I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads
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I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads

100 thoughts on “I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! happy thursday! i went back in on my instagram ads and tried to let instagram style me! what do you think of the final outfit? and what do u think of the spying? lol 😂 xoxo, saf

  2. Saf- I feel like Donna from “That 70’s show”
    Tv in background- playing “That 70’s show”
    (What’s my life, I’ve prolly watched this show like 20 times already)

  3. Am I the only one who gets surprised every time Tyler talks or his hands come on screen cuz I literally always forget about him 😂

  4. I have also bought things from Apollo box I ordered them like a month and a half ago and they said that they would arrive in 3-5 business days and yet they never arrived so beware

  5. Hi there I have definitely had to wear it for the last few months but it is not the only thing as a boxer and the most

  6. after watching u a bit all i see in my up next is a bunch of vuids of u a lil lady like and 1 vid of ZHC

  7. honestly I think that, even though it's not heavily your personal style, that outfit looks really, really great. It all actually works together well I think, and fits your appearance and body type as well. As usual, enjoyable video:)

  8. The neckline of that top is wayyy off from the photo, sister! That isn't even the same shirt that Instagram showed you

  9. I think she meant Donna from Mama Mia😂😂 jk luv ya safiya😝this video put a huge smile on my face😁

  10. 5:14 Oof I have those exact earrings from wish for about £3. I got around 9 different pairs of weird earrings from wish and I love them

  11. OMG!! You went up 37 subscribers while I watched this video!!! Well, no surprise here 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  12. What is the difference between black and noir safe for one being the same word in french…?

    I'm actually VERY mad at these ad-algorythms. They constantly show me stuff I don't want, because my "visual" interests don't mach what I would actually buy. So I am constantly shown some shit that doesn't even correctly fit into my search history and when I get the chance to go into settings and outright tell them what I am interested in it is blatantly ignored because of my search history. It has gotten so obnoxious, that I get adblocker whenever I can.

    I’ve done nothing but binge your videos all summer!!
    I have my own channel that might work on things like this!!

    I don’t know how to contact you because I would enjoy reacting to one of your videos!!


  14. are those shoes ok by now i bought a pair of shoes from the rocket dog brand and they broke in like a month or to of wearing them to school i personally cant complain because i got mine for like $5 at a closing sale but also it was near the warmer months when i got them and i was wearing them to every gym class and kept them in my locker in case i forgot to wear sneakers

  15. Nice video! What size Revice jeans did you buy? We have similar figures and I just bought some Revice black Malibu shorts in size 28 because they said to size up! I’m usually a 26. But I have been waiting for them to ship for a while now!

  16. When she said that she felt like Donna from “That 70’s show” I also kinda got the feeling that she looked like Hyde 😂

  17. The revice demin company apparently has a lot of bad reviews and a lot of people saying the company is very shady. Their customer service is a big issue as many don't get any response or any worthwhile help. It's pretty much oh sorry, we will still take your money and even after one person on one of these reviews was okay with a store credit, they wouldn't do it as it was a "pre-order" which makes no sense, she still didn't get the jeans. Shipping times and the overall price are the biggest complaints. The shipping time, tells me personally they must drop-ship all their jeans as if they had a warehouse with jeans ready to go, it should arrive way sooner. Where they are coming from who knows.

  18. That’s why I only get adds for drag shows, I almost exclusively follow drag queens and it’s pretty much the only thing I look up 😂

  19. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE those jeans!!😍😍😍 Just wish they weren’t SOOO EXPENSIVE!!😕😞 Maybe once my weight/size is more stable I may splurge on a similar style pant. I AM searching for some FLARE leg jeans. Ive NEVER been a skinny jean type of gal. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I also LOVED the T-shirt…BUT DAMN is that INSANELY EXPENSIVE for a freaking graphic tee!!😳😳😳 Seriously…a LOT of these T-shirt sellers NEED TO REDUCE their prices as I KNOW is absolutely DOES NOT cost anywhere NEAR THAT MUCH to make them!!😒🤨😒 Even merch t-shirts/hoodies from YouTubers are GROSSLY OVER PRICED! Which really IS NOT the youtuber’s fault…but rather the maker’s fault. Maybe it’s just my age…but even just 10yrs ago I remember thinking a $25 graphics tee or $35 graphic hoodie was EXPENSIVE. And now the AVERAGE PRICE for a merch hoodie is AT LEAST $45 and only goes UP from there!😳😳 SURELY the cost of making the actual base piece of clothing CANT POSSIBLY RISEN THAT MUCH!! Right?!! I can KINDA see why they would believe they can get away with price gouging with Youtuber merch. BUT I’ve seen graphic tees AT TARGET for $25!!🤨🤨🤨 Which I think is BS honestly. When I can get a NICE HIGH QUALITY button up dress shirt or tunic top for FAR CHEAPER than MANY graphic tees…I think something is WAY OFF there!!🤨🤨🤨

  20. It's so creepy that one app follows you EVERYWHERE on the internet. I don't understand it..:/ It's like those creepy "find out about everyone and anyone, we know everything about them IF YOU PAY" websites.

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