I Spent The Day With An Instagram Model
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I Spent The Day With An Instagram Model

– Pretend like you’re breathing out like, (breathing out) but with
your teeth touching. – Should I bite my lip? – Yeah (laughing) (upbeat music) – Hi there, I’m Aria and
I’ve always been baffled by the idea of an Instagram model. You know, the concept
of combining your looks and harnessing the power of social media to create a new and very
lucrative profession is a bit astounding to me. Especially as someone who, if
you look at my Instagram page, let’s just say the word,
sexy may not come to mind. But that’s why we’re
here, we’re here to learn more about this unique profession and perhaps some tips and tricks along the way by spending the
day with an Instagram model. A car is coming by, heyoo. I’m meeting with Abigail Ratchford, a former paralegal turned model whose pictures began blowing up online a few years ago and who can
now easily charge upwards of several thousand
dollars per sponsored post. – So, I feel like now social media is kind of just the currency of things. So, as where maybe five years
ago, a company would pay for a billboard on Sunset Boulevard
that gets 10 million views they’re gonna pay a girl
with 10 million followers to post an ad, so it’s
kinda just like the more followers you have, the
more money you can request. – What are the keys to a great selfie? – Good lighting for sure, know
your angles, and eye contact. You like look down, then look up. One, two, three, now look up (laughing). – How many followers
do you currently have? – Instagram, I think is like, 8.3 million or 8.2 million, I’m not sure. – Good God. – I mean to be completely
blunt, I think it’s, you know, the whole sex appeal
thing that got me here, but then for me, at least,
I’ve kinda just used my social media following as a launching pad for bigger things. – [Aria] And one of those bigger things is Instagive, an online
campaign Abigail has launched where she finds people in need, helping them with anything from a makeover to paying their medical bills. And today Diana, a high school senior, is being given one of those
makeovers for her prom tonight. – [Abigail] Is there
somebody named Diana here? I heard you are the lucky prom winner. Here we have some flowers. – Instagive basically is kinda
just my way of giving back to people because I feel like
I come from a small town, I’m the fifth of seven kids,
and I’ve just been so lucky and so blessed to be where
I am in this amount of time. So, I was just like, I need
some kind of way to use my platform and use my spotlight for good. Oh my God, you look amazing. You do (laughing). – [Aria] While Diana finishes
up her transformation, Abigail decides to assess my Instagram. – I mean, your stuff’s
kind of all over the place. Like, this isn’t you, your postings of other people, other content. – The atrium right now, I told her she seems to be doing very well– This looks pretty interesting. – Yeah, that was, I spent
the day at a porn company. Nicole Aniston, are you
familiar with her work? – No, I’m not. I would give your Instagram,
on a scale of one to 10, like, a 5.8 maybe.
– 5.8? – It looks good, I like it, I like it. – You clearly don’t, 5.8, I mean. Abigail then takes me outside
for a quick crash course. – So, this is, like, called
the baby face filter. – The baby face filter, okay.
– Yeah. You look down and then as
soon as you look up, you snap. – So look down.
– So, like, one, two, three. – Whoa, whoa, that’s not a good photo. – (laughing) Do it
again, that was not good. – [Aria] After giving up on
my poor selfie technique, – Could you get one of those flowers? – [Aria] Abigail decides to just get behind the camera herself. – Hold it a little bit closer to you, like you’re smelling it and then, yeah, just
put your eyes up to me. One, two, go. I love it, this is gonna go viral. Maybe just bite your hand. – Is this gonna move my
Instagram up from a 5.8? – [Abigail] Yes, yes, nailed it. – [Aria] Diana’s makeover is now complete to Abigail’s delight. – Oh my God, you look amazing. – Wow, this is so stunning
on you, oh my gosh. I wish I looked this
good at my prom, damn. – Well you look amazing.
– Thank you so much. – What person are you bring tonight to… – He’s one of my close friends. – Oh, great, he’s a good guy? – Yes he is. – Have you put in the right amount of money for a background check? – For a background check? (laughing) – I know a good PI. – I think I chose him. – Good, good, good, but if
he gives you any trouble, I recently took up kickboxing. – Oh, okay. Honestly, this whole experience
feels so, like, magical. Like, I never thought that I would experience something like this. It just doesn’t feel real, I
feel like a Disney princess. – I always say Instagram is not real life, even though I try to share as
much of my true life as I can. Every image that you see
has been perfected, altered. Most girls in my position
want their photos to look the best possible way they
can before they put them in front of eight million people to see. So, young girls looking at
girls like me, just know that, love yourself, embrace your flaws, know who are, and just own it. – [Aria] Taking Abigail’s words to heart, despite feeling uncertain about it, I decided to try posting
my first sincere attempt at a serious photo later that day, and as it turns out, in less than a week, it’s already become my
most liked photo ever. While I don’t know if this
means I’ll eventually have as many followers as
Abigail, I’ve definitely come outta this with a lot more
respect for what she does. She’s aware of the fact that, as she says, “Instagram is not real life.” And I do think that we have to realize that while having followers and likes may give us a fleeting
sense of satisfaction, we ultimately shouldn’t allow it to determine our self
worth because it doesn’t. Although, it would be nice to maybe have as many followers as
Michael Buble someday, just so we have something to talk about. (bells chiming) If the guy gives you any trouble, you take him like this, alright? And that’s, you’re gonna,
it’ll knock him out. You put enough pressure, he’s done.

100 thoughts on “I Spent The Day With An Instagram Model

  1. Personally I think she is nice , and the way she speaks indicates that she has a broad vocabulary . I wouldn’t judge her ONLY by her looks tbh.

  2. I dont really mind her makuep and i do indeed think she is pretty but that fake tan is annoying me her skin is to dark for her ethnicity she a diiferent coulor and profitting off of dark skin when non white people with dark skin are seen as gross or dirty and that annoys me

  3. Wow you are all the highschool bullies in the comment section, so what if she does plastic surgeries and care for her beauty you jealous freaks?

  4. What's prettier – the human or the expensive makeup, lighting, injections, camera angles, photoshop… zzz.

  5. But never forget being attractive is not a talent and age drugs alcohol will take it away quicker than anything.

  6. All these “insta models” have good DSL for white girls. Funny how this broad is all about talking up her “charity work”, yet 99.9% of her income is for herself. She lectures the man here on “posting others” too much. Yet, she’s 110% self absorbed.

  7. Most interesting bit of information from this video—- Israel has a population of less than 8.3million people..didnt know. But good on Abigail for the charity work as long as it isn't to get more followers

  8. It's kinda ironic how people who look good say "embrace your flaws, own it" etc
    PS- she looks weird AF, she got so much plastic on her

  9. I give to people in need

    Oh so you donate homeless people and starving children?

    No. I make pretty girls look more pretty.


  10. HMU if you want your photos facetuned for just $5! You only have to pay if you like my editing and want to use it.

  11. Instagram blow up dolls is what we need to start calling them.. not models.. social media is ruining the world but especially women.. it targets there insecurities and materialistic nature.. real men are fucked in this century..

  12. Real men are being put through mental concentration camps.. being exterminated in their minds.. through social media it's unbelievable

  13. You don't have 8M people looking at you, but YOU should OWN it – not me, I don't need to own it…. that's what I heard lol

  14. She is such a sweetheart. You honestly can’t despise somebody, just for being famous due to their sex appeal and I admire her honesty and upfront attitude. Many of these so called IG models lie about getting plastic surgery and having their pictures photoshopped, but she’s not denying anything.

    Yes, she had tons of work done, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t tell other people to feel better about themselves and accept their flaws.
    Maybe she wasn’t even with her appearance and her present appearance makes her happy. She made that decision herself. She’s not a motivational speaker by any means.

    She states that in her position, in order to earn money, she has to look as “perfect” as possible by photoshop retouches. It’s pretty obvious. That’s simply her profession. Women are affected by the outrageous “thiccc” beauty standard. It’s even more dangerous to me than the skinny and big boobs trend of the 2000s. Beauty trends will come and go, but you gotta realize that the women on magazines and social networking aren’t as always as perfect as they appear to be.


  16. Abigail! You picked probably the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen to get the makeover. I wish I knew Diana 😪

  17. Instagive sounds more like I need to give away some money so the IRS doesn’t take all my money. And she’s chubby.

  18. i am confused … are we sure there are not 2 girls here?! the chick from instagram is not the one talking with the dude . People on instagram are MORONS !!!! OR well the followers ARE MORONS !!!

  19. So what if she filters her pictures and if she doesn't look the same in real life. Eight million people still decided to follow her and she's capitalising on that. People must stop hating.

  20. Lol I don’t know if the people in these comment sections are just jealous or insecure, Most likely both 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. No hate but you know the hate is coming😂 all IG models looks the same embrace your flaws but she even had her forehead line covered in dark shadow to mimic hair damn

  22. I don't see whats the big deal, at least she doesn't look like a completely different person in real life compared to her photos she does some what resemble her photos in real life, like same skin tone same eye color same lips same hair same body same face structure but just a lot more enhanced and photo shopped on Instagram than in person.

  23. Abigail Ratchford is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen before in my life 😍😍😍😍 she’s such a beautiful woman, inside and obviously the outside ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it doesn’t matter what you all say about, or what you all think about her. She’s always nice to others and she is the most warm hearted person I know ❤️ i follow her since now 6 years and I really don’t regret my decision ❤️🙏🏻 since I follow her i‘m a better person. I’m always nice to others. If I like them or not. I wish her that she haves the maximum of success she can get ❤️🙏🏻

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