If People Talked Like Their Instagram Captions
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If People Talked Like Their Instagram Captions

(horse neighing) – Happy Monday, everyone. Let’s kill this week. – Ryan Gosling is so cute, MCM. – I have such a crush on Big Sean. – Do what you love, and you’ll never have
a problem with Monday. – Jess, why are you sitting like that? – So you can see my whole outfit, silly. By the way, my shirt is Forever 21. My jeans are Topshop. My shoes are Adidas. And René Cortez did my hair. – The wind in my hair, the sun in my eyes, and the open road. This is freedom. This is life. – My hair is so healthy and long. It’s probably because of
these sugar bear gummies I’ve been eating. Yeah, I went from Mr. Clean
to Rapunzel in one month. Ad. – My breakfast. This is my breakfast. I have breakfast, look. Burrito, orange. This is my breakfast. I’m gonna eat this. My breakfast. You see it? – That looks good. By the way, I just uploaded a new video. Check it out. – I’m starting a live video. – Awake, alive, blessed. – I’m way up. I feel blessed. By the way, have you guys
watched my new video yet? – Not yet. I’m too busy having a blast
with my favorite ladies. No new friends. – And I’m having a blast getting in shape in my new waist trainer. Yeah, I’ve gone from a size five to a size one in just two weeks. Spawn. – Dreams come a size too big,
so we can grow into them. – Hey, remember when we were growing up? What’s that show we used to all watch? – I’ll tell you on Thursday. – By the way, I just uploaded a new vlog. Tell three of your friends. – Starbucks. I got a Starbucks. I’m drinking this. This is mine. – Lazy Mondays with my mommy. – I’m starting a live video. – Ugh, all this conversation
has made me thirsty. I’m parched. Thank God I have my FitTea with me. I love this stuff. It’s cleared my skin, improved my grades, and lowered my phone bill. SP. – You know what they say. The darkest nights produce
the brightest stars. – What does that have to do
with what’s happening right now? By the way, did you watch my new vlog yet? Let me know, what’s your favorite part? – I did. I can watch anything on the
go with Verizon Wireless. With just a simple click,
I’m surfing the web. Partner. – Not all those who wander are lost. – No caption? Damn, that’s deep. – Hey, hey, I’m starting a live video. – Ugh, no one cares! Find out what I don’t care
about in my new video. Check it out. – Oh, look at my watch. You want this watch too? Use my discount code: 143watch. – Current mood. – I’m starting a live video. – I’m starting a live video. – I’m starting a live video. – Stop! I don’t care. Wait, hold on. I’m starting a live video. Watch before it ends. – What up everyone? It’s your girl, Super Woman. Hope you enjoyed that video. If you did, you know what to do. Give it a big thumbs up. Check out my last video, right over there. Second vlog channel right over there. Make sure you print out my book. There’s a square somewhere
right over there. It’s in the description as well. And then make sure you subscribe ’cause I make videos
every Monday and Thursday. But more than that, have a good day. One love. Super Woman. That is a wrap and zoom!

100 thoughts on “If People Talked Like Their Instagram Captions

  1. Hey lovelies! We hit 11 million subs, WUDDDDUPPP! Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this video. I really appreciate it. Comment below and let me know your favourite part! Also, let me know what you want to see on Thursday. Can we meet again then? Please? PLEASE?! K… love you x

  2. I got a notification for a live video when everyone was saying that they’d started a live video😂

  3. I love Lilly but she seems like she’s forgetting her youtube fans and leaving us behind now 😔

  4. Hi Lilly, I don't know if you knew this, but the gelatin in gummy bears isn't vegetarian. So if the gummy bear you ate wasn't gelatin free, i think you ate beef. I thought Hindus didn't eat beef.

  5. When I didn’t have Instagram and watched this video in like “what’s going on?”
    Now after rewatching with a Instagram account I’m like “ aahhhh it all makes sense now”

  6. Whenever someone sends me notifications that they are live I’m like “ if I didn’t watch the first time and I didn’t watch the second time that means I don’t want to watch you!”

  7. If I talked like my Instagram captions it will be wise time…

    Follow me in Instagram @saltywarrior_kata


  8. My captions are like exactly how I talk. For example I posted a photo with me a bunch of parrots and my caption was “Me and my husbands” lol

  9. That short haired brunette 😂😂😂 damn always inspiring people with her poetic windy captions😂 killed it Lily ❤❤

  10. Did you know, that the saying "Not all those who wander are lost" actually came from the book series Lord Of The Rings

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