I Copied Adelaine Morin’s Instagram For a Week

Hey guys and welcome to the happiest place on the internet! I had no idea she was gonna be there Just right on my leg Today we have a very special video for you. We are recreating each other’s Instagrams. We thought it was a trend. We need to hop on it. Sorry it’s not a slime video. I’m really sorry but we will be back to regular regularly, scheduled slime videos next week. Adelaine and I have like very very different instagrams. We have very different like styles in general She’s more like Gabriella, and I’m more like Sharpay. Yeah. She’s like super boho and she’s very warm colors You know the yellows, the oranges, and I’m very like glam silver, purple, blue, cold and stiff. Why do you want to be cold and stiff? Well the thing is on the inside I feel like I’m warm. My outside exterior is like I’m a block. I recreated Chloe’s Instagram photos, and it was so hard. You have to see it, the link is down below. I’m like nervous because we’ve literally been doing this for the past couple of days. Yeah. Leading all up to this moment. For today’s 10 second challenge I want you guys to give this video a like, turn on my notifications, press subscribe if you’re not already and comment below what your favourite colour is. Yellow or purple In the time it takes Adelaine and I to braid her hair. Go! So, first one I want to show you. I’m so excited. I literally cannot makes these faces. Adelaine does like a whole pursed face with teeth showing. But like my teeth don’t show. So this is me trying to do the face with my top lip. My face is just not shaped that way, but we realized that if I lower my bottom lip it kind of works. But in the picture it doesn’t, like you can’t really like tell that it’s my bottom lip. We got this, we got this. One. Two. Three. Wow. Oh my gosh. The doodles they’re just like something else You did it. Chanel verse Walmart. I might have exposed you with your edited facetune highlight. I know. I was like, you highlighted. You got like the fingers right. Wow every single detail. This is a good nine out of ten. You know why it’s not a ten. Do you know why it’s not a ten? Cause you didn’t highlight enough. You needed more facetune. That’s why. See it’s not as poppin’ Okay, this is so cool. The next one is the double chin. I’m really excited to see your chin masterpiece. Okay. You’re gonna love this. I. You never show your double chin. I really like looking glamorous and pretty in my pictures, and I don’t like try to take ugly pictures I like to look good. Okay. I am so out of my own right now. I like to be glam not glam Alright. It’s definitely not it. That is definitely not it. Chin up. Now chin in No squinting of the eyebrows. Okay Eyes over here One. Two. Three. You look like a reptile. Your nose. Look at your nose. You’re like Flare my nose. Squint my eyes. Upper lip up. Chin down. Face outward There were so many things I had to do to get that picture perfect. The eyes are just a little bit scary. You have to be like chill about it. You have to be like This is a ten out of ten. Though you look like a reptile. You’re so cold blooded. That was my favourite one. Now the rainbow picture One. Two. Three Wow. That looks so good The smile is a little difference because I can’t smile like you. Your body should have like a little bit more Yeah faced towards the camera. But other than that it looks so good. Look at the clouds. I know. With the doodle clouds it looks like a little 12 year old drew it. What. I worked so hard I’d say 9 out of 10 Beep bop. Beep. Beep. Beep for a job well done. I’m so happy to be myself again. I have done a video where I dressed like a boy I have done a video where I transformed into many things, but I have never felt as uncomfortable as in this next picture I hated this outfit, I don’t like it. We just spotted a UPS truck, and we need to get there before it leaves We’ve literally been driving around looking for this. It’s a big moment. I have to like not only take a picture really fast I have to take the exact picture really fast. One hand in her pocket I got this and then her mouth is open. I got this Okay, sorry We got the shot! Ready. Yeah. Three, two, one. Oh my gosh. Did you facetune the light? Yeah Oh my gosh Wow The lighting would’ve looked so different. The lighting’s just it’s like so harsh in that photo. I had to do those doodles in like 2 minutes. Wow I don’t think that’s a good wow. That was, um. Well you did it Adelaine. It looks good. If you took it at nighttime I think -the light- it would look better Yeah Those jeans, the ones that you’re wearing have a pocket. These ones don’t so I had to put my finger in the loop. There’s one thing that’s really bad about this picture that like – The person on the other side Yeah I noticed that. I didn’t want to say anything cuz you were already like a little bit insecure about the doodle So I didn’t want to like tear you down. I would rate this a 7 out of 10. All right. I’ll take it. I’ll take it. The last one is the iconic yellow flower This is like, your like, bam picture I think on Instagram It had over 100, 000 likes. Like wow Wow Those are good I’m so excited. This is the ultimate one. This is probably gonna be the thumbnail Three. Two. Wait! Okay. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I was like shaking. I couldn’t like focus. Okay, now I can focus. Three. Two. Wait wait wait. Adelaine I’m so excited Wow Like pretty spot-on. I know. I hate you so much you were like, “Oh, I even got a double chin in it.” I got the perfect amount of double chin. This is so good! You even got the flowers in the perfect position. This was the best one. I think this one’s like a 10. This one’s a 10. Adelaine Morin is canceled. The new one, the more fresh one has arrived. I’m here and I’m yellow. A lot more smiling than I would typically do. I was taking yours and you never smile. Well we’ll find out how that went for her in her video. Such an actually genuinely fun video to film like Adelaine and I were like running around the apartment like sneaking around trying to like grab each others clothes. And you should check out our vlog channels because we’re roomates. We vlogged. and we’re just we’re always vlogging together, always taking pictures Aaannnddd that was it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed. Make sure to check out Adelaine’s video. Adelaine. Put that away. Manners. I am Sharpay. And I’m Gabriella. I want fabulous. Something about us Doesn’t feel right these days. Life keeps getting in the way. And That was all for today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed. Make sure to give it a like, make sure to follow both of us on Instagram. Because we have pretty great Instagram pictures. I’d like to say it’s a little poppin’. You need a little purple and yellow in your life. Follow us and yeah. That’s it. We will see you guys next time. Or on my video.

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