100 thoughts on “How To Use LinkedIn For Beginners – 7 LinkedIn Profile Tips

  1. Mam! I m a student i recently give the exam of class 12! I wana do some online job so someone suggest me about linkedin! So mam how can i use this app to get a job of anytype! Is that possible to get job for me?

  2. I really enjoyed watching this video! I am not on LinkedIn yet because I have been out of the workforce for a long time due to losing partial sight back in 2011. I'm nervous to make my account because I don't see too well and there are gaps so I have subscribed to your channel to learn more and I will check out your Facebook group as well. Thank you so much!

  3. Great video and helpful tips, thanks, Mam. Could I ask two questions about LinkedIn? 1st, I'm an international student and not in the business program, do the Linkedin works to me? 2nd, how to find someone who has a similar experience or interest with me and how to contact them positively? I'm a LinkedIn beginner. Based on your introduction, Linkedin would be a great app for my future career.

  4. I've watched this video about 3 times now and some of your other videos also in order to setup my LinkedIn. I purposely came back just to say thanks. You really helped and I appreciate it a lot! Keep up the good work 😀

  5. Biggest problem with LinkedIn is that is owned by Microsoft I don’t like to using products & services how is owned by Microsoft! I will become more active on LinkedIn if it was not owned by microsoft!

  6. I have a spotty work history, no post-secondary education and 1-month experience in my current business…. Good luck to me

  7. hi, im begginer at linkedin. I`m working now with wood, but im looking for web developer jobs, and linkedin asked me for recent job, should i write my current job, or job which im lookin for?

  8. You should realize that for a true beginner using Linkedin, the list of suggestions offered is nothing short of daunting… and leaving the viewer overwhelmed.

  9. Thanks for making this video i'm new to linkedin.i created linkedin account next day it showing restricted i don't know why it showing like that. plz solve my problem.

  10. Great video. I'm a newbie that's been avoiding social media, but now I need every advantage in my job search. I haven't yet used LinkedIn until today, so I still need to figure it all out. I'll get back with you when I figure what my biggest challenge is. Best Regards.

  11. This was great thank. My biggest problem with LinkedIn is how to use this as a networking and job search tool.

  12. Has linkedin changed since you did this video because there is no volunteer or even hobbies section to fill in?

  13. Great suggestion with the cover photo! Assuming you have chosen the right cover photo, it can add an additional splash of wow to help get hr/recruiters attention!.

  14. Hi! I m using LinkedIn… But how I used and work I don't know can you guide me because I m not understand 😔

  15. This place is useless, nobody cares and mostly all people never update their status, I know somebody who is a janitor (utility) and post as manager(LOL).

  16. I watched another one of your videos and it leads me here. Now you have another video for picking a profile picture and another video for a headline… How many videos do I have to watch??

    As I continue to watch your video, I don't have any accomplishments or work history. I recently graduated. I don't like the idea of listing things like that. I see people on Linkedln write stuff like that and they're full of it. They have all these fancy job titles when in reality they don't do shit.

  17. Engaging tutorial and delivered in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. I already have a profile but need to improve/update this, and this tutorial helped a great deal.

  18. Kind of sucks but transition from employee to business owner and utilizing the benefits of LinkedIn with all the existing people on there that have known me as an employee gives me some what of stage fright optimizing my LinkedIn as a business owner instead of an employee I guess part of me doesn't want a lot of people to know what I'm doing because I'm sure everybody is going to have something to say or give me their doubts and gossip behind my back it almost makes me want to delete everybody that I do know, revamp my LinkedIn profile grow my business do what I got to do to be successful and let my work show. I guess with that said I feel like I second-guess myself on my profile because I'm not exactly sure the "proper" way to market myself as an entrepreneur

  19. I like the content but because of the lower boarder hiding your right thumb (I assume) when you put up your hands to emphasize 7 strategies it looks like you only have 6 fingers up 😉

  20. I've watched this before and yes it's good with good tips. My problem is wording and catching the readers eye. I've had people look at my profile but not contacting me even though I'm contactable. Still trying to find out why even though I'm trying to make my profile look good.

  21. Linked In For Beginning Robots
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    from Ivan Tichy’s ‘Mechanica’


  22. Hi Heather
    Great video.
    My biggest challenge/s when I'M using LINKEDIN in is that I can not find what I search for, and when I follow specific poeple I can never find there posts, instead it shows me a heap of stuff in the feed that i don't know what it's about, linked in is very complex, and I am always open to learning new things, but I can't seem to get a clear idea on how to simply execute my tasks I find my time on LinkedIn very unproductive due not getting done my intended tasks on LinkedIn, I get put off sometimes, and overthink.
    I will never give up!

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  24. Just joined LinkedIn 2 minutes ago …. I'm launching a new career as a real estate agent in Malibu, California. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg2QF_Iq_F8&feature=youtu.be This is me.

  25. My biggest challenge is identifying what I do. There are a few different ways I earn income and I don't want to eliminate any of those by having too narrow of a job title

  26. What if you have two entirely different ways to make a living? Should you make different LinkedIn profiles? I'm both a marketer for my husband's art and an aspiring health & nutrition coach.

  27. my biggest challenge is during adding my certificates and re write there content, is there an easier way to do that?

  28. I created a post with a photograph. It will not publish it vertically no matter the size or how I save it; vertically or horizontally. There does not appear to be a rotate photo in the posting edit area?

  29. Hi Heather. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all your responses to the comments.
    You are truly a professional.

  30. Thanks for your kind information Mam, your video was very helpful but i have a question for you that, I am HSE professional and, is the linked in is a right platform for me to find the job in HSE field.

  31. My take on building an empowering learning community by making the most of what the LinkedIn platform has to offer


  32. Wow, thank you for much for spelling out in a way I can totally understand. I'll go deeper into your channel as I move along.

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