I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week
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I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week

100 thoughts on “I Tried Being An Instagram Mom For A Week

  1. My aunt is an Instagram mom and she has a 3 yo and a 1yo. The 3 year old (claire) always thinks she has to look perfect constantly, and honestly it's sad watching her grow up like that.

  2. Take this advice,the perfect people are in the corners of the world…but the world is round

    my point is 0% of people are perfect

  3. Awww I could sense how much pressure she felt to be perfect at 22. Kids just want to be with their moms, no matter what they do.

  4. “In one of them I’m touching me my hair, because I guess you’re supposed to do that if you’re happy”

  5. I LOVE your vids! Just found them today and I also got thrown into motherhood at 22 as a single mom. I now have 2 kids with an amazing man who is an awesome dad to both of our kids. I find it so cool how much we have in common and how real you are! Makes me feel so much better! Thank is for being you!

  6. Wait,so this means Matt is not Jackson’s dad?Well,u picked an amazing husband cuz I thought Matt was Jackson’s dad.They love each other so much.

  7. I love this woman SO MUCH!!! It's so hard to find people like her who show their real lives on social media, we need more humans like Hannah. This is how i wanna be like when i grow up (im 16 xb)

  8. Those pictures you posted on your instagram are way better than those other fake pictures from the instagram moms. 💖

  9. I always wondered why Jackson and Wyatt look so different I know brothers aren’t always identical but I never would’ve guessed that Matt isn’t Jackson’s birth dad! He is so amazing to him

  10. Anyone else feel mad uncomfortable when she calls her kids littles bc of the adult baby community who calls themselves littles

  11. I love your series! I was so scared to be a mom when I found out I was expecting at 25! You really helped me work through my emotions and realize I’d be a good enough mom! Thank you!

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