How to view and control your YouTube activity
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How to view and control your YouTube activity

In this video, we’ll go over My Activity,
a site where you can see your YouTube watch and search histories all in one place, perform
custom searches by date, and clear your past results. You can get to this site on your computer
or mobile device. On a computer, click on History in the Guide,
then click “Manage all activity”. On a mobile device, visit
in your browser. When you scroll through this page, you’ll
get to see what you’ve watched and what you’ve searched for, all arranged by date. You can also search for specific date ranges. Selecting this plus icon will bring up filters
to search different ranges, or you can enter in a custom range yourself. If you’d like to delete anything from your
history, click this menu icon and choose Delete, then confirm in this window. This page opts you into bundle view, which
means you can only delete videos from a certain day. So if you want to delete individual items,
click “Item view” at the top. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
tips and tricks.

100 thoughts on “How to view and control your YouTube activity

  1. Dear Team

    I have uploaded 300+ videos onto Youtube so far.

    The 1st thing that would help all of us out is please telling me specifically what the videos are that are in violation.

    Second, this youbutube channel is all about the doing the real testings in my community to help the people to identify the right or wrong thing. I find it extremely offensive that youtube would ever dare say that the majority of my content belongs to somebody else. They are a series of videos since year 2015. These are the unique videos which are created by our team without any 'reuse content' at all.

    When are going to show the videos that you say are in violation? I really cannot correct whatever it is you want me to correct if you do not tell me what I did wrong. Instead you are playing this game with riddles where I am suppose to gusee what I did wrong.

    The fact that youtbe disabled my ability to reach out to creator support tells me they have no interest in actually getting this issue resolved. You are messing with my life and my team's hard work, and my team's ability to even survive.

    Very appreciate that please kindly have someone to solve this issue, and re-enable the monetization function on my Youtube channel urgently.

    Thanks and Regards

    Channel Owner

  2. Very disappointed in YouTube's vocal pro-Elliot Rodger school shooting stance. Banning people such as mumkey jones for making fun of serial killers makes you on the side of serial killers.

  3. This setting is missing on my channel on mobile devices,so it is so difficult to manage the account,please any solution will be helpful,i have send several msg to YouTube but no reply,you don't reply msgs why?

  4. Hello, I have a problem
    In August 2013 I deleted a video. This is my 1st video on the all internet. I know, this is my decision but now I want to recorver this video. Can I?

  5. أتمنى تشتركوبقناتي أكون ممنونة من جنابكم

  6. You Tube why is it a 400 step process to fill out the flagged video form?? And when it says tell us the channel you type the 8 letter channels name in exactly how it reads it says “sorry I can’t find this channel” is it because they have 4 million subscribers and you DONT want their channel flagged in the first place???

  7. My problem is: I can't have a custom URL even though I've fulfilled all the needed requirements

  8. مرحبا شركة يوتيوب اريد اسوي ميزة منتدى ايمكمكم فعلها لي وشكرا لكم

  9. I already know how to do this…but I do have a question that I cannot seem to find answers to at all.

    So not just with this channel, but also on my main channel: CherishLife….whenever I go to End Screen & Annotations page in Classic Creator Studio to add an End screen to the outro of my videos, for whatever reason, it will Not allow me to play the uploaded videos in Private mode like it used to. There used to be a hand icon to press play and now it's just an arrow that froze where there's no way to play without preview mode. But preview mode works for my videos on my main channel, but it will not work for this for whatever unknown reason where it doesn't line up like it should. Is there a possible way to fix this issue? I always choose to upload videos in Private Mode as opposed to public so I can edit/add the End Screens so this way there wouldn't be a blank outro when editing in Public mode. I should be able to play and edit/add End screens in Private Mode without having to use Preview mode in order to add the end screens. Please let me know if there is any fix for this issue which I've been having for about the past month or so??

  10. هل وضع رابط مدونة بلوجر فى وصف الفيديو مخالف؟
    When I put my blog link in the description it will be mistake?

  11. Why do you delete my comments? Why do you try to force me to watch things l don't like? I remove the topics from my interests and the next time I sign in to the TV app I'm buried in recommendations I can't stand. Please add the "not interested" option to the TV apps. There seems to be no way to control "interest-based" recommended content that's WAY OFF in the TV apps. It's maddening!

  12. شكرا انا من العراق واحب جميع الدول العربيه الي مثلي اعمل لايك

  13. Would you people just F******** STOP!!!!! adding videos to my watch history i never watched!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? I don't know what you're trying to accomplish with those nazion activities!

  14. Thank you. And I need advice. So I am getting harraset and bullied by the videos that others made against me. Should I fight back? Or should I ignore them? Like did you report the videos to? Like what should I do really? Like all cyber bullying needs to stop somehow.

  15. I have a question and don't really know where to turn. So I'll just write it here: I bought a YouTube-Movie and can't watch it. I can actually hear the sound but otherwise I only see black screen.
    There isn't even the timebar or anything. Just the whole screen is black. And if I press "back" YouTube is closed.
    I already started the app and the device new and it didn't work. It happened some weeks ago with a movie I borrowed too.
    Now I don't know what to do anymore.

  16. I can't see any replies to comments. Only on my account. If I open the same video in incognito the replies show. This is happening to a lot of people. Please help.

  17. Sir, i am choosing YouTube as my career and i have 10k subscribers. But i don't know why!!! May be due to my childish mistakes my monetization is disabled. ( At that time i don't know about YouTube policies )

    Kindly give me one more chance. 

    1. I am uploading fare content from last one+ year.

    2. Whole content is mine. 

    I hope you put foreward my request and help me in sorting out this issue. 


  18. Gracias Youtube. Hablo en castellano. Lo mismo estoy agradecida el fondo oscuro es fantástico. Gracias !!! Muy Buen Año. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Desde Córdoba Argentina 💖💖💖💖

  19. I’m having a problem and its not in the help page i press the big screen button or what ever its called but it doesn’t do what its supposed to it just moves the half screen to the other side of my screen if you know how to fix this please let me know I’m on an i pad

  20. Peluchin entertainment need to be out of youtube team YOUtube take this channel out now he kills cats and needs to be tooken off before kids see this stuff @peluchin entertainment

  21. The scrollbar is missing in the left pain on my youtube page where it says YouTube next to the
    three vertical lines. I usually click them and get a drop down window with it's own scroll bar
    where I access my history, subscriptions and such. It drops down. But, I can't scroll up or down.
    I can't properly access anything in that window. Does this happen to anyone ells? How did you
    fix it?

  22. I need help!

    I am trying to change the thumbnail on my videos. I want to make a custom thumbnail! And it won’t let me!! It says I have to verify the account!!! So I do so. And do you think it’ll let me in? NO!! Its saying to verify the account, but then when I check, it says this account has been verified!!

    Why won’t you work, YouTube?!?! I just want to have a channel!

    Please help me!

    Contact me soon.

  23. नया नाम सूरेश चौहान है कृपया मुझे कोई जवाब दें और मैं यूट्यूब पर चैनल बनाया है मुझे आगे बढ़ने का मौका दें क्योंकि मैं बहुत गरीब आदमी हूं आप सब का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद होगा

  24. I'm having a lot of problems with the website, and was wondering if they were known issues. Whenever I'm on the home page and dismiss any YouTube specials or shows, I'm told that they won't be shown anymore. Lo and behold, this have never once been the case. My other issue is dismissing items on playlists, where it will temporarily update the list while I'm still on the same video, but when it finishes it takes me to the next video (the one I just deleted from the list). Not only that, it actually reconstructs the list completely, often replaying the original video.

  25. i have a general question about YOUTUBE comments: i often experience that when i comment on one or other video, i can ONLY see my own comments when LOGGED IN to my YouTube account – as soon as i SIGN OUT – i no longer see my comments! What does it mean? Is it supposed to be like that, or does it mean that my commentary is actually being DELETED, and i ONLY see my comments when LOGGED IN, so as not to realize or notice that, IN FACT – nobody ELSE can see it?

    What also supports this version of events, is that whenever this situation with "signed in -see it, signed out -don't" arises, there r NEVER any responses to my comments, as if the other people simply DO NOT SEE THEM!

    Its like there r 2 versions of YouTube – the one when i am logged in, and the one when i am just a nameless general user – and while the first one seems to suggest that NONE of my comments r being deleted, the 2nd one says exactly the opposite! It is extremely irritating to b experiencing that, and i would REALLY REALLY appreciate if someone would please EXPLAIN 2 m as to what the hell is going on! :))

    Thank u 4 your help ahead of time, appreciate it :))

  26. I have a YouTube Premium membership. I am trying to customize my YouTube URL, but I'm not allowed to on my channel. Why is that? Can I get assistance with making this happen? I'm an up-and-coming Creator. Thank you.

  27. if there is a copyright claim ( but you are sharing the monetization with the 3rd party) will the views and watch hours go towards the 4,000 needed for approval? I haven't seen my watch minutes increases with my latest video, even though the views are growing on it! I was trying to email support but it isn't listed anywhere.

  28. I want some clarification. I'm trying to delete all my activity, but does that include videos you've uploaded? If someone can explain that would be appreciated.

  29. Buenas, ¿Cómo es posible que el título del vídeo esté en castellano y los subtítulos estén en castellano? Gracias.

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