I Spent $2000 to Look Like An Instagram Model
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I Spent $2000 to Look Like An Instagram Model

49 thoughts on “I Spent $2000 to Look Like An Instagram Model

  1. Social media.. what a sad life people lead now. Who gives a fk how many likes you get. Lifes for living, not for plastering fake pics on a website that will be long forgotten in 10 years…, so will the people who posted on it.

  2. Back in the 90’s, people worried about missing MTV. Now, it’s spending thousands of dollars to make ourselves “Instagram” perfect 🤬 ….meanwhile the environment and children are dying in droves and people are starving in every country. #priorities

  3. 🤔Heyyyyy 2015 called and said it wants all of it’s uncanny Kylie Jenner wannabes to come back…..😂just kidding…well…maybe like 18%…🤣

  4. New subscriber here. First off you're naturally beautiful. Second off can we borrow your friend? 😂 I want to meet you both. 🙂

  5. u don't need all this shit ur a natural beauty but what took so much money for those 4 things you have done?

  6. She looked 10 million times better before all of the foolishness. I did love her eyebrows though. The rest of the stuff was unnecessary. Beautiful before everything.

  7. Honestly, I couldn't tell you got a spray tan and $400 is wayy too much for it. I pay $80 a month (to spray in a tanning booth) and I could go everyday if I wanted to but go once a week. I love your hair, outfit and booties.

  8. You look gorgeous 💚💚💚 I love your eye makeup!!! I'm like you on the hair; I don't do drastic things to my hair on my own. I NEED A HAIRSTYLIST 🙁

  9. Omfg she looks f**** ridiculous. Girl you look hella better all natural!! You're way prettier than most of these fake-ass Instagram models

  10. This is the first time I've seen you on YouTube (I'm old lol) you remind me so much of my younger self!! How old are you? I totally get the " opening your mouth removing makeup" part

  11. Lucky to be so naturally beautiful. I wouldn’t bother doing any of it, so many women like myself aren’t like that so be glad and stay a natural beauty!

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