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  1. Sue, for me you left out the biggest step: Putting IG onto your computer. There is no computer version of IG in the Apple app store, and all the Apple store employees are trained to do everything in their power to stop you from learning how to get IG onto your computer. The second thing left out of your video is how to load photos from your computer desktop onto IG. It seems impossible to do that without a 3rd party loading device such as Flume. Hence, everything you explain in your video is relevant only to those who know how to "sneak" IG onto their computer, and already installed a tool for uploading photos. I am not one of those people. So I am completely lost as to how to even begin.

  2. Real groovy video, most of this stuff is a no brainer. You left out the one thing that i wasted 9 minutes looking for – how to find the info. to DM someone on instagram.

  3. please help, I'm having problems following people, after clicking follow blue turns white but after few minutes, it says Follow again, what ship I do? thanks

  4. You said you were going to show us an app to use for a laptop, I didn't hear any names to us. I dont want to go thru facebook. So I still don't know how to post a photo to instagram

  5. Thank you. Trying to figure this all out. I don't think that I saw how I can post something on Instagram. I am sure it is something very obvious that I just didn't notice.

  6. Please i want to know how to upload multiple pictures in Instagram from my laptop and without using any application , Please my phone isn't working and i need to upload a picture so baaad , Please answer me

  7. Thanks for posting that video, I don't have an account yet and just want to know to how open one. This time with this video I will be guided to do it right. Thanks Sue

  8. Thanks for the info, but the post is out of date and I have different icons and don't have the "Comments" menu. No mention of whether I can post from Instagram on my computer, such as recording a video.

  9. my problem with this is only have this on my pc and not my phone.. why cant i have all features that moblit apps have on my pc with out them being on a phone.

  10. I am an old man at 84 but I have been using a computer since Apple came our with their first ones. Now I used both but prefer the PC, though I do have an Apple pro, and iPat and an iMac. I am trying to learn how to use Instagram but I must be doing something wrong. I will keep trying until it works for me. I really enjoyed your video.

  11. I can't believe Instagram doesn't make it easy to upload photos from a desktop or laptop. Where do they think ALL my photos are, on my phone?

  12. Thanks for the great tips !! Is there any way to access multiple Instagram accounts on your PC or do you need to use a separate browser ?

  13. Still doesn't explain how to post from laptop. Why is it so elusive. Makes you not want to bother… I'll check some other sites as this is no use to me.

  14. all you did was show how to link facebook and instagram you didn't show how to create posts? ! which is HELPFUL to know how to do

  15. Hey Sue B-loved your points on how to use Instagram in a multi-tasking way. I can use my phone to add pics or post videos. I'm slow in using my laptop to transfer pics to my instagram account. I've some important pictures to post, but not sure of all of the steps how to do this! Have you got a video with link that I can review? I'm a new author, have been savvy using FB and Twitter, but to grow my social media presence I need to use Instagram more and be comfortable with it! Appreciate your help!

  16. How can you toggle between multiple Instagram accounts? I have a travel blog/account but when I log in I'm not able to access my additional account.

  17. your video is awsome! but i have a doubt ….can we promote our instagram post and manage our instagram promotion through PC….if yes than how?

  18. thanks so much for great tips- is it possible to post on facebook first and the post go automatic to instagram? many thanks

  19. Is there a reply function to an Instagram comment when using a pc so that you don't have to manually type out their name before your comment?

  20. How do You Switch Instagram accounts on your laptop? I literally cant toggle to my business page…

  21. my computer is mac os high sierra message says i cant upload instagram… any other method to get it on my mac?

  22. I followed this but I cannot do certain things from the computer. Like add a caption and hash tags. It won't even let me post a comment. Any suggestions for that? If you get the chance to look at it, here it is – Traditional_Filipino_Weapons > Thank you for making that video for us. By the way, I can post in the comments section from other people but I cannot do it on my own posts.

  23. Hi where is the add account button in the settings on The Instagram Desktop version please?

  24. Thanks for the video! Learned a couple new things but what about viewing and replying to messages 'Direct' on a desktop?

  25. Thanks for the video, but it did not address my concern. How do we add foto to my instagram from my PC?

  26. why doesn't Instagram allow for editing in the text when posting. I have made typos. Okay was this about Facebook or uploading photos from the pc? Didn't show that?

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  28. add other instagram accounts? seems a needle in a haystack as no one covers this aspect. not a common utilization for Instagramers to have more than one account?

  29. I'm using instagram on my pc too, but how to swipe to see the other media in the same post pictures or vids ???
    its hard i tried but nothing i got, heeeeeeeeeeeelp plz

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