How YouTube Can Become Facebook’s Biggest Competitor – Social Media Minute
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How YouTube Can Become Facebook’s Biggest Competitor – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. When I look
at the social networks and platforms YouTube is typically the one
that’s being put on the sideline. People focus on Facebook,
Instagram or Twitter. And while they publish YouTube videos, they don’t focus on it
as much as they should. But why is that? Maybe because YouTube hasn’t properly evolved into social platform
or network that it could be. YouTube is a great social platform, probably number two after Facebook, with all the amazing video content, amazing timespan
and huge community behind it. It could become
the next big social network. What’s the problem with YouTube? It doesn’t really have YouTube connected. It uses some sort of weird connection
to Google that nobody understands. It doesn’t have the ability to really
do content outside of videos which it very easily could
so I could send my subscribers a nice message. They announced they’re gonna
do something like that. They did have a launch
of Facebook Live recently, a YouTube Live type
functionality for them. But they’re still lacking elementary
community features. And this is primarily because they
tried the transition together with Google+ that didn’t really work out. But what is YouTube gonna do next? Can it become the next social network? I really think it has the potential
to be the number two social platform and very strong competitor to Facebook
but they’re not doing enough. So I hope Google does more. I hope you guys focus on YouTube
a little bit more with your video content because there’s a lot potential there. Let’s hope YouTube wakes up a little bit. One more thing. Remember, on May 19th
we have our annual Engage conference. That’s our best social media
summit of the year 1,000+ people. You have to make it for this show. Best speakers in social media. Mark it
in your calendar, May 19th, and come!

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  1. Super, akorát ke konci by se to nemuselo tak zhlasit, připadá mi to jak v TV, kdy jsou puštěny reklamy 😀 Ale celkem příjemná Minutovka 🙂 Honzo pojď ke mě do pořadu jako host. 😉

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