I Copied Stranger Things Kids’ Instagrams for a Week…
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I Copied Stranger Things Kids’ Instagrams for a Week…

So if you’re not watching this all the way through Come on oh you finished all of season two stranger things yeah, I’m looking at you So I tweeted you guys I was like hey between me some of your favorite photos that some of the stranger things kids to take it and I only had time to do a Few the kids pictures however if you want me to do the whole cast ready Let’s get this to the spinny chair comes in yeah, okay, wait 30,000 likes that’s a lot of likes, but um come on they look cute you gotta do it I Mean if you haven’t liked this video. No that’s a stranger thing Comedy a lot so hard of my own jokes Okay, how many Moses Instagram you want for me to recreate for a week if you’re new and you’re not subscribed What’s up three chins Also this video because it’s so related to Instagram I wanted to do an Instagram giveaway So hello if you’re not following my Instagram at Jesse page. I’ve put together a ton of my favorite shit sake mushroom Stuff try to keep it PG guys, yeah a ton of fun shit I have to do is follow me on Instagram and your own mentor piece Professional youtuber of trying guys, okay, I just want to throw a compliment to the stranger things kids I just really appreciate that and I’d love to see them like interact with each other off camera also incredible singers and dancers and Their instagrams are very cute and like personable like they all kind of match each other’s personalities, so yeah, I recruited millions I recruited Finn’s you’ll see Let’s get started Or should I go upside-down? Okay, so the way that I did this was first. I took the photos for a week and then for the next week I posted them all to my at Jessie trash Instagram, which is my second Instagram? but if you want to see me do it on my main insta I Was scared people would hate on me and be like you’re copying them and on my trash like those are my true MVPs So I took a ton of the pictures you guys sent me the most and I just recreated all those this photo has to be Actually one of my favorite photos have been ever taken so this is a picture of Finn in a record store I’m gonna show you guys me taking the photo really I’m gonna enjoy this picture actually love that one That’s a cute puppy so in the photo He also has glasses, and I got the closest thing I could to the black glasses that yeah And we’re gonna see how it goes. Okay, I’m excited I also wanna buy a Harry Styles vinyl while I’m here so we have our vinyl one of my favorite To do with the hair down Like that yeah, that’s ingrain Try it again, we gotta get serious like mouth open a little bit a little bit more down unfortunate The next photo I decided to recreate Sorry, have a cold. I don’t sound like myself. I’m a bit bad upside down, okay, Jesse Okay, so this photo. She took this really cute picture on snapchat She looks twenty times cuter and more wholesome than I ever will let’s get into it. We’re currently Lobby of my apartment building just to get the photo. Oh what a great angle, Jesse. I hope you’re enjoying looking at my butt oh The exposure it’s because I’m really pale Oh my god its third filter third filter, you can tell This looks like my hair’s actually short Honestly, I’m sure I think we got it. Okay, so I’m like ignore that I’m what’s a striking. It’s insane. I mean I’m not as cute Or should we say she knows what’s up? Decided to do another selfie a little bit difficult because my hair is blue and long, but I actually made it work So we’re at CVS and we’re about to get the rainbow headband for one of Mellie selfies, and it’s such a cute selfie You’re actually really excited to like replicate it we went from like meme to like adorable and awesome in like two seconds. Let’s do this We found the Zap color. She is her head bandwidth. I should tie my her back. I’m thinking my hair looks kinda short All right, also the glasses perfect perfect no way sounding It’s just a lot of work Okay, oh My gosh the glasses are more in her face. I knew like pull more I Decided I have to recreate some of these So there are a lot of car selfies that have been done by the cast we’re gonna get a lot of those done right now Flannel we’re recreating his meme right here the Eternals like a dude. Yeah, okay the facial expression That’s what really wins it so he needs to be like amazing excuse me we’re makers What’s happening? I would be a cute dude Wait the Lighting’s must be more of my nose, oh my gosh alright, let’s see I’m an artist let’s be real this has to be the best picture of me That’s ever going out on the Internet, art. You can see the soul being sucked out of my eyes? Relatable Where the legendary meme glasses Julie my hair like this I Guess this is what I would look like if I had shorter hair kind of yeah Haha oh My god his caption keep it hashtag delish hash, okay. I’m using that caption too. That’s hilarious. He played as a walking by like Alright, let’s see I feel like that’s a winner yeah, that’s looking pretty acted perfect Yeah, this one was taken in a Dairy Queen I know because I was bribed with blizzards when I was 13 for a whole year every Wednesday The closest Dairy Queen was like super far because there aren’t as many on the west coast so I went to Baskin Robbins So this this is where all the photos will be going Jesse trash I’m wearing the striped shirt like Finn and we’re about to take a picture in front of the cakes put it right here. Sorry here Yeah Tell them forty Uglies Instagram because it’s so wholesome and sweet, and it just makes me happy But anyways he posts a lot of these pictures with Different people and he’ll just be like make sure to follow that what is supportive friend That’s so cute, so how do we create what I do use everyone that takes a picture of him just looks proud of him It’s quite the wholesome selfie. It’s so cute so like right That’s how he does it he likes smiles with the camera. Oh my god. You look like You’re sitting and I’m standing I think yeah, I’m over his shoulder Yeah, so I finished taking all the photos, and then this is amol to my Instagram It’s never just one episode is it at some point today. I’m going to be posting my first picture And it’s gonna start Right now I spent a lot of the morning editing the photos to try to make them look kind of similar And I’m actually considering this picture for my main Instagram I think it’s really cool, and I think I got the editing pretty similar I wonder what vinyl he’s carrying and then Milly you seem to have like a tiny bit of a greenish tint so I added That I Stan look at the editing on this Wow incredible, okay, let’s run down the contrast yes And then make it a little bit darker, too This must be really funny to watch we’re using vsco cam by the way in case you’re curious I feel like he’d have great taste in music. Okay. Here’s mine That’s a good picture of me. Oh yeah, yeah sure Honestly pretty I guess it’s like the same intention is but into it the same meme and as you’re aware yeah It’s so spot-on hello, it’s a lot later, I’m spending my Saturday night by myself. I’ve been sick while I’m filming this I’m a To go to the Grove and go and see if my book is at the Barnes & Nobles there which is so exciting but also I’m about to go on my Jessie trash and post the first stranger things photo So I’m pretending them on the phone right now to freak out in public cause I’m too socially awkward to actually freak out but What that was so cool? I realize that these videos people talk about like their results and stuff they all looked better than me Let’s be real moment of silence for me I just look like the weird off-brand Hot Topic version of them and all these photos first photo I posted was the one of him in the record store, and I came up with my own caption. Are you ready for this? Spotted a wild Jessie Paige in her natural habitat this species is commonly found looking through assorted vinyls or getting into new relationships On Club Penguin she’s also found crying over old One Direction interviews remarkable Nothing but respect from my president besides point I posted the photo and a lot of people realized there were like this looks a lot like this one picture of things was it like the Overwhelming majority of people that realize it was like one out of every like eight to ten comments which pretty cool It’s a pretty similar photo am I the only one who thought of at Finn wolfhard? Official when I saw this a job to me, please I also cry of her fetus One Direction. I love your comments Okay, this looks like that one picture of Finn wolfhard. I’m weightless. I’m kind of obsessed with Finn so excuse me Mean same aren’t we all so a lot of people notice like no one was mad about it, though They were just like oh like this looks a lot like that one picture of him, and I was just like huh But it wasn’t like the overwhelming majority of people that realized then I posted The one that looks a lot like Millie’s like I showed this to every person They’re like that looks exactly like hers But I think because it was so easy to recreate a lot of people didn’t realize it looked like hers And I could not find one comment that suggested. It looks like Millie’s which is really interesting to me I decided to post this one and use the exact same caption this was another fin one I use the caption stairs so for the other fin photo I posted it complete with some hashtags that prove that I’m an intellectual as offended as well I love ironic hashtags of course naturally, okay, so first thing I have to say is their photos are really cute and low-maintenance Like they were pretty easy to recreate which was really cool, though It was a little bit hard because they have a lot of photos like fancy clothing that they probably get like styled for and stuff So I tried my best, but I think it’s really cool. How they also post content That’s just like quickly in their phone or in the car You know what I mean So as for like whose photos got recognized the most everyone knew I was posting within pictures, and it gets because Millie’s photos They’re a bit more similar to what I posted though. She’s better at it than I am let’s be real self deprecation That would be my new single a Lot less people realized that I was posting her photos as for the fin photos They also like required more effort and just stood out more also making more of a scene in public Which I’m like how did he do it? What else I actually really liked the photos I was very highly debating posting the record store to my main Instagram Let me know give this a thumbs up if I should let me check my analytics so to see if anything Changed it says that I got more impressions actually so I guess like more people viewed my page Page because I’m Jessie page haha I posted a lot more to Instagram more than I typically did and It shows you which posts are like your top post for the month And two of the top posts where stranger things related So one of them is just like at one of those freaking sick recreation of the set It’s just me holding everything of waffles I said I’m a part of the Eggo waffles fandom because I am the second one that came up It’s the photo of me at the record store I got to post a lot of photos are really different from what I typically post typically. I post trash. Let’s be real I’m not just saying that because I live off of self-deprecation. I just my contents trash. I would do it again I actually would it was so much five and Finn’s photos in particular are so much fun his facial expressions Hilarious the meme is strong with this Hello, my people. I appreciate you all I’m gonna feature your Instagram and Twitter posts and your pages I personally also just love sci-fi not to mention of the kids great at Instagram But they’re incredible actors and actresses – okay we guys enjoy and I will see you guys in the future we Just saying on a scale once his head. I would rate this video at 11 Jenny

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  1. I love how you're out there and not afraid of being different that's why i love you (Plus because your funny lolol)

  2. The pictures do not look similar at all!! Ur so vein and cringey I feel bad for the stranger things kids they must be horrified seeing u tryna recreate them. Luckily Caleb, Sadie and Noah didn’t get traumatised, maybe.

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