I Bought The First 5 Things Facebook Recommended To Me
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I Bought The First 5 Things Facebook Recommended To Me

♫ Intro Music ♫ Hello friends and welcome to another video Today I’m going to be ordering the things that Facebook thinks that I want so I’m going to be getting the first five things that are referred to me in my News Feed. I’m talking about the sponsored posts that appear in your feed that are suggested to you via the fabled Facebook algorithm. Which in theory should be things that I want. because of all the information Facebook has about me from the last 10 years. I’ve been on Facebook since October 2006. Back then it was a lot of writing on each others’ walls. There was a lot of Facebook stalking which is I think something that doesn’t happen as much these days. Facebook to me currently is like, Where I go to check my Facebook messenger, I still use Facebook Messenger a lot. a place that I go to scroll through my News Feed sort of to see what people are up to but also kind of just to– scroll. And even though I don’t post that regularly anymore I still have a lot of friends on Facebook who do. And presumably Facebook knows what my demographic likes. It’s kind of like ‘We see which pages you visit’ ‘We see who your friends are’ ‘We see what your general interests are’ ‘so these are the products you might like.’ I’ve never bought anything from a Facebook ad before I’ve never really clicked on one either. I don’t actively go to Facebook to want shopping referrals. so when it pops up I’m kind of like– ‘no thanks?’ I’d rather get convinced to click on this slide show of what the cast of Full House looks like now. So my goal today is to see if I actually want the things that Facebook wants me to buy. I don’t wanna spend too much more than 25 bucks per item. Maybe 30 if it’s like really good but like 25 bucks is my target price per item. So, let’s see what they have in store for me today. in STORE for me today. ’cause I’m shopping. Alright…. Ah! Okay here we go! Waft Personalised perfume. Let’s click on this. I’m taking a quiz on Waft.com they really–they pulled me in. I think I want a unisex scent. Fresh! Sexy, elegant, relaxed… [asking Tyler] Does leather go with jasmine citrus and ocean? Okay I get to name my fragrance… I’m calling it, Saf’s Face It’s a hundred bucks! Oh hell no. A hundred bucks. No way, uh uh. Sorry Waft. Alright I’m keeping scrolling I’m tryna see now this is interesting! This is a sponsored post by this company called ThirdLove It’s a bra company and I’ve seen this thing all over my Facebook page. We’re gonna take a quick quiz about a bra and then they’re gonna recommend me a bra. Probably. Which breast shape is closest to yours? Asymmetric. Bell shaped Relaxed East-West Ah, let’s go with slender. Which cup is more your style? Push up What size is your favorite bra? 32 B Your recommended style and size is the 24/7 Classic t-shirt bra in 32 B Pay 2.99 for shipping [Hotel bell sound] Love the bra keep it for 70 –70 bucks! And you can return it if you don’t like it because the current price is 2.99 for shipping, I think that this falls in to the purview of our– our rules 70 bucks is kinda steep for me, but if it’s the best bra ever as this– this thing says it is then maybe it’s worth it, so we’ll see! And Facebook thinks I’m gonna like it so… So the next sponsored post is this thing called “Sustain” it says ‘Listen up! vaginas are the most absorbent part of your body’ Noted. ‘So what you put in them matters’ I agree So. It seems that we’re gonna be buying some organic condoms, alright. Alright Facebook. That’s good you know, safe sex Safe, organic sex. Rubber up for Facebook. Why not? 14 bucks for a pack of ten? I’m not gonna get a subscription let’s get it. One pack of condoms thank you Facebook. Okay, let’s keep going…. Let’s keep going… Here’s the next sponsored post it’s from a company called Cute Nutrition ‘Safe 25% on our bundles today.’ What is a bundle? What are they talking about? 12 guilt free chocolate snack bars! That can be fun. Detox cleanse? Anti-oxidant boost? Facebook wills it, I will get Cute Guilt Free Chocolate Bars For 15 dollars and 81 cents Alright, completing checkout. I just think I bought 12 chocolate bars, for a lot of money. But. Let’s see this next thing is Stitch Fix alright Stitch Fix. Let’s see what you’re up too. Okay so it’s basically like a, a, a curated like, style box They send you a box full of clothes and accessories and then you decide what you want to keep. Send in back the rest and then pay for what you end up keeping. Alright let’s see how expensive this thing is before I do an entire quiz like I did for the Waft perfume thing. Did an entire quiz just to figure out that it’s 100 dollars. Okay, I have to take the whole quiz. See they go, Size Fit/Cut Style Price So I’m just filling out all my sizes, What do you like to flaunt? I, sometimes I’ll flaunt my arms Cleavage I don’t have any. There’s no option for ‘I don’t have any cleavage’. What do you think of the styles below? I like this one okay, it’s kind of shiny for my taste But I’ll say I like it. Okay so now it’s saying price. So I’m saying everything ‘the cheaper the better’. They charge you 20 dollar per a style of, y’know, for sending the box. So, that’s my 20 bucks right? So far I’ve gotten 4 things, and two of them are ‘You can get this for not that much money, but if you keep it you have to buy it.’ So it’s kinda like sending you things by trial basis. Which is kind of smart. Because maybe you’re banking on the fact that people don’t want to go to the post office and return it. Oh my God! Okay! There’s another, bra company! What is it about Facebook they think I need bras everywhere? So this is True&Co Actually one of my really good friends likes this company. [DING] So maybe this is actually a good one. True&Co Lingerie, okay so this is lingerie Okay I don’t think there’s a single thing here that’s gonna be in my rule of under 25 bucks. Need like a nice panty… Ooh! How about the Best Lace Thong Ever. Okay, so it’s a one-size-fit-all. 16 bucks. Wow! Good thing that I only got one pair of lace panties. ‘Cause this was an 8 dollar shipping fee. So that was a 25 dollar pair of panties. Damn it. So I got the ThirdLove bra, the Cute Nutrition Chocolate Bars, the Sustain Natural Organic Condoms, the Stitch Fix Style Box, and the True&Co Best Thong Ever. Those are my five things. Of these things, the things that I would click on Independently, probably the Third Love bra and the True&Co Lingerie So far, I think that Facebook thinks that I Iove breasts and I wanna sign up for newsletters and take quizzes. Only one of those things is true. Let’s wait until they get here and then we’ll try them on. So it’s been a couple of weeks and I think I’ve finally have all of the packages here with me So this is the True&Co, I think this is the thong I ordered. So, let’s start with that Yeeah… Here it is. I mean it looks quite sexy I like it. I think Facebook really hit the nail on the head with this one, I really like the style of their other items. Of course the challenge of this video was I wasn’t going to buy anything over like 20 bucks. So the thong is what we went with. But I really do like some of these more like strappy bras they’ve got going on I’m gonna go slip this on really quick. Alright I’m back. So the one-size-fits-all seems to be working for me, it fits quite nicely. I do like how soft it is, but weirdly the like, butt string, is a little bit wider than my usual thong’s butt string So, I’m definitely like… getting used to it a little bit. I think it’ll– I think it’s a pretty good thong, I do like it. So the next item is this stuff. Guilt free chocolate snack bars. High in vitamins, high in protein. Okay so these aren’t just guilt free chocolate bars. These are actually vitamins. Noted. I don’t think I understood that. It kinda tastes like a Tootsie Roll. It tastes like a Tootsie Roll, Power Bar, dipped in chocolate. T: Oh these things are dangerous. T: They do have a– a pretty strong Tootsie Roll vibe. S: I can only assume the reason I got referred these things is that I, like pages that send me Kardashian and Bachelor content? [Tyler making a confirming noise] And this to me reminds me so much of a product that would be on one of their Instagrams. Either a Bachelor contestant or a Kardashian. T: So your guilty pleasure media has caught up to you in the form of chocolate bars S: Exactly T: Okay T: More people like chocolate T: That’s just a theory S: Oh stop T: A chocolate theory. Okay so the next thing is my Stitch Fix box. Oh, hello! Woo! Okay! Oh! This is cute. It’s like a white and black striped off-the-shoulder top Would one call this like a Brigitte Bardot? You know like a boat neck? (?) Ow… Um… But I actually really do like this top I kinda want some like high-waisted medium washed jeans and some ballet flats. Okay next is this, black tunic top with kind of like ladder cut outs in the back. The open back is pretty open air, I do like the tunic though. It’s also– I love 3/4 sleeves. I’m into it! I like it! It’s like, comfy. This next thing is a blue floral dress. I like the cut of it, I am a fan of skater dresses. Like, is that A-line? So this is the dress. It unexpectedly has cold-shoulder cut outs. It’s a cute dress but there’s kind of a lot going on and it’s not really my style. But I do like the other two tops that I’ve tried on so far. Let’s see what’s next. This pair of burgundy pants. They’re not really pants, they’re just kind of like thick leggings that have the fake– or I guess these are real pockets woah! I do like them, but one issue and probably the reason that I wouldn’t want to keep these is that they’re a little bit short. And they’re not quite tight enough around the bottom for me to really get away with it. T: I do like the color S: I do like the color too T: Kinda like, vampiric? There’s a little box in here I think of, accessories. Okay and then. That’s it. Ooh… Okay so it’s a choker set! Oh! I like it! I think it’s cute. I like this… That like top silver band is a little bit loose… But I do like it as is. So out of five things from the Stitch Fix box, I really do love three of them. So that’s a pretty good batting average, 3/5 Obviously these items were given to me by Stitch Fix not by Facebook itself, but you know, Facebook referred me to this company. I wonder if Facebook knows that I get beauty boxes and they’re like try style boxes! So this next thing is this bra from ThirdLove Facebook kept referring me to bra and lingerie companies? So, I don’t know if it’s my peers or my friends who are just liking or buying lingerie from Facebook all the time? Or if they’re just like ‘Saf you need a new bra’. Usually I go for a bra with a little bit of padding but this classic t-shirt bra is what their quiz recommended for me. Cool! So I’m gonna put this bad boy on. First impression is that the cups are incredibly soft and actually do feel really nice. I don’t really understand why the straps have ruffles here. If you’re wearing like a slim-fitting t-shirt and you can see the ruffles through the shirt it would just be like. What are those? I don’t think it’s smooshing my boobs down but I do like to have a little bit of push-up. It’s a very comfortable cup but I don’t think that it’s like perfect and I think that for that price I really wanna be getting like the perfect bra for me. Alright so the last thing is this, uh, box, I think this must be the Natural Condoms. It’s from this company called Sustain, ‘Do what’s natural.’ It is pretty discreet you know, it’s not too, like, [harshly] condoms! It’s like [calmly] condoms. And then they also sent me a little, I think a sample of lube. I’m not gonna try these on. Or ask anyone else to try these on. But let’s see what they look like inside. Oh look, there’s like little bamboo prints on the front. I will say that I’m down for the cause. Like, I think it’s important to be promoting safe sex. And like you know, instruments to assist that quest. But, I do think that this was kind of random to be on my News Feed. These condoms were a little bit pricey if I recall correctly but they are natural which is cool. And it does save you that awkward interaction in store if you don’t like that maybe buying condoms from Facebook could be for you. Okay, so that was my haul from Facebook. I actually will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked most of that stuff. I did really like the style box, the thong that I’m still wearing, quite comfortable. I actually don’t think these things were specifically personalised towards me as a person. I think these were just more generally targeted towards a young woman in her early to mid-twenties who has friends who may like these things. But I do think some of the stuff I got I genuinely do like and I will keep. So I think that Facebook does a decent job matching me to companies that are doing some cool stuff. I do think that there are some gimmicks involved. Quizzes. Sending you stuff for the price of shipping and then if you like it you can keep it and then buy it then, or return it and that kind of stuff. So, I think that they’re definitely trying to stand out on the News Feed. And then once they get you, they’re trying to keep you. I think you’re Facebook feed could be a good place to find out about a new company that you might not know about. But I actually think it’s more efficient to go onto the interwebs yourself and do your online shopping on your own. Rather than just hoping that something that you want will be referred to you. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you enjoyed that video make sure to shmash that like button! And if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button! And if you’ve already shmash those buttons uh, make sure to shmash that little bell icon to turn on post notifications so you get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my Nextbeat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there. A big shoutout to Amy for watching, thanks for watching Amy. And I will see you guys a-next time.

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