I DON’T HAVE MANY FACEBOOK MESSAGES | Misconception About Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing
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I DON’T HAVE MANY FACEBOOK MESSAGES | Misconception About Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing

“I don’t get many messages on Facebook
Messenger so I don’t really need to use a facebook Messenger chat bot.” Now that is one of the most common response I get when I talk to people about Facebook
Messenger chat bots. And I understand. It’s Facebook Messenger marketing
right, so you would assume that it’s all about receiving messages in Facebook. But that is one of the biggest misconception about using Facebook messenger marketing.
In fact, using a Facebook Messenger chat bot to respond to Facebook messages is
just a small part about the marketing channel. And on this video, I’m gonna
share why you need to consider using Facebook Messenger chat bots even though
you’re not getting a lot of messages on Facebook. Coming up. Hey guys this is
Chrys here from Chrys media. If you haven’t already subscribed to the
channel, don’t forget to do so. And if you like today’s video, don’t forget to hit
the like button as well. So as I said, providing 24/7 fast customer support and
replies on Facebook Messenger is just one part of using Facebook messenger
marketing. Another part about Facebook Messenger marketing is using it to
engage your audience. Now, a lot of people don’t realize this but the engagement
rate on Facebook Messenger is extremely high right now. So the open rates, the
click through rates, they are really high as compared to the other marketing channels.
And so as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, you can actually actively send messages
to people on Facebook Messenger and then get that high engagement rate, and I’m
gonna show you how. So the first thing that you want to do is to get people to
engage and to interact with the chat bot. So you cannot send messages to
people who are not on your Facebook Messenger subscriber list, so the first
thing you have to do is to get them to interact with your chat bot. The first
way is to get someone to download a free lead gen or a freebie or sign up for a
free video course inside of Facebook Messenger itself. So they would click on
a link and that link would open up their Facebook Messenger and they will
download that free pdf, free e-book, free video series inside a Facebook Messenger
itself. Now once they interact with your chat bot, they are now officially your
subscriber. So that is one way. Now the second way is to create some kind of
quiz that they will take inside of Facebook
Messenger. Again, once they interact with your chat bot, they are now officially your
subscriber. Now once the person is a subscriber, you can actively message
them on Facebook. So even if you’re not getting a lot of messages on
Facebook, in your inbox, it’s okay. You can take the proactive approach and
use things like quizzes and surveys and lead generation formats to get people
onto your list so that you can actively message them. Now you might be
thinking well what’s the difference between this and email marketing? In fact,
they’re both very similar. The only difference is just the way that you
communicate with your audience and of course the engagement rate is higher on
Facebook Messenger right now as compared to email marketing. So just in case you
were curious about the numbers between email marketing versus Facebook
messenger marketing, it’s about.. on email marketing it’s about 20 to 30 percent
open rate and using Facebook Messenger it’s about 70 to 90 percent open rate. So
it’s about 2 to 3 times more open rates. And click-through rates are also much
higher on Facebook Messenger as compared to email. And so to wrap this up, even if
you’re not receiving a lot of messages on Facebook Messenger that would justify
you creating a bot to answer those questions, there are many other things
you can do using this marketing channel to capitalize on the high engagement
rate right now that we are getting with this marketing channel. So I would
encourage you to look into Facebook messenger marketing as a marketing tool
to reach your audience, to talk to your audience, and to get them to engage with
your content. Now if you want to work with me and my messenger marketing
agency Chrys Media, I want you to click on link below to schedule a free 30
minute strategy call with me. And if you want to learn more about Facebook
messenger marketing, I’ve got a free masterclass in the link below. So go
click the link in the description below for more details.
Alright don’t forget if you like today’s video to hit the like button, and if
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