I Found The Most Instagram Worthy Ice Cream In Los Angeles
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I Found The Most Instagram Worthy Ice Cream In Los Angeles

*Intro Music* AH! Good day everyone and welcome to today’s video Where I am so excited because I’m going to be on the hunt for the most Instagram-worthy ice cream places in Los Angeles. So without further ado, let’s get going! Alright, so first up is Afters Ice Cream. And now I saw this on Instagram I was like, oh my gosh, these ice cream looks so freakin good a little too good to be true If you asked me. So, let’s go inside and let’s see how good they are! So I guess I just wanted the most craziest, Coolest-looking ice cream, that’s like the most Instagramable… That’s like the Milky Bun. The Milky Bun? Yeah that’s what you gotta get. I make it for everyone. Okay! Ohh man…Ohh [Laughs] I want this This looks so cool. [I can make that for you] You could? I want the rainbow, the rainbow treatment So what is exactly is the Milky Bun? So it’s basically a donut, aka glazed or unglazed, that’s your option, Your choice of ice cream, your choice of topping, and then we actually seal it shut How? I can’t give you that information – that’s out secret – [Ah, okay] and then, uh, basically it’s gonna be nice and warm on the outside nice and cool on the inside, and it’s the bomb My mouth is already watering, I’ll take the glazed one, please [Obviously. That’s the only one you can get…] Okay Oh my gosh This looks so freaking good Let’s go in for a little bit of a taste test shall we!!!! The donut is so good. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s nice and squishy it’s like the perfect texture of a donut mixed with like the sweetness and Yumminess of ice cream, the warm and cold together is just incredible with a little bit of crunch from the sprinkles I got to go in for second bite Do you think you can stack that high? [You’re looking at the man who can make everything work] Ah, the master, okay The red, the orange, the Thai tea And then the mint monster green [Joey off camera, “Oh my gosh”] And then cookie monster [Joey off camera, “and then just one more…”] The purple We’re gonna have to take this photo quick Oh no there it goes. So close The purple it looks a lot sturdier this time. Oh, wow, okay that looks so cool This looks so cool. I’ve always wanted one of these since I was a little kid going to an ice cream store Guys, we got a we got a pause for a second. We need to get the gram I’m going to try and taste all the flavors at once, ready? Let’s go Wow! Mixing every flavor of ice cream These kids are like, “I want that!” These kids are saying that – [Joey interrupts, “I’m advertising it. I’m making your life a hell”] [Ah, I got you man. Here, just put it in this”] Goodbye beautiful ice cream, you were a good gram Crazy Absolutely insane. That’s the craziest ice cream have ever had in my life. Dev? Thank you so much Of course, my man, Dev hooked me up with that ice cream You guys should go follow him on Instagram: Cane_dev117 He’s the man So I feel like I just made Dev’s life a living hell because now all these kids are gonna come in asking for that. So, Be prepared! You practice All right, so we’re at location number two at Bumsan I believe is what it’s called They kind of do more of like a soft serve, pastel, Unicorn poop type look, so let’s it on in and let’s get a taste! This one? Yeah Okay can I do that one? In which cone? Can I do the Froot Loops cone? Froot Loops? Yeah Whoa! This looks so good Okay, like at the last place, first comes the Instagram, then we indulge Okay, so looks beautiful, but how did the taste that’s the real question let’s find out Oh Wow First of all, the texture is so smooth It’s like a thick smooth texture. But the taste is so good. I don’t even know what it was I think it feel I think it’s like a taro and something else I gotta go in for a second bite, but I’m also gonna get some of this! [Crunching noise] That’s some good Froot Loops. This is some good flavor to ice cream. I could eat this all in 1.2 seconds Alrighty, so we’re at a stop number three Milk Tavern Which is actually right next door to the last place And the first thing you see when you walk in is the unicorn crepe So we’re not doing crepes today, we’re doing ice cream, so let’s go see what they have inside here So, if I want to find the most Instagramable ice cream, what would you guys recommend? The Cotton Candy Burrito What’s that? So its cotton candy split in half, with the cereal, and then the icecream, and then we roll it up like a burrito Oh my gosh So, what kind of ice cream options do you have? We have our regular vanilla and matcha, and then we have our alcohol infused, which is Jameson, Guiness, Kahlua, and Makers Mark Alcohol ice cream? What the heck? I didn’t even know that was possible. Okay, so you said Makers Mark, Jameson, [Guiness and Kahlua] Guiness and Kahlua Okay, I say we try it some, this sounds too good to be true I think I’ll try the Kahlua one because the other ones seem a little too Straight for me and my taste Thank you Oh my god, that’s good. I’m about to get drunk off this. Cornflake Milk? Okay, I have to try that one, too She said it tastes like leftover milk from cereal My god it does that’s weird. That’s good though. What color do you think would make it look most pretty? [Vanilla works nice] Okay, I’ll do vanilla and then you said you can do a cereal? I want that one, the donut shoppe one [Girl off camera, “the donut looks really pretty”] It does? Okay, perfect. That’s all I care about is pretty Oh my gosh This is so crazy, I’ve never in my life seen a cotton candy burrito before. Let’s go try this out. Thank you so much Oh my god cotton candy filled with ice cream and cereal? Alright, let’s d- What? [Joey gasps] The prettiness of it, that’s so shocking. It’s just the fact that this is cotton candy. That’s the most cool part about it So I don’t feel like this is the most Instagramable of all out of the ones we’ve seen so far, but it’s still cool Free cream! The thing that we saw at the beginning we get it for free if we tag them. Now it’s time for the big bite We got Lorde in the background to cheer us on Wow. That is sugary. This cotton candy is so good [Here it is] Oh my god [It’s a unicorn crepe cake] So this is not ice cream, I don’t think, but you know what? It’s beautiful and I need to try it Oh my god, it’s just like melted in my mouth. What the heck? Well, it’s weird because it just like disintegrated in my mouth, with a crepe I feel like you have to chew it normally No you don’t! You guys are acting so cool like you had no idea who I was [I was like, “oh keep it together”] Oh my god, you guys are so cool Nice meeting you guys! Thank you so much, bye I had no idea they knew who I was Guys, my stomach is already hurting so bad from all this ice cream But we are at our final stop at Milk and again on their Instagram They have a lot of really pretty ice creams, mostly ice cream sandwiches, So we’re gonna go in there and see if we can get a really Instagramable ice cream. Let’s go I’m trying to find the most Instagrammable ice cream In here? I feel like I need to get two I think I’m going with either of those These are so gorgeous they’re so perfect, too Like perfectly cut. These are 1000% Instagramable Okay, it is slowly melting in my hand, I got the picture so now let’s feast Oh my god, this one is so good. I have to try the pink one. Oh my god, I could again, eat this But I can’t I have to resist I like that one too – oh wait no, Don’t know which one I like better. I like them both. This one tastes more fruit. Loopy more fruity pebble II This one just tastes like sweet goodness YUM, so now that we are back home I think it’s only fitting that I rate these in order from first to fourth based on what I enjoyed visually and Internally. So, ranked number one with taste was definitely the Bumsan Milk Bar I just really like the texture of the ice cream and it just tasted so delicious Number two was Afters Ice Cream I just really loved the flavor and just the fact that I could do like a rainbow ice cream but also that donut ice cream thing, the milk bun thing, was so Delectable delicious. I could honestly have one every single day. Number three, would probably have to be a Milk I just really liked the ice cream sandwiches. Both of them were really good And then I guess that leaves number four with the cotton candy burrito, so I did really like that But I just didn’t like it as much as the others I like the cotton candy part the most but I wasn’t like a huge fan of the cereal Or just the maybe it was honestly because I’ve already had so much ice cream by that time It just wasn’t my favorite, but it was still very delicious and that crepe that they threw in it was also really good So yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did Please give it a big ol thumbs up and if you’re not already subscribe to my channel and also if you want to see the photos from this video, I’ll link my Instagram down below With all the photos that I took from this shoot. And I want to know your thoughts if you guys had to Eat one of these ice creams, which one would you choose? Let me know in the comments down below and I will see you guys next time. Good damn bye! [Music]

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