I Bet You Didn’t Know This One 💈 Instagram Story Hashtags
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I Bet You Didn’t Know This One 💈 Instagram Story Hashtags

Grown Instagram I can blame you I do too. But if you’re already using Instagram grow
an audience, you know, there are three ways to interact with her audience post live videos
and stories in this video about the third one stories. How do you Stories the proper way? What do you mean the proper way isn’t it’s
pretty simple just create a story in miles. Usable if it was so simple actually a simple
but there’s a few key points that you can Implement to read people that do not follow
you yet by utilizing stories. What is the key hashtags on stories? This is a reason probably clicked on this
video. You want to learn more about hashtags on stories,
but let me tell you from now. We are currently sitting at 1402 subscribers
as of the moment and recording this video which puts us. Add a population the same as diesel. No, not this one. This one has 1400 population gold and 1400
citizens. Sorry, dr. Nikki swasey are to pronounce Kevin same population. What you going to do about that? I mean we got to go to at least five to ten
thousand subscribers does you know how countries are shrinking right now? And if you didn’t know the real problem, how
do you add hashtags on Instagram first to go on Instagram photo button on the top left
corner? Fix your story as you can see here. This is my story and I already have a few
hashtags in mind that I think will work for what I would do here is write them as texts
for this example. We will use make money online Shopify dropshipping
Shopify store dropshipper Facebook faves Facebook ads Google ads Google ads words make money
online. And as you can see they look pretty ugly of
the whole screen and it messes up the phone. Even though you lie to other people. This using hashtags in your stories before
work if you’re content goes down. So is there a space in between what you do
as you can see here is you just use your two fingers. If you don’t have to finger someone have use
one finger and he’s had used to move your fingers zooming out the text and then click
on the image image. Where is the Emissary click who have a high
priority and hashtags will be minimised but still affect your photo in those camps that
compressions will be credited to your story house is not a location to be cursed you can
irritable for the people who are searching for a particular location. I don’t do the same thing with the location
of Salida CO directions because why not. Like this video make sure everyone sees it
ain’t know what to do pick that like button down below and if you want to be shouted out
in one of the next videos, please come and something that you learn from this video. I mean of this video you probably was there
something about hashtags. I don’t know what else you learn full disclaimer
here. I don’t want you to burn your house down do
not make a fire in your house. If you did. I don’t know. I don’t know maybe something else. Maybe he learned that having dots on your
T-shirt looks like an illusion, but I do know if a video.

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  1. Ok this was helpful. I don't know how to use it well but this was very nice. I came to show my support.

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