbed a reporter who asked him about the
kashmir situation “where do you find reporters like this?” All right, now let me give it to you in
context yeah, listen to what he says literally straight after where do you find reporters like this, these guys are fantastic. They cut that sentence mid flow with no shame whatsoever mate They guys are fantastic (Tuts) astaghfirullah, that’s straight up lying And then you got loads
of Indians in the comments getting all excited and saying- Ha! Take that, Donald
Trump smashed it. Don’t get gassed and upset because you couldn’t come up with it and it got exposed. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan- he’s rather fidgety whether it’s fidgeting, you know, fiddling with his prayer beads or you know he’s he’s very nervous in this meeting, keep swinging his hands in all
these meetings They’re prayer beads they have to be moved in order to be effective. Wait a minute did he just move his foot? Sonic boom.
You win I knew it India’s right mate, you guys win
Pakistan loses, you guys can keep eight million
people under siege for fifty days Ah man ahhh, only if he didn’t move his foot. Hey fair and square guys. And here’s the
case of Imran getting the jitters before his UNGA address in what is the clear
indication of his nervousness. You’ve got Imran Khan saying now, that he’s
never seen so much anticipation for anything before Jittery? Hang on a minute, because he acknowledged and appreciated the hype behind his speech that makes
him jittery and scared? In my 22 years of politics 23 years of politics I have never seen anticipation for anything like my speech tomorrow in the United
Nations General Assembly Mate whatever dictionary you guys have… flipping burning it, you guys need to go back to school and get wacked over the head with
an oxford dictionary And you know what if he was nervous, why would he do a 50-minute speech in front of world leaders with no notes? For the speech that he is going
to be making, nobody has any doubts that Imran Khan will have
nothing to talk about but Kashmir. Imran Khan will have nothing to talk about but
India. And half of his speech was on climate change debt taxes and Islamophobia so that was a blatant lie as well. Nobody has any doubts… in that case
you need to replace all your political analysts ASAP… fire them don’t worry just give them 20 cold shoulders and a freezer. You know what guys, I can
actually see why Indians are so angry and so unreasonable online. If you’ve got a media like this, how on earth do you expect peace to come anytime soon? The
media needs to be responsible in bringing people together and speaking
out against injustices, as it should be on the side of the people not the
government. Let me know in the comments what you guys think. Was I being too jittery and unreasonable or do I need a cold shoulder. Alright guys until next time cold-shoulder Asalaamu Alaikum


  1. a square plus b square plus bracket whole square equals to a square plus two a b plus b square 😂
    -Modi the gomata's saving ass

  2. Instead of focusing on Indian media look at the water Crisis in the Pakistani capital itself,(Islamabad) spread awareness not hate bro.

  3. You nailed it bro, so beautifully expressed ! N i really like your gestures bring me smile everytime i am watching any of your stuff. Thanks!

  4. A nation without toilet is India. More than 50% people have no toilet in their house.So all these rubbish goes to indian media and modi's brain😂

  5. Bro you has not seen the bad side yet😂😂😂😂just go through the Indian hindi media ..they are the world thing India has ever had

  6. Bro, those media anchors hadn't the basic rights(Toilet) in their childhood, that's why their mouths keeps popping in the media.

  7. Now the world understands finally. It's not Pakistan who just keep fighting and do stupid stuff or send terrorists. It's India! It's their media. Indian government uses their media as a tool to spread hatred against Pakistan amongst Indians and spread FAKE NEWS about Pakistan to whole world so that everyone blames us in the end.

  8. I m Indian nd from Mumbai.
    Indian media is Disaster for whole the the GDP is less than 3% and all these Indian media channel barking dogs are silent….sold by BJP and RSS

    Curfew in Pakistan just for cricket watch … this is Pakistan as long as MULLAS controls ur mind u can’t even pee without their permission

  10. modi jee brought Israeli army soldiers to india on dehli airport…there was a red alert for a while…lagta ha modi jee kuch zyada dhaar gaye ha😂😂

  11. well done mate …….nice video ….. your 100% right …….. the media should be changed asap…. if not how will peace come…. but they aren't letting it happen….

  12. Because of Indian media the indians civilians will never understand how to peace with Pakistan and Pakistan is begging for peace. Indians will never know the truths but lesson all indians I am not from Pakistan but I will tell u guys one thing Pakistan his nothing to loss while indians have loots to loss

  13. I'm from Indian occupied kashmir and I want mention here that Indian media is the worst and shameless media in entire world.

  14. Indian media is next worse thing after Modi's existence of earth … Especially the Republic TV which is run by a joker called Arnab … Unfortunately I'm Indian and have nothing good to say about this crappy country 😢

  15. Unfortunately these are the people that live on the other side of the border and want to (forcefully) live alongside us.

  16. In order to get yourself prepared for a gentle sip of gow-mutr , the cow gotta get a "Kolddddddd Shouldaaaa" 🤣

  17. The beauty of every Pakistani is that we take India's threats, allegations and verbal attacks very mildly and it doesnt even affect us.

  18. Bro you were super Jittery …. love your jittery work… mind you this jittery is from Indian dictionary …lolzzz keep up the good work

  19. I’m from Kashmir, everything is barred there from last 64 days. I’ve lost the count now.
    But currently I’m out of kashmir.
    Iloveyou Brother. Love from all Kashmiri’s.

  20. I am so shocked by this video how can you praise someone who praises oppressors of uyghur Muslims .do you not care about them.

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