I Caught My Girlfriend Cheating On Me On Facebook
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I Caught My Girlfriend Cheating On Me On Facebook

It all took place in Venezuela. This girl,
we’re gonna call her “Stephanie.” She had like brown hair, gray eyes and fair skin.
Now, I did heard rumors about this girl dumping a boyfriend, no apparent reason
if they were to date her and leave them the piles of despair for no apparent
reason and no one knows what she’s dumping all these guys. But I just wanted
to get to know her and so I did. We went from being friends until the
time Stephanie asked me to be her boyfriend and I accepted. We had a couple
of dates. Everything was doing great we did those romantic selfie kisses. And she
will always give me chocolate presents during recess and I appreciated them. But
everything changed when I saw a photo of her with a man who looked around 16 to
18. To make sure that she wasn’t doing anything suspicious, I asked who that guy
was and then she told me it was her brother…nothing to see here. She even
showed me that he had his own room in her apartment. Everything changed when I
went to Madeira for the summer. I was checking on my Facebook, scrolling up on
my timeline, when I saw that picture of Stephanie with that same “brother” again.
And to make sure that she wasn’t lying I went out to her profile and then I check
her photos. Everyone was doing good! So, fine! Until there was a photo of her
kissing the man on the lips. And I was in complete shock. There were even more
photos of her making romantic face with the same guy aside from all the kissing.
And I was getting sad like she betrayed me!!! I thought we had a feeling to each
other, like she was the one she dumped me over someone. How could she do that?!? But I
was also angry. So when my Summer vacation ended, Stephanie came up to me
and she said “hi” but then I looked at her in the eyes and I glared her and I told
her in angry words, “you cheated on me!” and then I walked away.
the next morning Stephanie came up to me crying with tears running down to her
cheek and she told me that she was crying for the entire night over those
words that I said to her and she said that I was everything to her but I was
really mad. I was mad that she made a huge mistake over leaving me for someone
else while she was still dating me. Like she left me for another guy.
I just told her that she made a big mistake of her life and she will never date me
again. And, plus I said, that the “brother” was
her boyfriend! and then I just walked away again. And that’s where I just
looked back in there and saw her crying… Yep, I guess it was for the best. She did
try to apologize and then we started to become friends again but in reality I
wasn’t in the mood to be her friend again. I mean what she did to me and
other boys was horrible and I don’t think she deserves to be my friend again
after what she’s done.

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  2. Dude I love your accent! Also that girl is a b*tch and you deserve much better I hope you’ve found someone who appreciates and cares about you!

  3. Brother well her “ brother “ is not her brother i have reasons not same skin and hair color and two it might be somebodies brother and showed somebody else’s room I have reasons :V

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  7. hen i had a girl friend i saw her with some one else and it as valentines day i got pissed and said "you i don't ant to see again your a liar and your a discrase" i was in 6th grade and no one was around and the boy she was her valentine punched me and I beated the shit out of him he end up stopping and left

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