Increase Your Audience By Sharing To Social Media Multiple Times
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Increase Your Audience By Sharing To Social Media Multiple Times

– Hi, everyone. I’m Kevan with Buffer
and I’d love to show you a bit of my favorite tips on how to share a piece of content multiple
times to social media. So first off I’d love to start
by sharing my screen here, and I’m on the Buffer blog, and what I typically do
with new Buffer blogposts is I schedule them multiple times so a couple of times the
first day on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, on LinkedIn, Pinterest, a couple more times during the week, a couple more times the week after, the same piece of content multiple times. And this is the way that I like to do it. First off, we can start with the headline. So there’s a headline that comes with the post automatically. That’s the first one I usually start with, and then I keep a list of variations. Sometimes I write up to 15. Some people write up to 25 per blogpost and those are great to
test out on social media as different types of updates. So I can just slot in a different headline and have some variation there. So headlines is one thing I like to test. Another thing I like to do is to scroll down the post and to
look for different headings. So this is a great one
here that we could use, “Why is it important to hire
a good social media manager?” And then kind of rif a bit on that section of the blogpost in particular. As we keep scrolling down,
there’s even more down here. Have go-to sources to curate great content would make a great one. Add a little bit of commentary to that and you have a new update on
this same piece of content. So headings is another way I like to go. The third way I like to try is by looking for images within the post. And there’s a few different ways that this can work itself out. So kind of up top here
we have a main image. As we scroll down we like to create kind of this sort of like a cover photo or a main image for the blogposts kind of in the blogpost itself. And this one is optimized for Twitter is kind of the horizontal,
the landscape size. So we could grab that one. Just looking through we have
some graphics throughout here, screengrabs, all sorts of different things that would make great
pieces of visual content to share on social media. If you don’t happen to have anything that is an image in your post, one little trick that we like to try is taking screen captures of
different sections of the post. So things like bullet point
lists work really great. Things like block quotes
even work really great, and those can make some
really simple images to add to your social media updates. And the fourth thing, so we have headlines, headings, images, the fourth one we love to do is snippets or quotables within a blogpost. So those can be bolded sections, they can pulled quotes that you’ve grabbed from somewhere else and are highlighting within the post, they can be just cool little snippets that you think might sound great or that would fit well on social media. You can grab them pretty
easily and share them. One trick that we like to do with our Buffer browser extension, if you select text and go to Buffer, Buffer Selected Text, that text gets added automatically
right into your update, and then with just a little
bit of formatting change you have a nice update right there that would work on social media based on the text from your post. So those four tips are what we love to kind of focus on for
making your content… I guess extending the life
of your content so to speak and sharing the same piece
of content multiple times. And then the actual specifics
on how we share that there’s a couple cool tips if you use the Buffer browser extension you can open it on any page, and we’re kind of working
on this new beta portion of the extension which is
called the power scheduler. You’ll see it on the tab right here. If you were to click on that, you’ll see this neat
little grid that shows up, and you can add different accounts here, and you can add different
sections or times within the grid. So first off is the next available slot. So I post three times a day to Twitter so this would be probably
my first slot tomorrow since it’s kind of in
the afternoon for me. Then there’s also slots for
in two days, in seven days, in 10 days, and you can edit these to whatever you want and
click on the plus sign to add a new post in there. Once you fill them all up, Add All Updates to Queue button down here and you’re set to go. Another cool option we like is a tool called CoSchedule and it works great with WordPress. So it’s a free download and a free trial. You can test it out when you publish on your WordPress post. CoSchedule lets you schedule out those social media updates ahead of time so that it all happens kind of from the editorial side of your content. So is the website there. Integrates really well with Buffer too so it’s a pretty seamless experience. But yeah, those are some tips that have worked well for us in the past. I’d love to know if they
might work for you too. And if you’re looking for more tips, we have a lot of great
stuff that we talk about on the Buffer blog every day, and that’s We’d love to see you there. Thanks so much.

3 thoughts on “Increase Your Audience By Sharing To Social Media Multiple Times

  1. Power Schedule = Awesomeness. Love it.

    Great tips for sharing/extending the life of your posts, too, Kevan!

    I tend to love and use quite a bit of guiding imagery in my posts, and your tips can even be used as image-creating time-savers for me.

    Thanks for, yet again, another helpful video. Great work with a great service. I'm a diehard Buffer fan. 🙂


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