100 thoughts on “How to Verify Your YouTube Account

  1. Content Jeremy Hammond on his Instagram account @jerehammond or whatsapp +14703773283, he also help me out he's best Hacker I ever met on here he charges for little amount

  2. hello sir . I am the part of your subscriber family and regular viewer. I want a ans. of my Question sir I have my channel suspended years a go and I am not verify my adsence account now I have 250 dollars now how can I verify my adsence account and how can I resived my payment sir help me.sir plz

  3. i am a new youtuber that does mostly gaming videos and some videos about cars, i am trying to get to 60 subscribers by the end of next month and 100 subscriber at the end of the year. it would mean a lot to me if you could help me out by subscribing to me. It would really make my day. 🙂

  4. I just did it and I’m verified now. Thanks. I needed because of my thumbnails and bc I’m gonna upload a new video😌❤️

  5. I have a phone and I’m 12 years old how do you verify it on a phone how long will it take for google to send you the code

  6. OMG THANK YOU! It works and now i can put custom thumbnails!!! Thank you very very very much even tho it pretty old!!

  7. People in the comments think that “verified” means the check mark
    No people, it means that you will be allowed to do different things on your videos, such as custom thumbnails, etc.
    You won’t have ✅ next to your name automatically XD

  8. Most of this VERIFIED You-tubers gets their verification from the help of this hacker on Instagram @billsprogramming__,this is the secrete most people don't know.

    You don't believe me? Confirm for yourself


  10. Are you really in need of a legit source where you can purchase a verification badge and you don't know where to find one?,call/text this line (+1(213)290-2436) if interested.

    PS:Only Serious Buyers Please.

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  12. I have a question and I'm not very tech savvy. I have tried searching it but this is all I have come up with. I was writing, listening to my playlist on you tube when my playlist stopped. A few minutes later I looked down and it said something about confirming something. When I picked up the phone I must have accidentally pressed ok to confirm. But what did I confirm and how do I find out?

  13. So unhelpful 😂. Mr borisbodhan on IG @borisbodhan_ is the best to helping verify your social media accounts

  14. Ummm i entered my lithuanian number it doesnt work but when i put my english number it works but it didnt give me a text

  15. Derral Eves

    @Derral Eves

    +Derral Eves

    I Uploaded a 16 Minutes Video Before I VERIFY MY Channel , And Now It Says

    " Processing abandoned

    The video is too long. Learn more about how to enable long videos on your channel "
    Should I Upload The Video Again ??????

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