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If Badshah’s Instagram Came To Life | MostlySane

I’ve been wanting to tell you something for so long. Mom, dad, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, Montu, Sonu I’ve made them all listen to your songs. We just listen to your songs all day long. Badshah! Badshah!
Thank you! Badshah! Badshah! Thank you! Badshah! Badshah! What! What! Badshah! Badshah!
It’s my sister’s friend’s birthday Can you please wish her? Preeti! You’re so funny! Why?
Preeti is my name. Block her. Badshah brother! I mean, if there is ever going to be a rapper after you, it will be Montu! Who is Montu?
I am Montu. Badshah bro! Yes.
Even I want to become a rapper. Even I write songs. Give me a break please. Can you sing for me? Okay. That’s it? I’ve written this much only so far. But if you teach me I’ll learn very quickly. Brother.
If he’s a Rolls Royce then you’re an aeroplane. Love you brother. I remember all your songs. Should I sing for you?. Yes. Baby you make my mind slow! Not slow, blow.
Others shine, you blow. Hold on. Two minutes
Baby you blow my mind. Baby you make my mind grow. Others shine, you throw. Blow! Its not my mind grow, its blow. Others shine, you blow! Yes! Others shine, you blow. Baby you blow my mind!. Blow! Baby you make my mind slow.
One minute! I’ll listen to the song and come back. Please blobk him. One of your songs is so amazing. I mean, what a song. Tareefan. No no. I didn’t sing the song, I have written it.
You didn’t sing the song? No! I have written it. Hello Mr. Badshah! I am Mrs. Shirke Namaste aunty. Tell me one thing. Why do you wear such loose clothes. Your saree is also loose aunty. From where? Naughty! You mean naughty? Okay tell me one thing. Yes aunty. So many people listen to your songs. Why don’t you come up with something good? So man people listen to mys songs because I make good songs. Don’t you think you’re misguiding the youth with your lyrics. Not really. Why don’t you make those kind of songs? What kind of songs? DJ play my song… It is very fmous for our prayer meetings. I’ll make it. Make songs like these okay?. Exctly like those, DJ waley babu. Bye aunty! Don’t block this aunty okay? Hello How are you? I am fine uncle. All good? Can you speak in Hindi, my Gujarati is not that strong. You don’t know Gujarati? No! Then how come you’re a Shah? What do you mean? our surname is Shah right? No. Bad Shah! What do you mean by rapper? Uncle, rapper means… Basically some sort of a poet. He recites. Like a song. Yes like a song. This is very simple. Anyone can do this. Its not that simple. Why? You just have to recite. Lie how I am talking to you right now. Yes. Yeah! That’s it. But its should also rhyme. Like able with cable. Dil with Mil. Something like this. I’ll also give it a try. Tell me how is it. Table with cable. Dil with Mil. Right! Right! Thank you! Thank you. What is the name of your album? No Badshah. That’s called single. An album has more songs. No ma’am. The name of the album is O.N.E. It has 17 songs. Ten shouldn’t the name of the album be One Seven. How did you feel making this album? It felt good. I’ve worked really hard on this album. Does she stay in Mumbai? Where does she stay? She stays in your brains. I don’t know where she stays. It upto you, what you think. Has she gone? The worst rapper ever. I haven’t seen a rapper like you anywhere. Badshah listens to a song. And then it is remixed, and tis and that and the song is ruined. Which song? Block! You just wait and watch. Let me see your face. Why? I want to see the face that speaks such harsh words about me. Why don’t you show your face? Because you will hit me! Sorry! Sorry! I really like you. Sorry!
These people only comment on their phones. They can’t say anything face to face… Because they don’t have the guts to say it. Report her right away.

100 thoughts on “If Badshah’s Instagram Came To Life | MostlySane

  1. My most FAVOURITE video on the channel so far! You’ve gotta see the Bloopers! You’ve never seen BADSHAH like that! KAISA LAGA???

  2. 0:58 that reaction 😂😂😂😂😂
    "Aunty ko block nhi karna ha"😜😜
    Badshah's reactions superb😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Accha Prajakta ji ap ek hostel wali episode kyun nhi banati accha lagega(jab hum 1st hostel me jahte hai for girls) ..pls banaiyega dusre vdo ki trh

  4. Great work prajakta…get going..u r really making everyone crazy…keep doing it ..its true sense of entertainment…this one was one of d best to c…I luv badshah aswell…but u rocked all d characters together…luv u as well.
    Badshah u r grt….I luv u

  5. Everyone used to say that montu wears the same red shirt all the time and he doesnt change it but have u guys seen this.. he is wearing a green shirt here😜

  6. 🤣🤣🤣vo negative comments dalne walo ki hoshyari toh dekho 😂baddshah ka reply chahiye!!

  7. Badshah is one of the most down to earth person and the funniest one also ♥️and he also broke the YouTube record so proud of him 😘Love u badshah ❤️ and love u praju😘😘

  8. Wait a minute….badshah have a baby but why is he not answering when prajakta is asking about his relationship?

  9. Haha, had to pause in between video to write a comment,
    Kya body language h Yar msst,
    "Kudiye ni Tere brown rang te" Kya funny duck ki tarah grdn tukr tukr ki, cramps pd gye hss hss k

  10. Ye jo aap subscribe wala baat kehte hoo na, uffff, bar bar unsubscribe karke subscribe karta hoon, 🤭🤭🤭🤭

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