How to Use Talkwalker in the Hootsuite Dashboard
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How to Use Talkwalker in the Hootsuite Dashboard

The Hootsuite Talkwalker integration
allows Hootsuite Enterprise users to monitor mentions, brand sentiment, key
influencers, and author lists directly within your Hootsuite dashboard. It also
enables you to quickly sort and organize your results using customized filters
and provides in dash charts and graphs to help you measure and analyze your
performance. Begin by opening your project and Talkwalker and clicking
into analytics next select a topic you’d like to view in the Hootsuite dashboard.
Here you can add any filters you’d like applied to your search. For example, a
global business may wish to filter by region. Now add your topic to Hootsuite
by clicking the options widget in the results table, embed in another platform,
and choosing Hootsuite stream. Enter a name for this stream and click ‘Add’. This
will enable you to view mentions and results in your Hootsuite dashboard. To
view your Talkwalker stream on Hootsuite, first install the Talkwalker
app from the Hootsuite App Directory and add the app as a new Stream. Next, login
with your Talkwalker credentials and select your chosen Talkwalker topic
from the settings menu. If you’d like, you can opt to add multiple Talkwalker
streams in order to view results from different topics side by side. At the top
of your stream, you’ll see a graph showing the number of results from your
topic over the last seven days of activity. This helps you to identify
activity peaks enabling you to find days and times that you may wish to
investigate further. Below you’ll see a list of results with each showing the
title, time, a snippet, sentiment, reach, and tags. On any result, you can perform a
number of actions. There are a general engagement options
such as retweeting, following, displaying user details, replying, and sharing. With
the tag option, you can add contacts to any result. The same tag will also be
added to the result in Talkwalker. If you spot a comment that requires
follow-up, click to assign the result to a team or team member. You can drill
further into results by using the filter options. Here you can filter by sentiment,
source, country, or language. You can also sort by date published, reach, or
engagement, as well as searching for keywords and selecting a date range. Once you’ve adjusted your filters, click apply and your adjusted results will appear in
Stream. To view your analytics dashboard from your chosen filter and stream, click
the Settings icon and select the dashboard stream type. If you’d like to
make adjustments to your analytics widgets, click open dashboard in Talkwalker and make the necessary changes. Any changes will then update in your
Hootsuite stream.

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  1. It's only for enterprise plans… I have a team plan, pay more than 100$ monthly and yet i can't use this 🙁

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