How to use to manage Twitter 2018

Would you like to be able to take better
control of who you follow and how many followers you have on Twitter? What if
you hit a following limit, when you get to 5,000 people you follow, how do you
get past that? Well I want to introduce you to a great free piece of software
called unfollowerstats and I’ll show you how it works in this video.
Here we go. So you need to go to your browser and
type in and then you say sign in with Twitter. You
may already be signed in to your account but if not just sign in here. You are
basically giving the app permission to synchronize with your account. And you’ll
see from the dashboard shortly a number of menu options here down the left hand
side, the dashboard itself and followers ,following, non-followbacks. The one we’re
going to focus in on is non-followbacks because if you find a number of people
and then they haven’t followed you back for some time it’s probably worth to get
past that following limit unfollowing a few of those people. I’ll show you how
straightforward that is in a moment So the synchronization is completed took
about a minute and I’ve got a larger account so it may take less than that. So
you can see the summary unfollowers that’s how many people have unfollowed the
account in recent times followers following and non-followback. And you
can see who your best friends are the people that mention you the most, You get a little word
cloud all these little dashboard features the best tweets all that kind
of stuff but it is the principle of going through who you follow and deciding who
to unfollow. So go on to non-followback and this is absolutely free to use. Yes
they do run adverts and ask for a donation if you want to remove the
adverts but essentially in this case quite a lot 5,000 who haven’t
followed me back and it would be the oldest first in this case for example
that account only follows one so it’s unlikely they would follow back, as you can see from the rating and so you can go through and just click on each one individually to unfollow.
Now it takes a few seconds to come through and as you’d imagine that’s
partly down to the way Twitter works and doesn’t want rapid unfollowing all in
one go. There’s actually 40 in total to a page you can go through and unfollow and it’ll take about a minute or two to unfollow But if you’re very close
to or you’ve hit the limit then this is great because it’s going to free up
some more people you can follow who you have more chance of them following back.
So other options there you can block a user account, you can mute a user.
That’s just a particular feature in Twitter where you don’t see their
content as often but the main one is definitely the unfollow process because
there’s no limit. Some of the other software products I’ve used with this you get a
certain amount of unfollows for free but after that it’s a paid service. Whereas
unfollowerstats works free of charge. So that’s it for me hope that was
useful let me know in the comments if you’ve used this or how are you gonna
use it going forward I’m Paul from PR Wilson media your social media personal
trainer Cheers

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