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today I thought we would talk about Twitter cuz Twitter is a huge thing
in America Twitter
It really is it’s a huge thing in Japan as well
Jerry is a big star in Japan and somehow it just never cracked Scandinavia
Like let’s look at Denmark for instance Denmark is the best hahaha
Im from Denmark I don’t have any friends who I know of, who
actually uses Twitter I have been using Twitter for a while now
usually in relevance to my Youtube channel but also in relevance to just sort of
it’s a nice place to keep in touch with your idols
but somehow that’s not at all relevant for people in Denmark
there’s no companies in Denmark who’s on Twitter There’s no companies who tries advertisements
on Twitter cuz it’s just terrible
but why is this it’s actually a pretty cool idea
it’s basically a platform especially for famous people
it’s a one way platform for them at least
where you sort of can post your thoughts and let your fans know what you are doing
and what you are up to and where they can find you
and it’s a great place for news to be created cuz the 140 characters kinda means that you
have to be concise and you have to upload everything meticulously
so usually twitter will be first with the news
rather or not you can then actually trust them is a completely different thing
but it’s interesting how they never cracked Scandinavia
And it’s pretty common knowledge as well right now
that they are having a hard time trying to sell it
after Vine closed down and everything it’s sort of been a very big issue for Twitter
that they can’t make money off of their platform so why would anyone buy them
and it’s an interesting thing I think in Denmark at least
it’s because they never reached out to the celebrities or the big companies
so there’s just no users on Twitter if you look at the danish Twitter
you have comedians or you have politicians
and thats the only two types of people you see on Twitter
and that’s just not enough there’s nothing for us there
so as a danish person if I want to follow my danish idols
I have to do that on Instagram or I have to do that on Facebook
which is fine in it self but that makes it very very difficult for
people in Denmark and Scandinavia to figure out how to use Twitter
cuz the all of a sudden serves no purpose and that’s sort of what is happening in America
as well now it’s just become this place
where you can go on Twitter-rants and you can find out about gossip
but thats about it and thats a very sad thing
so i thought i would educate people a little bit about what i think Twitter is to me Twitter is a place where you can post
something with tags, that people can then search and find
that’s basically it so an unreddited reddit
if you will it’s a really nice place
you have to be openminded and you have to realice that not everyone
is going to be nice on Twitter
and there’s a lot of bots as well so everytime someone goes into your channel
and likes 40 of your posts that’s not gonna be a real person
sorry but once you get passed that
the trending parts is really where it all happens on Twitter
it’s on the lower left side of the screen when you enter the first time
and they change depending on where you are in the country or the world
so dont get hung too hung up on what they say
but they usually have a top 10 of hashtags (#)
that are trending right now and that’s where you’ll find the interesting
news especially if you don’t follow a lot of people
the first thing you should do Twitter is trying to help you as well with
this when you make a new account but the first thing you should do
is find the people you want to actually learn stuff about
people you have a genuine interest in of course your friends would be a nice place
to start but they wont usually post that much
so find interesting people sort of like in LinkedIn
if you dont follow a lot of people on LinkedIn it’s not that interesting
a friend pointed that out to me recently and i have sort of never really used LinkedIn
before like that’s what made it intersting
following people who say stuff that you actually want to hear about
and that’s the same on twitter if you don’t have anyone who you follow
you don’t have any content showing up it’s not like Facebook
where you all of a sudden have a 1000 friends and they all post stuff all the time
and if they dont post it Facebook post a commercial for them
it’s not like that in Twitter we still have commercials
but it’s just not the same thing you need to find people
so for me for instance i like following Philip Defranco
I like following Casey Neistat and I probably like following CNN as well
cuz I’m a bit of a liberalist I don’t know
but that’s an entirely different movie I really hope
that this gives you a sort of sense of what Twitter is
and helps you out maybe trying it cuz it’s really really great
but it’s tough when you first start out cuz there’s no tutorial
there’s no guidance it’s just straight into it
pick 40 people you like and just get going like if you dont know what you’re doing it’s
sort of easy to get hung up with how many followers do I have
do I have to post every day how do I even make funny posts
what’s up with all of these hashtags? cuz hashtags are really important on Twitter
and they are not that important on Instagram honestly people just kinda throw them around
but on Twitter you have only the 140 characters to make a tweet
which is a post so you can only post very short sentences
or quotes that’s why people go on what they call twitter-rants
where they then tweet a lot of tweets in a row
and that’s meant to be one big post and then that’s like an entire.. they are
usually complaining about something it’s usually pretty funny to see
cuz either someone get’s destroyed or someone is just ignorant
but it is not all good and fun we have seen stories about people who made
on tweet went on an airplane
flew for 8 hours and were fired from their jobs and hated across
the entire internet before the plane landed I’m not gonna say who that was
but that was a thing that happened so be carefull with what you post
and she only posted a very dark humored sentence about colored people
so i mean it doesnt have to be an entirely big new thing that gets you hated
it’s sometimes just because it’s fun to talk about you whilst your phone is on airplanemode
on an airplane so be carefull
but definitely give Twitter a chance I think it has a lot of potential
I think it could be great especially for companies
and I think especially Scandinavia should try and get into the Twitter game and Twitter
in America should try and get out of the twitter-rant and into the actual
sharing of interesting things cuz just having the trending things are enough
but yeah that’s gonna be it for this video guys
I really hope you learned something or that you found what you were looking for
so yeah I make videos every single day
that’s kind of the thing sort of the point of the blog
usually I make vlogs 4-5 days a week and then I make sort of more content in the
sense of that if I want to make a movie about something
if I figured something out if I think something would help people out
like this then I make a video about that the other days
so yeah hit that subscribe button if you want to join
and that’s gonna be it I’ll see you guys tomorrow
take care Twitter Hashtag

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