How to Use Twitter for Business: 2018 Tips for TweetDeck
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How to Use Twitter for Business: 2018 Tips for TweetDeck

– Hello, this is Andrea
with The ADS Agency here to bring you the very best in
marketing and branding tips, as well as business tips
for those of you who are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs,
and all that jazz. Welcome and thanks so much for coming. Today I’m so excited to show you something that I’ve been using forever, and I just assume people
know about this tool and use it all the time. And I came across a friend the other day who was looking for tips on how to organically grow their
followership on social media. One of the topics we
came upon was Twitter, and I said, “Are you not using TweetDeck?” because TweetDeck is so easy. And he was just so amazed by that tool, and I thought I would
share it with you as well, because he wasn’t aware of it. If he wasn’t, I know other
people aren’t either. So if you’re using
Twitter for your business, absolutely look at TweetDeck. It’s different form
something like Hootsuite, Buffer, Spout Social, all those things that can help you schedule or manage your social media post, tweets, all those things. This is more along the
lines of social listening. But you can also use it
for scheduling tweets and it’s so helpful, especially if you have
multiple accounts to use. Let’s say you have a personal account and a business account at minimum, TweetDeck is so helpful for this. And then if you’re like
me and you’re in marketing and you have several
accounts that you manage, TweetDeck is a lifesaver. It’s so great for easy engagements, meaningful dialogues, social listening, all those things. So, we’ll talk a little bit about the features of TweetDeck and also about the navigation. So, thanks so much for
coming, and here we go. So when you come to
Twitter, it looks like this. And I think this is why a lot of people don’t engage with Twitter
because they come here, whether it’s on their
phone app or an a laptop like I’m on now, and they scroll through, and it’s just a hodgepodge
of people they follow, and it’s just randomness,
whateverness out here. There’s Sean Cannel and
my friend Donnell Sugs, but it’s just there’s no organization too, and it’s kind of messy to look at. So to go to TweetDeck, this is so simple, all you do is click here. You wanna go to this address, hit Enter. And boom, you’re there. Once my internet connection
is up, there you go. And so, it’s so easy
to see so many things. And what it is, is all these columns that just go on endlessly. Boom, you can scroll all the way across. Sorry, that’s real fast, but you can see all these columns and every column represents
an interest of yours. Here is a list I have called YouTubers. I have Sean Cannel on it, love him. I’ve already liked all the stuff from him, Sunny Lenarduzzi, Tim Schmoyer, Andrew Kan, liked all their stuff, and this is an easy way where you can see what
they’re talking about, retweet them, chat with
them, whatever you wanna do. Flourish, that’s a networking, women’s networking group I have. So there’s not a lot of members who are on Twitter on that group. But the ones who are, I keep them on tabs on his list. These are list that are set up in Twitter. So if it’s a list that’s on
this column that I’m tracking, you’ll see this little list icon here. If it’s a mention from an account, any mentions, like United Way AAP is a nonprofit organization
I’m on the board for, I wanna keep on track with
whoever mentions them. This is a column that keeps
track of those mentions. This is a search for SPA
Georgia for local business, as you can see that there. And I’m scrolling across
highly interesting people. Here’s people who mention me, thank you. Me as in my business, the ADS Agency. I can see ATL Politics here. Agencies is a list I have something for. I have a list for my top interactors. So this is a good way to keep track of all the people who ever show you love, and you wanna show them love back, keep in tabs with each other, and keep that good engagement
relationship building going. I create a list a called Top Interactors. I’m gonna just show you
this one other thing, #architecture. So you can actually follow a hashtag, and if this shows everything
that ever shows up with a #architecture which
is a lot, this will… I’m retweeting this for an
architecture account of mine. Easy to retweet, just did that. So how to set up list. I’m just gonna pause and
show you that real fast if you don’t know in Twitter. To having do this makes
your life so much easier. Just go to your profile,
do this on a laptop, Profile and Settings. Underneath this Profile
is this button, Lists. So you wanna click that, click Lists. And then you’ll see all your
lists that show up here. I have far too many. (laughs) Sorry, I have a lot of list, a lot, a lot of list. Sorry, it’s kinda
jumping all around there, but it’s so easy to set up a list. If you wanna set up a new list, just go over here to the right where it says create a list. You can click Create New List. Add a name, description. I’m just gonna make one up right now. Let’s say I wanna call this one Explorers. You can put a description
here if you like. You can choose to make
this public or private. For now, I’m gonna leave it
private because it’s whatever. It’s just an example list. And I could find people by name. So I can type in travel, whatever, and do a search, and follow all these
people if I wanted to, and then add them, add or remove from lists. I go and find my… What was that, they’re called explorers? Explorers, I added them to a list. Boom, it’s so easy. I added this one person. I’m gonna add this other
person to that same list. Sorry, I have so many list here. You’re gonna have a much
easier time in these explorers. Same thing, I’m gonna add
Discover Atlanta to that list. Explorers. And you can choose to make
this list public or private. It’s totally up to you, depending on whether
you want people to know what you’re looking for or not. Most people don’t even
know about that feature, so it’s whatever. But for those who do know, it is helpful if you want people to subscribe to your list. So I can go back here to TweetDeck, and I can click Add Column. This is how you add a column for things you wanna search for. Click Add Column. You can see all the many
different options you have here, but I’m gonna go to this List one. List. Here’s gonna let me search. I bet you have to refresh this for each to show up. So if you ever find some things not happening right with TweetDeck, jus refresh your browser, it should work. (laughs) So, I’m gonna try this
again, add a column. I’m gonna click List. I’m gonna look for, boom,
there it is, Explorers. Told you. And then boom, there’s all my people. So I’m gonna click Add Column, and you can see it added those people, that list to the right here, and I can like to my heart’s content and retweet and all, whatever I wanna do. If I ever wanted to get rid of this list, if you click this things right here, this little left to right looky thing, it gives you options to move. See these carets here, I can move this list over if I wanted to reorganize
the order of all this. I can move it back if I click
this little right thing. I can share this, I can clear it. Blah, blah, blah, all these
options, edit the list. If I wanna remove this
column, boom, removed. It’s gone. Easy, so easy. TweetDeck makes your life so much easier. So, this is TweetDeck. One other thing I wanted to show you is tweet. See how I kinda scheduled a tweet in here for you to see. I don’t always use TweetDeck
to schedule things, but I’m showing you today
how you can do that. Let’s say I have a tweet on Twitter. I’m gonna take you to my business page, The ADS Agency. Shameless plug for myself. You can follow me here, The ADS Agency. You’re also welcome to follow me on my personal account Miss ADS 08. Let’s say I wanted to
do a retweet of this. How do you create a
powerful business name? Actually, I wanna go to my personal because I like that personal
tweet better on Miss ADS 08. Yeah, this is the one with
the cool Cinderella quote. Names have power like
magic spells, Cinderella. So I’m gonna copy this content, copy, and put it. Now I wanted to retweet that from my business account actually. And I wanna use… That’s scheduling tweets
for your business. Okay, I wanna go to my YouTube right here, and then there’s that wonderful Cinderella quote. I just want to copy this video URL. Thank you, that’s all I needed. And then I’m gonna go back to TweetDeck and paste that link. And I can copy this whole thing. And reschedule this several
times if I wanted to. And it gives you all these options. I could add an image if I wanted to, I can send this is as a direct message, but I just wanna schedule this tweet. So if I click Schedule Tweet, it gives you a notification. It says, “Your schedule tweet will send “even if TweetDeck is
not running at the time,” which is awesome. So, even if you’re not on your laptop whenever you tweet,
schedule this to be tweeted, it’s gonna go out anyway. So I already have one of these
scheduled out for Tuesday. Let’s say I wanted to do one on Thursday and I wanna do six because I love the number 808. (laughs) 6:08 a.m., say I wanna do it 6:08 a.m. for the early birders, so I can tweet that. By the way, this is gonna be Thursday, so I could also add the #thursdaythoughts, because that’s the
popular one for Thursday. Tweet at June 7th at this time. And you want to just double check it’s from the correct account, boom, tweet. And now it doesn’t show up here yet. If you wanna see it,
just refresh your screen. That’s the answer for
many issues in Twitter on TweetDeck, refresh your screen. And boom, there you see
there’s two scheduled tweets. So, so easy. Here’s my friend Ray Abram. Yehey! So, that’s an easy way to schedule tweets. And again, you an do it
from multiple accounts. As you can see, I have
several accounts here. If you go over here to
accounts, and click there, you can see where you can add in whatever accounts you want. So here’s several I have already. If I wanted another, I could
click Link Another Account, click Continue. And there it lets’ me add my credentials for another account, and you click Authorize. So that’s how you add in several accounts. Alright, now I can get rid of this, boom. Again, add columns. If I wanted to get rid of
this, I could hit Collapse, but I never do that. I always like to see this. And that’s TweetDeck.
So simple and so easy, and it works so seamlessly with whatever accounts you have going on with Twitter. All of mine are tied to my personal one. But from my personal, I can access my business one and all of that, and several clients all on TweetDeck. Okay? And that’s it. That’s pretty much what I
wanted to show you today, and thank you so much. We’re gonna go back to our
regular schedule program now. So I hope you enjoyed those tips. TweetDeck is an awesome fun tool for me. I was so glad to be able
to share that with you. What questions do you have? What were you wondering about out there? Try out TweetDeck for yourself. I highly recommend it. And then come back to me if
you have questions on anything, how to use it, what does it mean, Even if it’s something silly simple, how to add an account or any of that. MaKe sure you come see me if you have any questions whatsoever. Again, if you’ve never subscribed before, please be sure to subscribe
at The ADS Agency. You can do that at the buttons below. We’d love to have you
as a new subscriber here for your best marketing
and branding business tips. And be sure to follow us on the other social media
accounts that we have, and we’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, of you’re you’re here, LinkedIn. You can find us anywhere
at The ADS Agency. Instagram also. T-H-E A-D-S Agency. Alright. Thanks so much for being here. We appreciate you and have a great weak, and happy twittering, tweeting, all that tweeties. Mwah, see you. (instrumental music )

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  2. OMG, thank you for making this! I signed up for TweetDeck ages ago just for scheduling Tweets but was immediately turned off by all the info streaming and didn't know where to begin. This makes sooooo much more sense now. What a brilliant tool! Thanks again. 😀

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