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‘I’m The Scary Transgender Person The Media Warned You About’ | MY TRANS LIFE

REBEKAH: I’m the scary transgender person
the media warned you about. REBEKAH: I’m Rebekah. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: My name is Jamie Bruesehoff and I’m married, we have three children:
they’re 10, 8 and almost 3 years old. So, I write a blog called ‘I’m totally that
mom’. In the past few years, my blog has really become more focused on our journey
with a transgender child. So, Rebekah has always been gender non-conforming. As young
as two or three, she gravitated to typically feminine things. She loved pink and sparkles
and all things girly and that was fine with us. REBEKAH: This is a soft blanket that I have, and it says Benjamin on it. So, we put it
with my Benjamin box. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: As her gender non-conformity intensified, we started to notice some distress
around things like being grouped with boys at school or in activities. So, by the time
she was seven, all of this kind of hit a crises point and her anxiety was crippling, and her
depression was becoming life threatening, and we were at a loss. REBEKAH: There is a picture of me.
I don’t look so happy. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: We were faced with a 7-year-old kid, who wanted to die. One time she punched
out the screen in her second story window and tried to jump out. REBEKAH: The hardest part of all this was when I didn’t transition and I was not happy
and it didn’t feel right. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: So, we sought the support of a gender specialist and so through conversations
there, Rebekah came to tell us, ‘No, this is definitely me. I’m a girl. I’m a girl
in my head, in my heart.’ REBEKAH: I felt like I was a girl because I liked the colour pink and I liked girls
clothes and how they wear their hair and stuff. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: At the time, it was the happiest I’d ever seen her, frolicking through
the girls section of the clothing store, picking out clothes and seeing what she liked. She was just a different kid. It was like a cloud lifted. ELIJAH BRUESEHOFF: It feels good to have like a sister instead of a brother, since I already
have a baby brother and I think a big brother would just be too much for me. REBEKAH: When I see pictures of Ben, I just think of it as part of my past and now I’m me. GIRL: When she told me I didn’t believe her. I was shocked. I was like: ‘I don’t
believe you, that is not true’. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: Rebekah really doesn’t like thinking about the medical side of this.
She doesn’t want to develop into a man. So, medically transitioning involves a lot
of different steps. And every transgender person chooses their own adventure. For Rebekah,
the first steps will be puberty blockers, which will pause puberty and prevent her from
going through male puberty and developing secondary male characteristics like facial
hair and a deeper voice and an Adam’s apple that are irreversible. The next step would
be cross hormones. So, Rebekah is a natal male and so she would take oestrogen to develop
and go through female puberty. As far as surgery, she hasn’t indicated a desire for that,
but that is a decision she gets to make down the road anyway. That’s not something she
would do before she is 18. PASTOR CHRISTOPHER BRUESEHOFF: I’m always worried about the reaction with Rebekah, both
in the community and the church, and the world. I’m very worried about how the world’s
going to treat her, because I see lot of ugliness in the world on a regular basis. JAMIE BRUESEHOFF: So, this is a picture I put up on my blog Facebook page that went
pretty crazy viral. It started out with some really wonderful comments and lots of affirmation.
But if I keep scrolling here, so I’ve got this one: “This is embarrassing… first
she is what? 10, I think I read K . At 10 she isn’t mature enough to make this decision.
This decision was forced on her by her parents. This is a form of abuse not recognised. Parents
forming their child into a social media spotlight seeking their 15 minutes of fame. I do honour
her courage to stand in front of people and speak what she feels due to the forced dialogue
of her parents. This whole transgender issue is a mental illness. But it’s “cool”
because you have parents forcing their kids into it.” We haven’t had anyone in our
community, in our families say that we’re pushing this onto her. We have had that through
social media and through my blog and that kind of thing, who go as far as to say this
is child abuse, and we should have our children taken away, and that we’re sick, and we
need mental help, and everything else. And luckily, every major medical organisation
says otherwise, and every medical professional we’ve seen says otherwise, and so we feel
pretty confident that we have the best resources we can and we’ve supported her the best
way we can and that we’ve gotten the support we needed as parents. PASTOR CHRISTOPHER BRUESEHOFF: Our hopes for Rebekah’s future are that she gets to be
who she is, as boldly as she wants to be. And that, you know, folks are going to accept
her for who she is and I guess at some point that being transgender is something that she
can advocate for, but isn’t going to be a limit for her in terms of who she is and
who she wants to be as an adult. REBEKAH: I want to make a difference in the world by speaking out and spreading hopeful messages. ‘Hi, my name is Rebekah, I’m a transgender girl. I’ve been living as myself since I was 8 years old and now I’m 10.’ REBEKAH: This is who I am. My friends don’t even believe me when I tell them that I’m
transgender. I’m just a girl. REBEKAH: I want to send the message of
‘you’re not alone’ and ‘you’re safe’ to other transgender kids.

100 thoughts on “‘I’m The Scary Transgender Person The Media Warned You About’ | MY TRANS LIFE

  1. The high suicide rate is because of the horror and pain the conservatives bring-down on these trans people, then the cons cite the suicide rates as proof that they're right. It's so evil that it is absurd.

  2. She is so pretty. I love her hair, but don't you guys think 10 is a really small no. for such a big decision.

  3. The thing is, pink used to be the main color for a boy since it was looked at as it being strong and manly and blue for the girls since it looked delicate and pretty

  4. Thank you for sharing – she has all the right tools (loving family and friends, etc.) that will help her deal with the challenges she will meet – she will be and achieve everything she wants in life!

  5. I think there should be a law that young children should not be allowed to take hormones and other drugs until they are 18. If this mom follows through with her plans, she will sterilize her son. What a shame. Also, transitioning does not cure depression.

  6. Transgenderism isn't this common thing the media is trying to make it into. We're talking like 0.04 of the population. The scary thing isnt transgender people. The scary thing is the push to encourage all our kids to be transgender

  7. So he has a male private part and he's being allowed to dance with girls. Please let the boy be, there's nothing weird about a boy liking pink , it's just gender stereotypes

  8. What a great attitude, it takes a special person to fight through all the hate and you did keep it up kiddo. Remember people who bully are the ones who don't understand. To educate is great 👏🔥💯👍

  9. And who the hell that pastor is gonna preach to! You should be the one pray for your son for God to get rid of that demon inside of him making him think he’s a girl! You have no faith in God!!!🤨

  10. Sorry, but as the father is a "pastor", he should know that he is encouraging his son to sin. There are 2 sexes: male, & female. And unless you're #womenwithwombs , then you are a male.
    Just because her son likes pink & girly things ia not an indication that he should go on hormones to try to feel more feminine.
    Once a boy, always a boy.
    Once a girl, always a girl. But hey, I guess we sensible folk should #justletithappen !!

  11. I feel like clothing shouldn't belong to a certain gender. I believe that types of clothing are just stereotypically assigned to the 2 binary genders. (I do believe that there are more than 2 genders btw)

  12. This narrative that the only way to address and gender confused child is affirmation is dangerous to these children.

    If these parents actually cared about their children they would be immensely concerned over all of the dangerous side effects, including substantially shortened life spans, sterility, little to no sex drive just to name a couple of the most serious ones. The sound science doesn't actually support affirmation but instead supports parents and healthcare professionals attempting to learn what is the true cause of the gender confusion and addressing that while lovingly supporting the child and teaching and encouraging them to accept their gender. Children treated in such a fashion almost always end up embracing the gender of their birth once they've gone through puberty.

  13. Love you Rebecca.
    But one request please shed more light on deeper issues that the gender specialist analysed.
    Liking pink or aspire to become ballerina are thing that society associates with girls and though that you considered and noticed these behaviours shows how concerned and caring mom you are. These might not be always true. So please share more clues and behaviour that we should look for and help them embrace their true self.

  14. When i tryed to be a boy. Yes i whas 3 or 4 years old. I whas crying cos i tryed to pie like a boy and whas so frustraided. My mother whas wondering what it whas al about. And i said i whant to be a boy and pie like a boy. The answear i got whas you cant cos you are a girl and you dont have a penis. I really got that mad. And yea as a child get mad. Now im 44 years old and have 3 full grown up children. I sometimes wonder what my life would be if my mother whas crazy as meny of those other mothers out there. None of my children would exist. And not my loving grandson.
    Im lucky my mother whas verry strait with me.

  15. If you dont like this kid, there's nothing wrong with you… there's something wrong with the kid!.. liberal's want normal people, to feel guilty for being normal..

  16. Umm, my daughter liked everything "dogs" she even pretended to be one. Hello? You don't change your kid into a dog. Kids are not mentally developed enough to make a decision like this. I pray for your family. This is just so messed up.

  17. Some forms of transgender is a mental illness… some is a literal birth defect… that isnt saying they are disabled, that is simply stating the fact that the chemicals the government puts in our food causes some babies to develop the opposite genitals to their gender brain chemistry… this child is no different than other children… this child was a gift from God that the parents are foing what they have deemed right… through prayer… this baby never asked for this birth defect, just like I never asked for mine or yours… we all have birth defects from the chemicals they have been putting in our food and water supply for a hundred years… man has perverted God's creation and it's all part of Gods plan to sent Christ back…

  18. Was she born with a penis? The first time it came up It was the parents JOB TO point to the thing and say YOU WERE BORN A BOY . That means YOUR A BOY.

  19. I think there is a problem with making such a crucial decision -not being able to have kids because of the puberty blockers .
    Otherwise I know someone who had children then transitioned into a woman as an adult .
    Why rush a decision that is so crucial ?
    though in principal I am fior respecting

  20. This little " girl " definitely seems to be a girl — really a girl . She's feminine , not just because she likes pink . She comes over as a feminine person.

  21. I don‘t even know what to think about transgender anymore. „I like to play with barbies so he must be a girl“ or the other way around. Socially it‘s complicated. Can‘t we just live as the human that we wanna be nevertheless the gender?

  22. I am a girl in my head and my heart because my mother raised me as one. My mother has everything except a transgender child to psychologically manipulate alongside society to mask the deep routed underpinning resent she has for her own life I am a transgender child because my mother has no sole.

  23. In all seriousness though, being feminine and liking the color pink doesn't mean that you are a girl if you are not born as one. I have male friends that like the color pink and act more feminine but still accept the reality that they are biologically male even from a young age. During early childhood, it is important to tell children about being proud of what they are not confuse them into being proud of deciding to change what they actually want to. As parents, it is ones' job to teach children that not everything can go your way, for example, parents don't spoil their child by giving them what they want because it is harmful to them. Being open about LGBT is necessary is one thing but appeasing is another.

  24. to all those who see a problem in sexualising children:

    obviously it is. You should not even introduce kids to labels like "transgender".

    once a kid is old enough to have a clear preference for a certain gender's outfits – let it wear those. don't make the kid question if it's a boy or girl, just let it wear what he/she is naturally drawn to.

    once a kid has the maturity to prefer to be seen as and called a girl – adress her as a girl

    not doing so will probably just result in depression in addition to body dysphoria in their teenage years, your inacceptance of the kid's identity may result in a hell of a life for them, or even suicide.

    for as long as the kids are just allowed to be who they are, they won't even get the idea that something is wrong with them! and that gives them time, to Not google "help im a boy but feel like im girl" – but instead just figure it out way later, at an age when gender naturally starts to play a role, and not when it was forced upon them.

  25. I wish people would take a little time out of their lives to educate themselves, its really ignorant people who end up causing these amazing children so much pain, its easy for people to assume that its just some parents trying to change their children from boys to girls or girls to boys. I've seen story after story of parents refusing to accept this reality only to be left with just the memories of their child who decided they would be better off dead. Why is it so hard for people to accept this? We have all seen in one way or another, on TV or in real life, birth defects, kids born with 6 fingers on one hand or just different abnormalities, but some people can't seem to believe that the brain can also be wired differently due to a birth defect.

  26. Pink the singer is transgender, you parents are still at a loss, you are on a trajectory to hell, repent and read your bible KJV 1611. You are a confused family, Crazy parents.

  27. "i felt i was a girl because i liked the color pink and i liked girls clothes" This is when i get confused cuz those things don't make someone a girl. I don't like pink and i'm a girl, but that doesn't make me a boy

  28. Ok, if a 7 year old wants to commit suicide, they need to see a therapist, and if necessary, go on meds, as opposed to pretending to be a girl.

  29. Instead of putting a dress on that boy and dying his hair pink from age 2-3 why don't you take him to the doctor or therapist. Mother of the Year!!!

  30. Oh my dear! Her hair is so pretty, and I accept her with my heart🥰 I love transgenders and hate lgbtqa+ haters
    And she is almost as young as me! Only 38 days in between!😍🤪

  31. When I was little I didn't like playing with "girls" toys and I also hated the color pink… but that doesn't mean I felt like a was a boy. So it kinda triggers me when Rebekah says that she knew she was a girl because she liked pink and girly clothes…

  32. Beautiful soul, I pray for you.
    That people extend their hand to help you, not hurt you.
    beautiful soul that you are; angel.
    That your heart be strong.
    Christ loves you exactly as you are.

  33. She is going to be featured in the new Marvel Heroes show on Disney +, that showcases extraordinary children and giving back to them because of their joy and love in helping others. Check out the trailer

  34. I mean liking pink doesn't make you a girl but if you are happy being a girl, like seeing yourself as a girl, yeah idk what I'm talking about lol. I'm happy that her mother and father support her

  35. Transgenders are such a tiny % of the population, that I really couldn't care less about them. Social justice warriors blow it all out of proportion.

  36. "‘I’m The Scary Transgender Person The Media Warned You About’ " You mean the 90 percent of media that is corporate owned and completely supports trans ideology at every turn? These people live in fantasy land. Please find one mainstream media clip warning the public about trans people. You can't even find that on fox news.

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