IGTV Desktop How to Upload Videos to Instagram TV from your PC when you Don’t have the button online
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IGTV Desktop How to Upload Videos to Instagram TV from your PC when you Don’t have the button online

– Hey bosses, it’s Nina. So, of course I’m all obsessed with IGTV. I actually haven’t uploaded anything because I’m creating a strategy for it but that’s neither here nor there. I wanted to talk to you
about how to upload videos from your desktop. I do have another video
on how to record videos either of your desktop or with
your webcam in vertical mode so I wanted to show you
how to upload those. Unfortunately, I do not have the button so I’m going to show a work around. So normally what would happen is, if you go to your own profile, here you’ll see Posts and
see how you see Saved? In between there, there’s
supposed to be a button that says IGTV. However, I don’t have it. A lot of people don’t have it and so I always want to find a work around so I’m gonna show you a
work around that I found. I’m actually gonna try it
for the first time with you so if it doesn’t work, we’ll all know. Little bit about this, this is a– It’s got an Android simulator. I’ve seen it before. I’ve checked and it says that it’s safe. You can do your own research but basically it’s simulating
the Android on your device. And what we’re gonna do
is download BlueStacks and I’m gonna pull over the article. I’ve seen a couple but I actually like the way
ScrollBite.com does it the best. So please give them a visit. Let them know I sent you. But basically, they give
instructions on how to download it, how to install it and all of that. So I’m gonna try that now and
we’re gonna see if this works. I’m gonna click on Let’s Go. Now, if you didn’t see
my warnings before… So it keeps on prompting
me to turn on my location. I’m gonna go ahead and turn it on. Think of this as your Android app. I was denying it at first but
I kept on getting a pop-up. If you didn’t see my warnings before and you’re watching this,
you need to close everything. I was trying to record as I was doing this and it takes up a lot of RAM, BlueStacks, so basically the space on
your computer that you use as you’re using applications, so you wanna close everything
before you install it and get it started. And then everything ran a little bit slow so don’t worry about it
opening slow and moving slow. It’s just normal. And then the first time it loads, it takes about two to three minutes. Well, it says two to three minutes. Took about four minutes for me to actually load it for the first time. So it’s prompting me to log in. I’m gonna go ahead and do that now. Now that I’ve logged in, I’m
gonna agree to the terms. I’m getting excited, you guys. So, let’s see what happens. At the top, I can already see
my notifications and things. All right, so remember this is for gamers so I’m gonna ignore all
the stuff that pops up and just search for IGTV. And I think my apps, it
may already be installed. I’m not sure if I can look
at the apps that I have. Okay, Instagram, IGTV. There it is. So let’s see. I’m gonna click on Install. Look at that. What’s funny is I keep on
seeing all of these apps just pop up since they’ve released. There were like two before. Now there’s like a million. It’s installing now. Okay, it says Install. Usually it says Open after you– There we go. I click on it and I’m gonna
go ahead and click on Open. Remember, this is the
first time I’m doing this so bear with me. Okay, I’m gonna log in with Instagram and I think I’m gonna log
in to my @RandomlyNina one because I have some
stuff I can upload there. And I think this is a
good time to remind you that if you wanna follow me on IG, I have two different channels. I have @SociallyNina, which is
all about business ownership, social media marketing, and
everything related to that. And then my @RandomlyNina
is about travel, food, hair, and just my life. Okay, so it looks like it’s working so I’m a little juiced at that. I’m gonna expand it to the
full mode and as you can see, it has all the buttons here. I did a video on an
overview about what is IGTV and actually, I’m releasing another one on how to kind of use the app but– and I’ll put those in the
top right-hand corner there, But as you can see, these are the same buttons as the desktop. And it looks like I can
watch different items here and I can go to my settings on the right-hand side, right, to switch accounts. Look, she’s talking about IGTV. I can search. A-ha. Okay, I’m gonna search for @SociallyNina. (sped up audio) So looks like searching
is really, really, really, really, really slow. I don’t know if it’s because of the app or because I’m recording the app or what so try that and let me
know if it’s slow for you. I’m gonna go onto the other
features so I’m gonna go and click anywhere in here
like I would in my phone and click on browse and
go to my own profile. And this is usually how you upload. So if I click on Upload, drum roll please. Yay! It’s gonna allow files. So I’m gonna go through this– I’m just gonna pause it because I don’t want you to
see the files on my desktop but give me a second. Okay, I’m getting No Videos Found. I think I know why that is and I probably need to
do this on my laptop but one, usually your apps
pull from your camera roll and I do not have a video in there so I’m gonna move one over. The other thing is I have a
little over 100,000 photo. Okay, I had to do some research and I found out that there’s
one step that I missed. I have to go to Import My Files
into the BlueStacks emulator So, totally nerd stuff. So I’m gonna go to Home. Then I’ll click on My Apps. Then System Apps. And then Settings. Okay, and then after
that, I need to import– And where is it? Import Windows files. Now it says it’s waiting… Okay, before you actually
upload any videos, you do have to upload your
images or videos or files to BlueStacks. So what I’m going to do is
go into Home, go into System, App, and then Settings. And then I’m gonna scroll
all the way to the bottom and click on Import Windows Files. Okay, so I have some videos
that I created earlier. This is the one, this is actually one that I
uploaded as a story to my IG. Anyways, my IGTV video is here. So I’m gonna go back to my IGTV… app. So at the top, there are tabs, just like there are in your
Internet Explorer or Chrome. So I’m gonna go back to IGTV. Click on My Profile. And then I’m gonna click on Upload Video. And now, it should be here. Let me see. Oh, Shared Folder. There it is. I believe it’s in Shared
Folder or Media Folder. There it is. Ah, I’m getting excited! So I’m gonna double click on this. And I’ll click on Next. And I’m just gonna call this IG… Okay, so this video took
about five or six minutes, probably closer to five minutes to upload and it’s only 22 seconds so keep in mind it’s gonna take a long time, right? So here’s my video. I’m assuming it’s live on my channel. I’m gonna check my phone real quick and I probably should have
done that before I clicked here so give me a second. Okay, so it is available on my phone and it is upside-down like it is here. I have to figure out how to do it where it’s not upside-down. I’m pretty sure it’s my video. That comes up a lot with
my, what’s it called, with my images that I
take for selfies also so I’m assuming it’s some setting ’cause I did record this on my phone. The next step would be to look
at Insights and all of that. In this case, I need to delete it so I’m just gonna click on it. If you click the ellipses,
you can copy that. Look at Insights to see who viewed it. Probably just me. Hopefully just me, right? Okay, so it says two views. It does not say if they’re unique views. YouTube tells you if they’re unique views. So If I watch this a million times, that’s gonna be a million views. You wanna know if anyone else did. There’s also additional information about each of the Insights and all of that kind of
stuff, audience retention. I’ll wait ’til I have a couple videos or start actually using
this and create strategies before I kind of take a look at that but for now, what I’m
gonna do is delete this. This video was actually
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12 thoughts on “IGTV Desktop How to Upload Videos to Instagram TV from your PC when you Don’t have the button online

  1. Thank you for this. I was going spare trying to find an answer to the problem. In a video uploaded just now – @deswalsh – I've explained the process and added the link to this video of yours to the notes.

  2. If you have not created a channel that may be why you have the button yet on browser. Once you create your channel the button should appear. @spikesdev

  3. All you have to do is open instagram on your browser, log in, click on your username, and next to your posts there is a IGTV menu, from there you can upload your video

  4. I've tried and tried to upload from my desktop (Obeying all of the upload requirements) and I get a "fail to post" message. I waited a week in case there was a bug… still can't get a video to post from PC.. anyone else having this issue?

  5. Oddly, I have the upload button, but it doesn't find any files for me to add and isn't allowing me to change my directory (there's nothing there). Ideas?

  6. Good morning. Great tutorials! I wanted to inquire if the videos that you have published, are they uploaded and published by the resources provided through IGTV?

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