How to use Twitter for business
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How to use Twitter for business

Twitter is a social networking service
that lets you communicate live with Tweeting helps 300 million others 24 hours a day. You do this through short online messages
or ‘tweets’. Tweeting helps 300 million Twitter users discover and connect with
people and businesses. Setting up a Twitter business page is free and easy to
do. After you sign up you can add a user name to identify you, a bio with helpful information about
your business, a URL if you have a website that you would like customers to
find, a profile photo to represent your business and a header image which could
show more of your products and services. Once your page is set up you can start
tweeting. Tweeting is easy. Just type your message
and hit tweet. Type up to 140 characters of text including interesting
information on new products, events or offers that could attract customers. Consider using photos and videos to make
your tweets more engaging. Twitter is also a useful way to listen
and respond to what people are saying about your business. When someone includes your Twitter
handle in a Tweet, also known as a mention, you receive a notification. Replying is quick and easy and gives you a method of providing instant customer
service. If the person likes your tweet they might follow you. Followers are your
Twitter audience and can be gained or lost depending on how much they value your
tweets. Followers can interact and share your tweets with others, potentially
growing your audience. Followers can also send you direct
messages. These are private messages that
other Twitter users can’t see. Retweeting is a popular way of sharing
someone else’s tweet with your audience. You can even add extra comments to your
retweet using the quote tweet feature. If you like someone else’s tweet click
the like button. Liking a tweet shows you’re interested and paying attention. Others may pay attention to you in
return. Twitter’s hashtag symbol highlights a key phrase or topic in a tweet. It also helps people find information on that topic. If you add a hashtag anyone searching for
it may find your tweet. Depending on your business, you may want to tweet in a conversational friendly
manner or keep more of a corporate tone. Twitter users are free to air grievances and sing praises. This lets you share the good reviews and
respond quickly and positively to bad ones. Twitter ads let you pay to promote
tweets to a wider audience. who may be interested and offers and
updates from your type of business Twitter can benefit your business in
many ways. Use it to inform potential customers of
events and offers or new products and services. Listen and learn about your customers likes and dislikes, improving and adapting to meet their needs. Strengthen customer service offering a
new channel to communicate. This in turn can build stronger
relationships and improve customer satisfaction and finally, no matter what business you’re in you can increase awareness by regularly communicating with followers
and in real time. So if you’re starting or already running a business make sure to consider whether Twitter
should be part of it. If yes is the answer then now is the time to tweet.

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