Incoming Harvard freshman denied entry into US over friend’s social media posts
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Incoming Harvard freshman denied entry into US over friend’s social media posts

Immigration officers at Boston Logan
Airport… deported an incoming Harvard
freshman…. because of posts
on his social media. 17 year-old Ismael Ajjawi… a Palestinian living
in Lebanon… says his visa was revoked. Telling the Harvard Crimson… his ordeal with
Customs and Border Protection. “She said that she found people
posting political points of view
oppose the US on my friend
list.” “I responded that I have
no business with such posts and that I didn’t
like, share or comment on them
and told her that I shouldn’t be
held responsible for what others
post. I
have no single post on my
timeline discussing politics.”
1:28 that’s crazy. 1:50 this student was
judged not on his posts but on
of his friends. Immigration advocates… have
feared the new policy… demanding access to social media
accounts at the border… where
there are no first amendment
rights. Customs… gave no details why the student was denied. Only saying… he was “deemed inadmissible to
the United States based on
discovered during the CBP
1:08 basically we have to take it at
their word that there was
something objectionable. 14
0:41 certainly this is also a
natural extension of what has
been done to muslims since this
administration first
came into power. 48 they wanted a full and
complete muslim ban, they didnt
get it. they’re doing this in
various other ways, thru
backdoor really. 55 Harvard says… “The University is working
with the student’s family and
appropriate authorities to
resolve this matter so that he
can join his classmates in the coming
days.” 3:06 i suspect that
harvard will find a way. what worries me is all the
people who dont go to harvard. 12 We should note… Harvard has been concerned how
the President’s policies… affect foreign students. Just last month.. Harvard’s President.. wrote to the Secretary of
State.. about this issue. Live in Cambridge.. SC WCVB NC

5 thoughts on “Incoming Harvard freshman denied entry into US over friend’s social media posts

  1. poor kid, that’s not right or fair…
    this country is F*CKED UP.

    he worked hard to earn his admission to harvard.

  2. Don't get pissed off that DHS is doing their job. Not saying that this kid is a terrorist or not, but how pissed off was America when they found out that the CIA had information about 9/11 and no one acted on it.
    Also, terrorist cells has been using social media platforms to send messages for years now. So just because he's not actively posting this stuff, it doesn't mean that terrorist cells are not using his account and his social network to spread their word.
    This isnt just the doing of DHS, I'm pretty sure one of his friends/followers on his social media platform probably reported the incident which brought the attention to DHS or an Intelligence Agency. Or maybe, one the anti US goverment posters on his page was already flag or categorized as a suspected terrorist, and any affiliation was being investigated.
    Just because he's a Harvard student it doesn't mean he can't be a bad person.

  3. They didn't say why he was deported. He is the one that claims it is because of his friends.
    It is very likely that he's not telling the whole truth.
    DHS knows more than us, and considering some of the scumbags that they let in, there is something he's not saying.

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