I Copied Youtubers’ Instagram Photos for a Week….
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I Copied Youtubers’ Instagram Photos for a Week….

My people high so I did a video just like this with these stranger things cast and the amazing amount of support Thank you all for supporting my memes and the attempting to look as cute as them and feeling Professional I kind of want to do this for a mental health Monday video mental health isn’t all about mental illness And I think one thing that is so important is to see other people that are successful and to support them And I’ve been there little periods of time where I compare myself to other like pretty Instagram Oh, I feel insecure next to them let them be beautiful. I’m gonna tell them they’re beautiful It’s not gonna hurt my own beauty, and if there are other successful youtubers I’m going to love them and support of my always now honestly They decided to take it to the Beauty race you guys tweeted me that I also watch if you want me to do in part two Didn’t want to see a part to 30,000 likes Comment who I should you down below I saw a lot of david dobrik gaming youtubers haven’t gotten into like jacksepticeye i’m gonna let me know comment down below know I Decided to just to give away all of my money this month pray that I make it back in Adsense A lot of you have continued to ask for me to adopt you and as mother I really listen to the children and I see what they want this was something that was very requested in my apartment I have a wall full full rights and everyone that comes to you for each picture, so I found this first up It’s a blue Polaroid autonomous It also comes with ready. This is so on bread for Jessie Paige rainbow bill I And I love my people more than I love myself It was a cute lot for something pretty morbid Okay, all you have to do is follow on Instagram, and I’m gonna promote both accounts Why am I promoting my trash God knows pray for me? Yes, I’m to Instagram accounts and one of them is called Jesse trash. I don’t know how I live with the self deprecation okay What am I laughing so hard yeah, but be sure to enter I love my people and let’s get started I essentially just tweeted you guys and so which youtubers I got the most so that hopefully you guys will know all these youtubers on my laptop I have wait look at how cool My stickers are 21 pilots So posted all the photos to my at Jesse trash because I didn’t want to annoy people in my main that I’m insecure But I saved a few photos she post on my main that I won’t be posting after this video So go she got my main and give those some love so I feel less insecure first I’ve logged and recorded the process. It’s getting all the photos It was so requested for me to repeat one of Liza’s photos and her photos tend to like have a really Distinct look to them so I was really excited. I’m also a huge fan. She’s a queen I stand okay My hair does not do that I? Couldn’t recreate the hair look But I tried for everything else but looking up to the grain on the photo to my jawline doesn’t look as good But it’s okay. She just look looks so nice and effortless and I look like You don’t see what I mean. Are you ready? This is Thanksgiving and my brother, and I we’re currently trying to avoid everyone at Thanksgiving today We’re gonna be recreating youtubers Instagram pictures. Are you ready? Yeah, are you watching YouTube? 2,000 years later Page right answer, but these youtubers are great first. We’re creating this one. See how I’m wearing the exact same shirt We did a plain white wall Oh? quick give your top five and my recommendation Angel beats angel beat stage with me Matt. You need to watch. You’re a nice genuinely. It’s so good This is a shirtless guy over there who kind of intimidated. He’ll take the picture I need you to hold the camera and take the photo and direct me. Okay. How we gonna do this It looks like it’s a selfie This is the only way in this whole place so that over there There’s people there’s the lightning alarm, I keep sticking into them picture He’s gotta bend down How did she do this they have to go that way you have to like your face looking the other way But like your eyes still looking towards the camera Which I actually do watch their videos and they are so funny They’re also from New Jersey, which I stand anyways I decided to recreate their photos Joline Grayson dolan he took a photo of himself like basically like passed out It’s literally Black Friday, and we’re going Black Friday shopping, and we’re also taking this photo to this site We don’t want the healthy cereals in we need like oh you could win a Nintendo switch off that honeycomb Or something the cereal yeah Hello, so this is currently the cereal can do it Thank you so far okay, the jawline looks good does it look as good as theirs, but it looks good Honestly the funniest part of this has been people’s reactions like that. Would yes, that’s so good show this except The only thing is they better cereal look beeps dressing, but see okay. I’m done now We’re gonna go get something for a giveaway What do you think we should get uh check it them a Pokemon game somebody say pokemons? I wanted to get something for you guys How sweet, I’m a mother my jawline didn’t look as great as is according to my brother. I have issues looking dead What I’m just positive and full of life We found the exact spot where he took this picture this probably seems really creepy, but I live here And I just like I knew because there are these trees yeah, I’m excited. Oh my gosh You’re getting it perfect a nice little candid, but I need a look good candidate because candid. I don’t actually look We figured it out this photo. Oh my god You got it, and then I have to cover that window literally. It does look like the upside down I Was buying This photo the caption made it, but I knew if I wrote his caption then people wouldn’t know it was me The car really yeah, we can switch right now. Yeah, your teeth showing well, let me see Unserious that face ring pressing on the ponytail we say movies work. The only issue is I have Riley So awkward doing that with ROTC if you like it’s just the facial expressions like probably better with your nose that Yes, this one works since I’ve been watching youtubers I’ve been watching Denzel, so I’m about to go and take Dan’s photo right now and recreate his selfie, but first random But I drove two hours to meet the subscriber and she made me the nicest thing look That’s me in the front wall when I pink hair look at this. It’s insane. It’s so nice. Thank you I feel like it’s my birthday. I don’t even get this on my birthday. Thank you, ooh perfect So I just recreated his glitter. I think I did a pretty good job. Actually it did that like five seconds This is always the aftermath of putting all my glitter. I’m gonna try it out I don’t know. I have to do this one by myself, so I’m gonna pull it up on my computer Oh, my skin’s not clear. This is making me insecure. I Think I got it heck. Yeah, I did why have I never done my glitter like this Daniel Howell He knows. What’s up better than my glitter I Haven’t been wearing it recently, but in case you didn’t know hello I’m Jessie Paige, and I a lot of the times when my videos were glitter on my face honestly I wish it was to be humid and to have unique branding and stuff in one yes I do really like the way it looks too It covers up my under eye circles Hills photo was for World Mental Health Day, and I really enjoyed it I even donated to young minds UK because I thought was such a great cause and especially if I was recreating this photo I wanted to show just the impact that a photo like that can happen. I just changed. This is the outfit Some reason it’s focusing on the wall right there Up there this you have all the flowers in the front I Think it’s like that yeah He’s got some hair like below it though which is hard for you because your hair is all straight down yeah that that’s better all right, no oh my team revered a lot too, so tonight’s auction always lost and I missed it I Think we have to stop the recording for this picture. I can’t hold three things at one we can’t do it low so that like Yeah, we blog about um We’re huge fans of Star Wars. Yes totally Hey ready to get down to Other side beautiful no Not more blackmail. There’s already too many double chin pictures of me on the Internet at the face right yeah, that’s good and then I took time to edit Is I also own every filter in vsco cam is that incredibly embarrassing yes for posting on Instagram and the results So I post them on my trash, and I decided I’m going to post them to my main after this video as for the photos I posted Me Shane Dawson one first and I couldn’t use the same caption So I use this meme and you know I think what’s so incredible about this meme is that it didn’t really dies You know it has its times where it’s not as relevant in my life But I can always come back to it and feel like home So I wrote making my way downtown walking fast faces pass, and I’m home bound Essentially all the comments where I mom please adopt me. Yes you were adopted and Didn’t and then not one person said anything about it looking like Shane Dawson’s picture And I think it’s because I definitely have a lot of my own alterations It’s not like cheated this one, but also just looks like a picture I would actually heard representing and not one person realized and I was like Essentially like every Disney Villain that evil laugh they do that was me internally so then I posted the Liza photo again with a different caption because the caption Was related to Halloween and I don’t want to give myself away the goal is to Get by and a lot of people were noticing I think that’s because it’s not a pose I would normally do though it is something I would wear so really Also a lot of you guys know I make these videos now because it’s the last one what I did is stranger things the first time you guys were like this does Look like when it fits photos for like why would she recreate it? And then everyone started making their conspiracy theories after I started posting that photo. It was like I’m sorry once I posted the Dan and Phil photos It was game over you guys all knew the video the intention what it was gonna Be there was so many huh, this is exactly like a Dan selfie, though There were a lot of people on the Dan picked that were just like oh your glitter is so cute because I always wear that Glitter when they tweeted those glitter pictures so many of you guys tweeted me and you were like at Jesse page Oh my gosh. They have joined your branding, and I’m like it’s not like they joined it Maybe they said yes for likes and comments, I got like 500 ish comments Oh, I posted the Shane Dawson picture and not even miles could tell it was a Shane Dawson picture He just said guilty party car scene flashbacks So the photos tended to get like About the same amount of light a little bit more in some men which I don’t know so awkward maybe to check in sights so compared to last week it says that I got more impressions in my account so more people were viewing my account and A lot more followers compared to last time and I have a so far That’s like the top posts and about three of the top posts for the month Because I tell them from this are some my most viewed photos of the whole entire year I think you guys really like that because they’re very different from what I normally post So summary of this whole thing number one I had fun accordian veteran – I guess I didn’t realize how much effort some of these Instagram photos actually take in 3 I want to do a part 2 so let’s Get one made a lot of you follow my instagram at jesse page And if you come from this video and now some of those pictures make sense on my trash Or if you’re on my at jesse page account then comment jesse page adopted me, so I know I love that okay great I’m gonna feature your trips pages wahey and your Instagram and Twitter posts. I appreciate all my people I love you all so much and appreciate Everything you do and you think this video does have a good message behind it as well in fact encouraging and lifting up other successful people and acknowledging their success and Celebrating that is so freakin mature, and yeah you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in the future

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  1. Late in watching but omygod your brother likes angel beats (it was the first anime I watched and has a special place in my heart❤️)

  2. Love u Jess but when I saw my dads Dan and Phil I clicked so hard my fingers now have so skin on them 😂

    Dolan twins too I was like YAS the fam all in one video

  3. I remember watching this when it first came out and then being like "who tf are dan and Phil ??"

    and seven months later when I'm DEEP in the phandom is the weirdest feeling

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