Hozana, social network of prayer
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Hozana, social network of prayer

Hello, my name is Thomas,
and I’m from France. I like to share a dream,
a sort of a vision with you. Every day, 4 billion of us from all corners
of the Earth, go online. We use Internet to find
information, be entertained, to work, chat and share. Internet offers a unique
opportunity to reach out and bring together
millions of people. Just imagine
if we use this connection to pray together. What if millions of us
could pray together all at the same time, share our faith and lift up
one another in prayer. That’s exactly
why we started Hozana. Hozana is
a social network of prayer that allows us to create or join online
prayer communities. For example you can join
a community to receive daily bible readings
with commentaries from Mother Theresa, John Paul II or other great spiritual leaders. Or you can get
specific meditations to prepare
for Easter and Christmas. And if you’re seeking happiness, you can join retreats
to find peace or direction in your life. On Hozana, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful
spiritual themes and groups, each with a group leader who posts messages
or meditations. Members can leave
prayer requests comments about those messages and can pray for one another. When you visit Hozana,
you, yourself, can organise prayers
for loved ones either to support them
in difficult situations like illnesses or unemployment, or otherwise simply
to give thanks for wedding or new-born baby. I hope that you will join us too, and experience the transformative power of prayer,
as we continue to grow and hopefully someday
reach millions of people united in prayer. Yes, we firmly believe that prayer can
and will change the world Amen.

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