How to use TweetDeck for Twitter Chats
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How to use TweetDeck for Twitter Chats

hi everyone this is Brad today we’re
going to take a look at how to use TweetDeck for twitter chats Beth help
just mention this little while ago I thought was a great point that she uses
tweet deck so we’re gonna go ahead and if you’re not following Beth make sure
to follow her she’s a great follow make sure to add a column here and what we
want to do first is we want to select the user now it’s gonna be one of the
ones that’s running the Twitter chat so in this case it’s not only Bartley and
what we want to do is we want to add the column now the next one we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna add a column and we’re going to select search in this case what
we’re gonna do is room and type in hashtag teal app which is for teach like
a pirate so here it is right in here and the last one that we’re gonna do in this
case is we’re going to do mentions and then what you can do is just add a
column right in here for yourself so you can see anytime that you want to
mentioned so it’s a very easy way to go in to follow the chat as it is going on
live and then to see any questions that are coming up and it’s really easy to
find so here if you scroll down a little bit that’s fine now the question here is
question 7 right in here so you can take a look at question 7 and then when
you’re ready you can just certainly select tweet and then put your tweet in
there so there you go if you do have any questions let me know thanks for
watching take care bye bye

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