How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business and Drive Traffic to Your Website
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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business and Drive Traffic to Your Website

100 thoughts on “How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business and Drive Traffic to Your Website

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  2. I have a twitter account, you can find it with the handle @socialscoopmrkt I'm using it to market Businesses on twitter and grow their following. I just started, and so far have had one client who has gained 12 followers in one day. Now, I can't promise that for your page/website, but I can promise growth. I'm doing the first few pages for free as to show I'm legit. Give me a shot!

  3. im having a super hard time finding clients for my photography business. Part of my problem is I live in a small town and most people look at me like I don't know what im doing because im still in high school. I have good content from free photo shoots but I need to start making money for better equipment.

  4. boss i don't try to miss your any video because i learn many things from your videos. I have an Inetention to creat a youtube chanel and i would like to grow it. but i am yet struggling for niche. i can't decide from where i should start and how. your videos influenced me but i am not smart like you and other youtubers.
    and another thing i am a bangladeshi.
    so please help me how can i overcome it.

  5. hi! i am trying to promote my company that is interior designing through social media. can somebody please give me some suggestions!?

  6. Hi, i have a question, can you grow your youtube channel with lyrics music videos rather then official videos, cuz i dont have a camera, but im intrested in growing my social following can you help with advice please?

  7. I have a question Sean, what are the most used social network in US ?
    because I want to promote my dating site in USA I am using FB YT INSTA but I am getting more viewers give me some suggestions and suggest me some best blogs

  8. Yo whats up, Think Media Tv! This is better than cable! haha. So, I use my brand through fb, insta, twitter, pinterest, youtube, websites, being face to face promoting kindly to people that might be interested! I show them my videos and my work and I create real engagement on the web and in person. Do what you have to do and just keep persistence! Love your work! Thanks for the tips!

  9. My dad's business is struggling so I told him I could help him by making an Instagram dedicated towards his business. He works with windshield replacement, body work, as well as other car related things. So far I've followed a bunch of other small business pages in my area how else could I help spread the businesses name?

  10. hi my name name is Franc Mosheqaj and I have a disability. I am doing something that nobody like me has done this? My question is can I use has a marketing technique?

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  13. Cool video guys. Thanks for the info. I think this info can help some business owners out there as well. Check it out.

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  15. SpinClicks is a new site specifically for advertiser. It’s super inexpensive, I think $1 for an add and you get unlimited clicks

  16. Hey there! I just started an internship with a program at my college. We do classes on starting a business, marketing techniques, learning about tech, and currently are planning to expand the available classes.
    My job is to run the social media page as well as shoot videos throughout the interactive classes. Do you have any advice for promoting this specifically to students at my college?

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  18. Excellent!!! The online marketing platform we use is which has directory of influencers and a free engagement calculator!

  19. These tips are very helpful for growing any business through Social Media. Thank you for sharing such a nice article.

  20. Hello I've been working a lot with Instagram in trying to pinpoint my audience and I wanna start conversations with them but how do I know if they're just bots would that be wasting my time?

  21. you’re very knowledgeable I appreciate all what you’re saying my channel is music and Teaching outboard gear like the SP 1200 the SP202+ I have some music videos on there I made

  22. Hi sean im trying to get a bigger social media presence and in return get more foot traffic out of that hopefully. i have facebook, twitter, instagram, a blog, what else should i be doing or what should i be doing on these platforms to get my name out there?

  23. This man is also good with his speech and his leading role, you can get his point across very easily with his demeanor and attitude, this is also something important if you're going to be on camera, something for all of us to learn, he also has that sort of voice that a typical news cast would have

  24. I have taken a a start-up in food industry and provide food online through Swiggy, Uber eats, Zomato etc as well as bulk food in big corporate like amazon , honeywell etc i have to target facility department of Coporates to provide bulk food , How can i use Social media platform to reach to my target customers?

  25. hey how can i create a free website, that i can use to promote items from another store online as an affiliate

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  28. Hey Sean, honestly I’m pretty sure you get thousands of messages daily so not too sure if this one will be replied to but here goes. My name is Anthony, this is the first time I’ve EVER bothered reaching out to a YouTuber for a simple question that I sincerely hope to get an answer to. As far as expanding your business via social media, for example yeah we got those fitness pages with the really hot chicks doing squats etc but let’s be honest, those thousands of followers are creeps and women who aspire to look like those models, and its eye candy creeps as well. But what can you tell me about advertising a not so sexy service? I own a paint company in Phoenix Arizona. But we’re no sherwin Williams (our competition) so how can us, a 3rd party business get something as boring as paint to get 100’s of likes on its Facebook page? And please if any other viewer or youtuber wishes to comment anything would be appreciated! No such thing as dumb ideas let me know please!! Thanks look forward to hearing from all of you guys!

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  31. I try my best and put lots of effort into my videos, thanks for the tips, do any Small you tubers want to support each other ?

  32. I'm currently a T-shirt designer working with Teespring how can I best promote my business and how do I integrate my store with Amazon or Ebay.

  33. When compare to Linkedin, Facebook and twitter are the two major platform driving more traffic to the website. If you want to increase the fan base on these platforms you need to go with paid advertising. Try

  34. Influencer marketing can be another way of promoting your business, it's what i used in growing my website where i ran my business selling second hand products, it does so by increasing presence through means of promotion via "influencers", these influencers are technically popular people on social media and it varies per platform. If you're looking for reliable and legitimate platforms out there, phlanx can be a really good one here

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  41. I've used Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and YouTube ads. The only thing that has helped us are the YouTube ads. I own a print company called Whosoever Printing. Do you have any suggestions on how we could raise more awareness for our company? We publish tons of content all over the internet, and we really are expanding, but some months are just really slow. Our website is If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks! Our target audience is business owners.

  42. Its something everyone can do it . I start to promote my own business after reading this free book and every one can do it

  43. Thanks this video really helped I have been trying to promote my channel and business for a while now and so I'm glad I found is video it giving me some perspective I feel for anyone out there starting a business or channel and trying to drive traffic because its no walk in the park

  44. If one has say $5000 to spend… Would you recommend that they spend that on Outreach for some high quality Backlinks or Use that Money to promote the heck out of 10 pieces of content via social media (FB & Pinterest)?

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  48. Great Video !
    Along with these there is also an option of 'Bulk SMS Marketing' for business promotion.-

  49. thank you for this video , it's help a lot but i have a question, how can i have a many subscriber on my channel youtube and followers on insta… i need help plz!

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