iGiftThanks – iPhone App Review – Frackulous 133
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iGiftThanks – iPhone App Review – Frackulous 133

If you’ve yet to write your Christmas thank
you letters, shame on you. And if you don’t write thank you messages, double shame. But
understandable – they are massively boring to write. What you need is an app. An app
like iGift Thanks. You can thank as you go, complete with a photo
of you enjoying your present. Just take the photo, write a message, add a frame and then
either email the photo, or send it through Facebook or Twitter (although it you’re
sending it through Twitter, remember to put the @ name in the message, or you’ll just
be sending random pictures out into the Twitterverse). I suspect this doesn’t count as a true thank
you note, but it’s better than a big fat nothing. For 59p, it might just be money you’ll
get back in brownie points.

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