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  1. My question is what do you do when your not your phone apart from working? I’m planning on deleting social media (and YouTube) for a month like you. But if I am so bored and don’t know what to do I’ll download them again.

  2. Еще способ перестать сидеть в социальной сети. Отписываешься от всех. Лента становится пустой. Каждый раз заходишь по привычке в инстаграм – а там нет новостей. Приходит разочарование на подсознательном уровне и начинаешь отвыкать. У меня работает.

  3. Да меня уж больше года там нет,30 дней,подумаешь,тоже мне успех,как у АА-"Я не ширяюсь уже 30 дней"и все хлопают

  4. Quitting social media is so fucking easy it isn’t the end of the world lmao , hate how teens have that stereotype that we can’t put our phones down and be in the moment , also I can understand that might be the case for some as they’ve grew up in that generation

  5. Ditched fb n twitter in 2015. No more fake birthday wishes from people who otherwise would not give two hoots about your existence

  6. wtf i average 5-6 hours a day on my phone but im still able to get work done as well as my workout, hw, meditations, and cooking. However, ik i could be way more productive if i wasnt averaging 5-6 hours lmao. PS i keep social media and anything fun off my phone during the school year.

  7. Social media for me triggers my addiction and compulsive behaviors also just seems to overall increase anxiety and depression

  8. I can live without social media for sure ! I broke my phone and didn’t get a new one until 9 months later it was the best thing ever ! you learn so much more and realize how beautiful the world is

  9. Really only 30 days I have an account on one site and never use it honestly social media has never sucked me in I honestly couldn't care less what's current trends are weird and stupid and pointless

  10. I check fb or insta maybe once a week if that I used to be on it all the time but its been about a year now that I lost interest in social media just been more present in real life

  11. Omg wow what a legend he didn't check social media for 30 days.

    Granted the point of this video is to show what's wrong with this "instagram" culture but frankly 30 days isint a big deal. All the hot ass girls I know barley post in a whole month aside from the dumbass stories they upload daily for some strange reason. My point is 30 days ain't a whole lot of time to treat this like a challenge.

  12. tnx for RUS sub. man!
    Tnx for intresting and cozy content!
    100% Subscription and bell. GL 😉

  13. I'm doing this after a bad breakup, now I'm using only YouTube, Gmail and Chrome. Recently I'm watching entertainment videos, but I always watch and read something educational. Because I've learning from Internet since 2012.
    The reason that I'm doing that after the breakup, is because I've meet her on Facebook.

  14. Ja tam mam w dupie ten film i niw wyłącze mediów.Wolę oglądać youtuba albo netflixa niz czytac książki, od 7 lat nie przeczytalem zadnej ksiazki i nie bede dalej zadnej czytal bo mam je w dupie. Wolę zagrac se na kompie. W szkole przyjaciol zadnych nie mam, nie odzywam się do nikogo bo banda debili tam jest, za to na facebooku mam mnostwo znajomych i codziennie z nimi pisze , choć nigdy sie z nimi nie widziałem. Wolę muzykę puścić ze spotify, niż z jakiegos zjebanego radia gdzie nie mam mozliwosci wybierania utworów.

  15. To people who complain about you are addicted to YouTube but not to social media – youtube is a social media, don't delude yourself 😏

  16. Ive been without social for 2 years and its wonderful. So much more connected to the moment and my relationship is so much better without drama and the absorption of attention.

  17. I think we don't need stop using social media, we need to control our time, for example if you know have 1 hour to social media just control this time.

    I began use social media in 2007 year and I do not have any problem with it, for example lately I use social apps one time in a week.

  18. Probably the only things I use for social media are Reddit and Youtube. Never saw the worth or use in anything else

  19. I'm 29 never had a social media account (I don't class YouTube as social media, I don't post videos or know any body on here it's vldeos I watch when I take a shit) have I survived? Oh yh I go out and talk to people and enjoy my life, if your life is about how many likes you get then you're wasting the only life you have, I look round and I never see anyone that's sat down not on their phone, Its pretty sad, then twats like this that go 30 days without knowing what time his mates he's never met had his dinner think they're amazing, YouTube celebs are not real celebs.

  20. I always think I'm addicted to YouTube most of the time because I would usually say to myself that I'll just watch a few videos or so but then lied to myself when I started seeing some cool and interesting video in my recommended and subscription section. I sometimes feel like I wanna quit but I guess I can't because I also need YouTube to learn sometimes, by watching videos like this one for example. And so, I suppose moderation is the key here…

  21. When you tell someone they look pale, and they are sick
    They will physically react almost immediately
    But for me, it’s too hard. When my own parents tell me I am mentally challenged and they need to send me to ASYLUM. It’s way too hard to deal with.

  22. Ютубу наебал, название видел на русском, а тут на Английском пиздят.

  23. The thing is, it’s not really a good idea to ditch your phone at home. Due to the way the world has been for a few years and how it could be.

  24. Its so sad because so many people lie on social media posting things that are fake. Pretending to be happy. Faking their mood. Posting good pictures with their best friend, when in reality, they are on their phone most of the time. Social media is slowly making people act more fake. But thats the majority. There are only few people who post everything that is 100% what the are feeling/doing in real life. I still use youtube, snapchat, and instagram. But recently I realized how many cringey things people post. And plus they post their whole life on snapchat/instagram which is basically not living to the fullest. Nobody cares about what you are doing tbh. Its just reality. I stopped posting on instagram and on my stories. I might post about traveling or something but that’s it. Privacy is key. People will look back at their posts saying “What the hell was I thinking?” Social media just ruins your life. You’ll get a post with a lot of likes, and then the next post you’ll expect more likes but then you end up getting less. Whats the point? It makes you addicted and crave more likes. Its a big waste of time. If you see something breath taking 90% of the time you will focus on quickly getting your phone out to capture the moment, but before you know it, the moment is gone and you just wasted time trying to capture it on footage. Its better to enjoy the moment, and be in the moment. Don’t waste you’re time in a digital fantasy. (Except youtube, youtube is great)

  25. its been 7 months and i feel less stressed about having to be accepted by a trend or seeing something i dont wanna see, but i plan to go back in october just to test myself

    *im off of all social media platforms except for youtube

  26. My mental health improved drastically after I deleted my Snapchat and Instagram. I struggled with terrible depression and anxiety that is at its bare minimum now. Then I moved onto using Facebook less. Now it’s a once in a blue moon site I use. I primarily just use YouTube and I don’t see the point in having the nice phone I have anymore. I don’t use my smartphone as much as I used to and I really got to see how much the quality of my life improved. I spend more time with people I love, my sleep is better, my relationship isn’t rocky anymore, my work ethic is so much better and I don’t check my phone obsessively while driving. As much as most people hate to admit it, we have most likely used our phones while driving that have made us look like total jackasses to others and risked our lives. I don’t know if anybody can relate to what I’m saying, but I promise it’s possible. You also won’t go over your data limit anymore. Enjoy life for what it is, look up at the sky, enjoy nature, stop spending your life locked up in a cage which is actually your phone / computer controlling your life. You’re only human. You get to enjoy this life only once.

  27. I deleted all social media that stopped me from coming in contact with anyones life and anyone unless they personally called or messaged me. I done this for about 5 months, its amazing to realise how much you enjoy life without them. even though you think you don't, you take in other peoples loves just from seeing a photo and subconsciously make notes that someones having more fun than you. after about a month my self confidence when up drastically, I felt happier and less stressed and my life felt amazing. it was almost like I had found a hidden superpower in my body, anyone who is considering doing this. DO! even now I rarely check social medias because I no longer feel the need to and I don't use inter gram, twitter or facebook (facebook being the worst) I only use snapchat now. You won't regret it.

  28. Пиздец,на сколько же нужно быть больным что бы без соцсетей невозможно было жить

  29. Matt, I quit social media PERMANENTLY. What's the point of superficial connections & narcissistic behavior? I don't get it. It's an addiction that is destroying society. Everybody needs to wake up and get off the damn cellphone, Facebook & Donald Trump's weapon of choice, TWITTER! And please don't compare yourself to other people…you're a handsome and smart guy, you have NOTHING to worry about.

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