100 thoughts on “I Am Hot = Comedy?

  1. Often huge muscles=too much testosterone
    Too much testosterone= kinda aggressive
    Not necessarily abusive. But rough housing fo sure

  2. And ya know what’s even more cool about ray Diaz??! He assaulted women and went to jail for it!! So cool right?! But for real he is a disgusting human being 🤢🤮

  3. Are we just gonna ignore the little cute giggle he did when he said "he's so silly, why does he ride it like that?" God that was adorable

  4. I watched a video about this guy by j aubrey and I found this like a few weeks later but I didn't know they were the same person until I looked at the comments and then I remembered everything and it makes this video a little more disturbing now

  5. I don't know if I was ever disgusted by a human being like I am by this dude. After I watched that video about him verbally and physically abusing that girl he was dating,I was beyond disgusted and traumatized. And how he managed to get out of jail is beyond me. He needs to be locked up and now!

  6. re: other comments, is Ray actually in jail NOW? Last info I can find is he was bailed and pleaded not guilty. Not entirely sure how he's pleading not guilty given the actual recorded evidence but hey.

  7. When I started watching the video I was like, isn't it like mean to make fun of someones content they've worked hardly for, but after seeing the comments… "Do a part two!!"

  8. Danny: * gives Greg a kiss *
    Me, a touch starved Greg: * squinting from the wind being blown in my face * g-golly thanks- * trying to speak through the wind * thanks Dann- knee

  9. ya know if you jump and you forget to fall

    You fly
    Edit: if you find this and get the reference you're my new favorite person

  10. My mind has been corrupted by the office I thought instead of him saying " where are the girls?!? " he said " where are the turtles?!? "

  11. Oh yeah You almost forget Ray Diaz is Pedo and love assault women by slapping them really hard especially under age girl

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