IMPACT: Community Media Helped People Access Water Supply
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IMPACT: Community Media Helped People Access Water Supply

We are facing drinking water problems. If there is water, we can do other work also. We don’t get drinking water. The hand pump
has gone dry here. Since how long have you been
having this problem? Four years. In this udaipur district, Pahari Block
of Mohanpur village, four hundred people staying in Musahar basti
along with Dhanpatti Devi were facing water problems
since last two years. From where do you have to get water? From a distance of one kilometer. When we go there people scold us and refuse to give us water We have to walk long
distance, 2 km to bring water. The whole community was facing… more problems since last month… after the hand pump broke down. We shot a film on this. With the help of this film… I brought the whole
community together… and created awareness. And thus I was able to
bring about a change. I gathered everyone… and held meetings to
discuss the water problem. During the meeting… we called the BDO. We talked to the Village Head. He promised us that… the problem will be
resolved within a week. We are very much
thankful to you. Now all of us
get to drink water. We can draw water
even in the night. What happened at the meeting? We called the BDO. They picked up. The Village Pradhan told us… we will dig a borewell and… install a hand pump. Now tell me… how was this hand pump installed? A film was shot on us. The authorities saw it… and decided to install a hand pump. And that’s how we got water. It’s all because of your efforts. With the help of my camera… I want to bring to light… the problems faced by my community. I want to unify them
and spread awareness. Anita Bharti, Mirzapur,
Uttar Pradesh, India Unheard.

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