How to Use Hootsuite Professional in 10 Minutes
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How to Use Hootsuite Professional in 10 Minutes

Hi there my name’s Charles Bernard
Porter and today what we’re going to be looking at is going to be focusing more
on what’s available in the HootSuite Professional plan now this plan you can
access it from your free account by logging into your dashboard
going up to the top right hand corner where it says upgrade my plan and then
selecting the professional plan from there there are a few other plans that
we will be covering in later videos like the team business and enterprise plans
once you’ve upgraded your account you’ll now have access to a few new features
the first of those features is just a boost to your social network profiles
you’ll now have the ability to manage up to ten social networks as opposed to the
three that you had access to in your free account to go ahead and see and add
more of those social networks go up to the top right hand corner of your screen
click on the little icon there and you can click on manage social networks this
will bring you to the social network management page where you can manage
your different social networks if you’d like to add more social networks just go
ahead and click on the plus private networks button here and you can connect
your Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn WordPress Instagram YouTube channels as
you’d like to we covered how to connect these and go through that process in our
previous video so go back there and check that out if you need a refresher
all right the second big functionality improvement through the professional
plan is the ability to do a bulk scheduling or bulk composing of your
content now if you’re a busy person and you’ve got a lot of content that you
need to get posted out onto your ten different social channels that you’re
gonna have over the next month maybe the next holiday season or even over the
next year you’re most likely wanting to find a way to save and cut down on some
of that time so you don’t have to gradual one piece of content at a time
HootSuite offers you the ability to use a bulk composer this is where we take a
spreadsheet either from your Excel from a Google sheet or any other red sheet
program that you are using you can put in your content in the date and time the
content message that you would like any links and be able to then upload that
into HootSuite and schedule them all in one go so I’m going to show you how we
do that if you go over to the left-hand side here where it says publisher you’ll
be able to then select the bulk composer here on the lower left hand
and this is the view that we work with on the right hand side you can download
an example so if you want an example of how you create this spreadsheet so that
it’s perfect and you can upload it properly go ahead and download that
example if you want to look at the formatting and just make sure that
everything is working properly if you run into any errors check your
formatting here on the right-hand side you can go and review that
so today I’ve already created my spreadsheet I’m going to go ahead and
select that file and upload it into my HootSuite account once I’ve selected my file I then need
to select what social network I want to schedule these messages to I can select
both Twitter and Facebook if I’d like to for today I’m only going to be
scheduling these messages to Twitter because that’s how I formatted those
messages once I’ve selected my social network I
just want to click on the next to review my messages in this view you can make
any modifications to those messages so if you wanted to change the wording
maybe add a new hashtag or even go ahead and add something like a photo you’d be
able to easily do that by clicking on that post going to the right-hand side
here selecting a photo that you’d like to add
and then reviewing it if you’re adding any photos to your content within
HootSuite in this view you’ll actually have access to the Creative Cloud
clicking on that will allow you to modify and customize your photo if you’d
like to add some stickers some overlays maybe some effects or some text to your
photo to make it a little bit more customized in a little bit more yours
you’ll have the ability to do that if you want to preview what your message
will look like on the social network natively in the top right-hand corner
there is a button that says preview clicking on that allows you to see what
that message is going to look like when it goes out live once you reviewed all your messages and
they all are ready to go you can just go ahead on the bottom right hand corner
and click on the schedule button this will start scheduling your messages as
needed once you’ve scheduled your messages
they’ll now be available in the publisher under the schedule section
here once again I can click on those messages and I can review and edit those
messages if I need to if I click on edit once again I can change any of the text
in there I can add more links photos videos or even change the social network
that I’m scheduling it to the next section we’re going to cover is
analytics analytics are important in social media so that you can measure the
success of your content see if people are engaging with you and if you’re
increasing your follower count with this information you can start understanding
what works and what doesn’t work with your audience and how best to engage and
interact with them moving forward HootSuite professional plan offers you
the ability to have a high level overview of your analytics on the
left-hand side you can go and click on the analytics section and here you’ll
have access to your overview you’ll be able to see an overview for your social
profiles that are on your Twitter Facebook or Instagram and if you have a
multiple social networks connected you can go ahead and review them
individually or collectively on the top right hand corner you’ll be able to
select the date that you’d like to look at if I’d like to see the last month
maybe the last seven days you can select those options here or you can customize
what dates you’re looking for once you’ve selected the social networks that
you want to look at as well as the date and time line that you want to review
you’ll be able to review your content here we can see what typos I’ve sent out
in this time period what my fans look like if I’ve received any engagement and
what type of traffic and web clicks am i receiving all my content you can scroll
through for a bigger breakdown of this content you can also see what type of
inbound message sentiment you’re getting are people who are interacting with you
and mentioning you on your Facebook page or on your Twitter handle actively
engaged are they positive are they negative and finally you can also look
at your engagement / posts here at the bottom we can see our 3
Facebook posts over this time period and we can see what types of interactions we
have engagements we’ve received here we can see we’ve received some reactions
from likes as well as some comments on our posts as I mentioned before you can
view this for your Twitter Facebook and Instagram pages if you’d like to export
build custom reports or view your per post performance those options are
available in the team plan and hire all right the last piece I want to show you
guys today is the ability to create contests if you’ll navigate to the left
hand side here where it says contests click on that a new tab will open and
it’ll allow you to create and craft contests for example you can go ahead
and create a new contest where you can look out at sweepstakes or sign up you
can preview the Instagram galleries and the other types of galleries and video
contests available here but for the HootSuite professional plan the
sweepstakes from the sign 1 signup are the two that are available to you
sweepstakes is a great idea if you’re looking to get to do a quick giveaway
maybe a gift card or something like that and you want to get people to sign up
and or go to your website and sign up once you click into it you have to go
ahead and create a name and then you want to select whether it’s on a web
page or on your Facebook tab once you’ve selected those options go ahead and hit
create sweepstakes once you’re in the campaign builder you can go ahead and
customize anything that you’ve seen in this example I’ve created a header with
some coffee beans in it I’ve written in the text enter to win for a chance to
win a $50 gift card and down here below I can ask people for their email the
first name in their last name I also have a countdown timer that shows how
long the campaign is running for if you want to edit the start date and the end
date of your campaign you can click here on the pencil if you’d like to in this
view you can customize and edit your sweepstakes anything on this page is
customizable if you want to change the color the header the text the font the
size of the text just hover over it you’ll see a little pencil and you can
go ahead and customize that if you wanted to customize anything like when
that contest starts when it ends you can do that down here where it says edit
start and end date additionally you can go over to the top right hand corner
where there’s a gear icon and manage your campaign settings as a whole
so allow you to modify things like the entry period how often people can enter
and where you’re gonna be publishing this campaign there are additional pages
so once someone is entered into your contest you want to make sure that you
have a nice message for them to say thank you on the right-hand corner here
where it says pages you can click on that and select the different pages that
you want to customize and edit once your campaign is designed the way that you
want it to look go ahead and click on the Save button in the top right hand
corner and then click on the publish section once you published it that
campaign is now available for you to link people to start sharing and
engaging on if you’d like to preview what your page looks like go ahead and
click on view on web and this will give you a preview of what your campaign
looks like on the website alright thanks for listening to the video today we
covered in HootSuite professional what new functionalities are available more
social networks the ability to bulk compose messages to save time the
ability to move view and see how your social network and contents are
performing and finally how to build a quick sweepstakes for you to be able to
gather leads as well as do the prizes and giveaways please let us know if you
have any comments or questions below we’ll be happy to answer them thank you
have a great day you you

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  1. Hi. How many posts can we schedule with the professional plan? The free one allows 30 in a month. What is this one? Thanks.

  2. I see that there is not a spellcheck or grammerly correcting what you wrote. Is there a setting to make sure all content is being checked and edited?

  3. Outdated vid. I checked and bulk uploading is not available for me, and I am on the Professional Plan.

    Edit: then i clicked to try the BETA, and now it works? Confused. But it might work after all

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