In The Cave #22: How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch
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In The Cave #22: How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

Jordan: On this week’s episode, we talk about
how to build an audience from scratch. Justin: Stick around. [The sound of angels singing] Justin: Hello, and welcome to another episode of In The Cave. I’m Justin Kerby. Jordan: I’m Jordan Scheltgen. Justin: And today, we’re talking to you about
how to build a following on social media from scratch. But, first, we’re going to talk about another
crazy beer we have going on today. I don’t know why we only buy crazy beers. Jordan: It’s called “High res.” Justin: It’s from Six Point Brewing. The guy at the beer store said it’s a triple
IPA, and if you’ve watched this show at all you’ll know when we get into the 10% alcohol
ones Jordan and I both kind of… Jordan: To be fair the guy at the beer store
looked like he talked to aliens. Justin: He could be watching he knows us by
now he literally knew our names. Jordan: Oops. Justin: Sorry Chaz. Can you open one? Jordan: I’m gonna hate this. Justin: No, it’s. Oh. Ya. Sorry guys. I mean for a triple, it’s one of the better
10% alcohol beers we’ve had on the show I’ll say that. And at first, it’s okay, and then it starts
to taste not so great. Jordan: It’s kind of like you have a little,
you know what I’m just not going to go there. Justin: Six out of 10. Okay, how to build an audience from scratch. So the first thing we’re going to talk about
is defining your audience. Jordan: This is the first step. So you’ve entered into a new industry you’re
trying to build a social presence, whatever it is, you need to define your ideal customer
and work backward from there. It literally can be down to it’s, 45-year-olds,
female, living in the upper middle class. Then, where does that demographic hang out? Are they on Instagram? Are they on Facebook? Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat? And then you can start to build out your strategy
from there. So I think the first thing is defining, and
you can even go more specific, people who like hats. You know if you’re selling pet food you probably
want to find people who have pets. Justin: Is there a social network that’s best
for people who like cats? Jordan: Neopets I think. Justin: So after you define your strategy
the next thing we want you to do is develop a messaging strategy for all the platforms
that you’re going to be on. If you’re going to be on Facebook you have
to figure out how you’re going to actually target that demographic on Facebook. Same goes for Twitter or Pinterest or whatever
platform you choose to use. They’re all a little bit different, one thing
that’s across the board is that video and imagery work quite well on all of them, but
there are specific platforms that do a bit better with different kinds of strategies. Jordan: Yeah, if you’re selling fashion or
jewelery, photos on Pinterest are going to be great for you to show your work off. Video anywhere is where we’re trending right
now in 2017 and moving forward into 2018. You won’t lose if you can shoot video, you
can shoot it on your phone, it doesn’t matter. Video and photos, stuff that you make yourself. Justin: Anything that’s personalized. As soon as you get into the stock photos or
automating stuff that’s when things fall apart. Pick the right channel, and then after that,
this is step three of this program, what you need to do and what you need to focus on is
becoming an influencer within your field. There’s a lot of different ways that you can
do that to become authoritative within the network that you choose. One great way to do it is to identify other
influencers and build friendships with them on those platforms. Once they start sharing your stuff that’s
going to tell their audience that you’re an important person within the field, it’s a
great way to get people following you. As someone comes in through the door. Becoming authoritative on whatever website
you choose is crucial. It should be behind everything you do. Jordan: One of the beautiful things about
most industries is that it’s easy to get ahold of these influencers. You’re in a small niche let’s say, these influencers
can be people who have 3, 4, 5000 Facebook fans, or Twitter followers. A lot of the time it’s just writing an email
saying ‘I love what you’re doing’, reference something that they’ve done in the past, and
say, ‘Could you take a look at my work and give me feedback’. Most people are pretty nice and will help
you out. I think that is probably the turning point. Once you figure out how to use the platforms
and define your target, then that’s where I would put a lot of my effort – building
personal relationships with people who can bring you to the next level and help bring
your brand to the next level. Justin: Right, and that’s a lot of hard work,
but the good news is there’s some easier stuff. We’re going to mention some tools you can
use. If you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube
you can go to, and we’ll have all the tools in the show notes on the
page. Three tools in particular that we love: we
talk about Buffer all the time. It’s a social media scheduler that makes your
life a lot easier, so go ahead and use that to make sure all of your posts are coming
out. We also love CrowdFire, which is an app you
can use to target people to follow on Instagram and Twitter. That’s a great way to build your following
on those platforms. The third one that is new to us, that we’ve
just started testing the waters with and we’re actually finding quite useful is Social Quant. It’s $50 a month but you do get a free 14
day trial with them to see if it works for you. Basically what it does is it helps identify
people within your industry on Twitter, and then it goes and follows those people and
unfollows them if they don’t follow you back. It’s a great way to get your first 1,000 followers. Jordan: And this will get you the base you
need. We run into so many people that are running
the marketing for a small business, we go and look at their profiles and they have 17
people following them and they’ve been tweeting for three months. Getting followers is important, and expanding
that base audience for you to promote your message to, especially people within your
industry. We like Social Quant as it stands, and all
of those tools, so we highly recommend them. Justin: Now the last point before we get to
our Super Bowl picks. The last thing you need to do to build your
following from scratch is commit and be consistent. Jordan: If you want to win in this game you
have to get off the sidelines and be there every single day. This comes down to social media means being
social, I’ve said it a million times I’ll say it a million more times. You have to commit to this thing and commit
over the long term. Anyone who thinks they can go on Facebook
and write posts for three weeks, and make a million dollars has lost their mind. Or have a brand established, has lost their
mind. This takes serious time, serious effort, but
the beautiful thing is anybody can do it. Justin: Absolutely. Alright so, Taylor, que the outro music, Jordan,
who’s your Super Bowl pick. Jordan: I’ve got to take Tom Brady and New
England winning by 7. Justin: I’m gonna need a score. Jordan: 28-21 New England. Justin: Okay. I’m going to say the Patriots. I think they’re going to win by 2 points. I see Gostkowski kicking a field goal. So I’m going to go, 28-27 final. Jordan: 29-27 is winning by 2 points. But we’ll work on it. Justin: Math is HARD!

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