How to use Twitter Notifications 2015
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How to use Twitter Notifications 2015

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. In this
video I’ll show you how you can easily check who’s been in touch with you on Twitter using
notifications. It’s a great routine to check on a daily basis, who’s replied, who’s mentioned,
followed you, who’s retweeted your message. This is part of a video series , for Rotary
clubs who need to get an effective social media presence set up, using the Grantham
Sunrise Rotary club as our example. Here we go. Here we are logged in as Grantham Sunrise
Rotary. And taking a look the dashboard, I can see now we’ve sent one tweet, we’re following
one account and we’ve picked up a follower. And you’ll notice the bell icon here and that’s
the notifications.So that alerts us to any new activity. And this is part of the routine
that you will check every time you login , just to see if anybody has been in touch , or mentioned
their tweets.

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