How to Use Twitter to Help Your Trading NEW 2019
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How to Use Twitter to Help Your Trading NEW 2019

– I’m sure most of you
are on social media, maybe a little more than you should be, and in today’s video, I’m
gonna tell you how you can spend that time to possibly
locate profitable trades. (upbeat music) Make sure to subscribe to our channel and be notified as soon as
one of these new videos hits. Also, comment below if you want to share your Twitter handle, I’m always looking for the next great trade idea, and if you’re posting
your trades and your ideas to your Twitter, please
leave your handle below. Today, we’re gonna talk
about how to use social media to find potentially profitable trades, and in this video, I’m
gonna focus on Twitter. That is where you’re gonna see most of the financial ideas out there. It’s interesting; I’ve been on
Twitter since, I think, 2009, and it has really evolved into the place for stock trading ideas. We call it FinTwit. You might hear about the cashtag. That’s where we put the dollar
sign in front of a ticker, and that’s how you can actually
research stocks on Twitter. I don’t know why, but
Twitter has always been the best way to spot these ideas. So you might be asking,
what’s the first step to start using FinTwit or Twitter to find tradable stocks out there, and I think one of the best ways, and we actually have a built-in Twitter screener in StocksToTrade. It’s a great tool. Check out the link below. You can get a trial, and you can start testing
the Twitter screener, but my favorite and first way to use it is to look for breaking news. One of the great ways is there’s
a lot of accounts out there that are watching every news feed, watching every single
information source out there, and they will post that news first. Now, doesn’t mean you necessarily click buy or short based on that, but it’s a great way to know, especially, maybe it’s what we call a mackerel event. Maybe it’s a natural disaster. Maybe there’s an
announcement by the president or some other politician or something out there in the world. Twitter is a great way to get out in front of that news first. Second great tool with Twitter is what I call idea generation. We’ve got a bunch of great
scans in stock to trade, but sometimes you want
to use that high mind for lack of a better
term and you want to know what is everybody else trading. What are they looking at? Maybe you spot some
stock up 20% on the day and you’re wondering what are
traders thinking about it. You can drop that cashtag
either into StocksToTrade or just your Twitter browser and see what traders are talking about. Great way to kind of build that case I talk of a lot about these videos. The how and the why behind the trade. Now, I want to caution you. Be very careful about blindly
following those trades. Remember, Twitter, it’s an open network just like chat rooms. Everybody has an agenda. It’s a great way to do
research and figure out the why behind the trade,
but you also need to remember they’re posting to that network probably because they’ve already got a position they’re looking to
either get in or out of. Be very, very skeptical and
never just blindly follow ideas. Build your own process, build it in, but then make your own trades. Don’t follow picks. The last thing I love about Twitter and is one of my favorite things. If you follow me on Twitter,
you’ll see this a lot. I love to look for heavily shorted stocks, particularly low float stocks. Check out our other videos. We talk about low float stocks
and why they move so much, but something you’ll see on
Twitter is these overly vocal short sellers that will
brag about their position in these float load stocks and that is what often, often, often
creates short squeezes and when you’re in the
front side of the move, the beginning day one of a low float stock and you see a lot of short
sellers bragging about their positions, track it, but
you’ll see many of these stocks spike hard, I mean
big, like doubling, tripling in the day and especially as
they hold through the day. When it comes to the number
one application for me of ThinkTwit financial
Twitter, I’m looking for those low float
stocks, big on the day, then I’m reading that sentiment to see when there’s loaded
with shorts, we call it, and those become some of the most explosive buys in day trading. Thanks for watching our video. Be sure to comment below with
any trading related question. We love answering your questions. Also, like and share with your friends and be sure to subscribe
to be notified as soon as our next vied hits
and if you’re looking to expand your trading
knowledge, don’t forget to check out all of our other videos and be sure to click the trial below. Check out Stocks Trade. I think it is one of the best most rapidly advancing softwares out there. Be sure to check out our trial. (upbeat music)

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  1. Comment below if you want to share your Twitter handle. Bohen is always looking for the next great trade idea, and if you're posting your trades and your ideas to your Twitter, please leave your handle below.

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