IG-itis: When Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore
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IG-itis: When Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore

– Studies suggest Instagram is the worst social media platform for our mental health. But could excessive use of
it actually be a disease? (electronic music) From Photoshop to likes, it appears people’s obsession with Instagram is getting worse. With no cure in sight. Rapper Offset coined the phrase IG disease in his song “Clout” with Cardi B, and it seems IG-itis
is spreading worldwide. In Russia, people are posting pictures, pretending to be in the Maldives, when they are really
at a toxic waste dump. (flies buzzing) The lake’s beautiful blue-colored water comes from the metal oxides that are being dumped in it from a coal mine nearby. But that hasn’t stopped
people from taking pictures, paddling out into the dangerous water, or taking wedding photos at the lake. So can you protect yourself from IG-itis? Or is the desire to do it
for the ‘gram just too great? (flies buzzing) – Wow.
– Wow! – Will you take my temperature? (Dr. Ordon laughs) – Am I OK? – You’re hot. – No, I think you’ve–
– Do I have IG-itis? – [Dr. Ordon] I think
you’ve got the ‘itis. – (laughing) He’s got the ‘itis. – Oh no!
– You’re showing the signs and symptoms. You’ve been posting a lot of stuff, guy. – [Dr. Batra] He’s been
posting more lately, it’s true. – Hey, you know what? I’ve got the fever for
the flavor of Instagram. Look, social media’s become a platform for sharing information, for sharing pictures, for
sharing life experiences. But as that has occurred, and I remember on this stage 12 years ago, I would sit here and say, “I am so pissed off “at every single magazine
cover airbrushing, “so that we all think we’re
supposed to look perfect.” Well, that’s what we’re
doing now with social media. You go somewhere and you’ll see someone spend three hours trying
to get the perfect picture. And that’s a problem! Because you stop living your real life. – [Dr. Ordon] And then you
can Photoshop that picture. – [Dr. Batra] Yeah, you add a filter. – You can shrink yourself,
you can take a few pounds off. – And then if you take a normal picture, and it’s not as good as your friend’s, you don’t feel good about it. And so it creates this arms race for the perfect post, getting more likes. And that’s stressful. – We were talking about–
– And damaging to your mental health. – We’re all, when we’re away, I know you’re in Hawaii, you’re in Italy, I was just down in Laguna Beach. But, sunset comes around,
everybody with a phone getting the exact right picture at the right time of sunset. Why can’t we just sit there and watch sunset and enjoy it? – And I wanna bring someone in to the conversation who has talked about this. Kashlee, a travel blogger. And you say this nearly
destroyed your life. Can you tell us how? – Yeah, well I had a
really bad case of IG-itis. So, I was spending five, six, seven hours a day on Instagram. And it got really dark and depressing because it wasn’t fun anymore. I started using it to compare
my life to other people’s. And I never felt enough, because of that.

15 thoughts on “IG-itis: When Instagram Isn’t Fun Anymore

  1. Enough number of people can not imagine their life without likes, but these likes from such people confuses other people… People forget that photoshoped faces and bodies for likes can not be so perfect in real life. It is endless.

  2. Just my opinion. Social media is overrated. Ppl need to get off the ph and computer live ur life stop wasting it by worrying about other ppl life. Period.

  3. 3:23 he says "why can't we just sit there and watch the sunset" problem is why people continue to post is most likely due to the fact people are making so much money….. unfortunately its fueling this Instagram driven world.

  4. I have idgaf- itis. It causes you to have a type of mental block when it comes to caring what others do or think-

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