How To Use Hashtags On Facebook
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How To Use Hashtags On Facebook

Okay, it’s Facebook time and it’s hashtag
time, the worlds have finally collided so we’re going to teach you how to use that
effectively. Stay tuned. Let’s talk about hashtags on Facebook,
this didn’t even used to be a thing. I remember when hashtags first came to
Facebook and everyone’s like, oh my gosh, Twitter and everything is crossing
over and I was actually with my daughter the other night, she has my old
old flip phone. The other night, we actually went through a ten year old
little box that we put everything together and we thought would be super
cool like ten years ago and write letters to our kids and put all these
things in there and there was this old phone, this old flip phone in there that
just had the LED screen and on the bottom there’s a pound sign. My daughter was like,
oh look, there’s a hashtag. I’m like well, actually, it’s been around longer than
the hashtag, it’s the pound sign. So let’s talk hashtags when it comes to Facebook
because they don’t behave the same way as they do or an Instagram, they don’t
behave the same way they do on Twitter. They logistically you know, make the
connections but people interact with hashtags differently depending on the
platform that they’re on. With Facebook, you don’t want to overdo it and that’s
the thing with hashtags and Instagram, they’re used as a huge communication
tool but think about why people come to Facebook, they come to
interact with people, sometimes they come for trending news. If you’re anything
like me, you’ll find any of your news clips on Facebook, you’ll find out what’s
happening in the world so hashtags are great for that but if you’re just using
it and a regular post, you don’t want to use them too much or go overboard on
them because they just clutter up your feed so let’s go to the screen here. I’m
going to show you what a basic post using hashtags in a really efficient and a
positive way that doesn’t come across overbearing, that doesn’t come across
just overloaded. You know, I actually copied one of my Instagram posts
directly to Facebook and there’s of course 30 hashtags on Instagram. When it
goes to Facebook, I had people like, what’s with all the hashtags? What the
heck? What’s going on? So I try to keep my hashtags between 3 and 5 per post if I’m
going to use them. I don’t even always use them on Facebook but if you do, here’s
how to do it. So I’m going to make a post on my personal page, you can see I’m on
my personal page right here, not a business page, not a business anything,
it’s just me up there okay, and I have myself you know positioned as a public
speaker, I do all these fun things but I’m going to make a post relevant to my
travel blog which I run sothis isn’t really a business post because there’s
no call to action but it is going to share a little bit what if what do I do
on the side. So first of all, I need to post a picture. I don’t always have to
post a picture with hashtags, it’s just generally easier to so I’m going to add a
photo here, click on that photo button and then I’m going to search my photo that
I just downloaded for my Google Drive. Image 8344, there it is.
Perfect. Alright, load that puppy up. I’m going to open that thing and I’ve got my
Facebook live you know going, not Facebook live video but you know, you’re
going to see all the notifications as they come up from my screen here. Okay,
so this photo is a photo that I took while I was in Shanghai. I was there a
couple years ago on our way down to Bali, we had a 24 hour layover in Shanghai so
we actually booked a hotel right downtown, it’s the Royal International
Hotel, it was opulent so this hotel had like an indice glassed walls, it
had like super nice, but the funny thing about Shanghai is that there’s no zoning
laws and here in the US, we have zoning laws which means that you can’t have
this industrial park with just like a house in the middle of it. In China or at
least in this part of Shanghai, they didn’t have those so I’m staying in this
super super nice hotel and outside across the street there’s like
mattresses and fish guts and corrugated steel shopping centers, it was weird, it
was weird to say least because just that contrast was so stark so but I want to
share a little bit about that on the story on Facebook and I’m going to use some
hashtags, alright. So I’m going to write a little bit of a post and say, check out
this chandelier at this hotel, this massive chandelier at this hotel we stayed in in Shanghai, make sure that
spelled right, don’t want to be insulting people. I think there’s an extra H in
there, there we go. Okay, cool. Check out this massive
chandelier at this hotel we stayed at in Shanghai, the hotel was gorgeous. And then I would say, you wouldn’t have..
Make sure your spelling is right. Thank you little red dotted lines. Have
guessed that there was a fishmonger. I think that’s the right word for a guy
who sells fish. I’m thinking if I’ll use monger cause that just sounds weird. Fish market
across the street in slums. Okay, cool. So I’m going to get some conversations
going on there like, what? Wait, what do you mean slums? This is a super nice
five-star hotel and so you know, it’s going to have some conversations but now
it’s time for the hashtags. So I’ve got my post, I’ve got a little bit of you
know, content in there, I’ve got my image in there so now I want to use some
hashtags and I would say something like #travelingchina and maybe I’ll use another hashtag that
say #limitlesstravel I was with my limitless peeps and maybe I’m going to
use a unique hashtag. See, here’s the thing with hashtags is that,
there’s general hashtags like if I do a #travelingchina hashtag, anyone that
clicks on a hashtag is going to find all of the content that also has the same
hashtag so I’m going to use #travelingchina so people can come and find me but now
I’m going to use the hashtag so that they can explore more of me. So my
unique hashtag is #lighttravels and I also use #lighttravelsblog. Okay, so
once they get to me through a light travels China or maybe I can do one
#globetrotter, okay. So I’ll do #globetrotter or #travelphotography.
Okay, this is pushing it on my hashtag so I’ve got two lines, I’ve
got six hashtags, it’s pushing it. I probably would take one of these out if
I were to take one out, I would take out #globetrotter just because I know that
#travelphotography has a higher rate of transactions or interactions on Facebook
so I’ve got five travel hashtags there, I’ve got #travelingchina #limitlesstravels
#lighttravels #lighttravelsblog #travelphotography. They’re going to find
me with #travelingchina and #travelphotography. They’re
going to stay with me through #limitlesstravels #lighttravels and #lighttravelsblog.
So they find me with some hashtags, they’re going to stay and play with me with
other hashtags because they’re unique to me so if I want them to see more of me,
I’m going to keep my unique hashtags in my Facebook post. So again,
it’s very very easy, it doesn’t take anything other than typing the pound
sign and typing the rest of the word. Now be aware of this and you might already
know this but when you’re traveling or when you’re typing with hashtags, if you
put a space after your word, it’s going to create a new hashtag so let’s say you’ve
got a hashtag with several words in it that might be hard to tell apart if
they’re all mushed together, all you need to do is capitalize the first letter of
each word within your hashtag. So if I got #LightTravelsBlog, some
people could read that light travels blog and I don’t want them to, I want
them to read it right. So I’m going to capitalize the B, I’m going to capitalize,
especially since look at this, I’ve got two T’s right here, right next to each
other. I’m going to capitalize the T and the L so it looks better, it says #LightTravelsBlog
instead of #lighttravelsblog. It’s just visually more appealing. Okay,
keep that T capitalized, #TravelingChina I’m gonna capitalize that, I’m going to
capitalize my #LimitlessTravels, again I’ve got another instance here or I’ve
got this multiple letter thing. Now the both of those belong to the first word
but I just wanted to make it cleaned up. Alright, now I’ve got that double letter
thing, I’m going to make that all clean so I’ve got five hashtags here, again, that’s
pretty much my limit per Facebook post. Check out this massive chandelier in the
hotel we stayed in at Shanghai. Hotel was gorgeous, you wouldn’t have guessed that
there’s a fish market across the street in the slums. Perfect, that’s perfect
enough. I’ve got a five hash tags there, I’ve got my photo, all I need to do is
click post and then that’s it, I’ve got this amazing picture of this cool
chandelier with this incredible table in downtown Shanghai, incredible. Now this is
how hashtags work.. I’ve got my hashtags up and you can see they’re all blue and
then when you hover over them, there’s an underline when that’s the case, you can
click on the hashtag, boom, and see where else people have looked. I’ve got
#TravelingChina right here. Oh, cool. This is another travel blogger, I
might want to connect with this guy. Awesome, I’m going to check out his profile.
I’ve got another nomad traveler here, I’ve got #TravelingChina right here,
looks like I connect with a bunch of other bloggers or travel bloggers to you
know, collaborate or maybe you know, see what their content looks like, see what
their pictures look like, hashtagging is super easy and you can use it to find
new pages and new content so let’s try it out, let’s try searching some
hashtags here. Let’s think of a hashtag that you want to check out, maybe
you’re looking forward to a trip you want to take to Bali so let’s check
out the hashtag. #Bali or maybe even more specifically, #travelingbali.
Okay, I’d search that. I’m going to find all of these things that are relevant to
that hashtag, everything that has that hashtag in it is going to show up right
here within this search. So I’ve got a few people that are posting some
pictures, I’ve got people that are sharing their travel blogs. Again, I’m
very specific to traveling. Now let’s say you wanted to look up other mentors or
public speakers so you could do #publicspeaker and you don’t need to
register your hashtags with any of the with the Facebook or anything, as soon as
you put in a hashtag, it’s going to create a brand new hashtag so if I do
#publicspeaker, it’s going to come up with a lot. So I’ve got friends first that I’m
going to see, I’ve got public posts that I’m going to see, it just keeps going and
going and going and going here. Okay, then it’s going to give me some related searches.
I don’t know why magic beans are on there, whatever that means.
Okay, so hashtags are a great way to search, to find common threads, to find
common interests, to find people in your industry that are trying to do the same
thing that you’re doing, to find collaborations, to find joint ventures so
use them wisely on Facebook, don’t max out more than five and keep them really
shortened to the point the short and sweet and have fun with them, guys.
Make your own hashtags, do some things that are fun. You can find all
sorts of things, all sorts of threads, create a movement with your hashtags,
creat especially when you’re doing events. Let’s say that you put on an
event for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got Valentine’s Day 2018 dinner that you
put on. If you create a new hashtag, you can do that for events. People do it for
their weddings all the time, they’ll hashtag their name and the date and
everyone can link in. If you’ve got people that are you know, shooting photos
at your event, ask them to use your hashtag so that you can go find and
collect all those photos and posts and testimonials. A great way to collect your
testimonials from your audience, a great way to stay connected so use them wisely
on Facebook. Alright, so you’re on Facebook, you’re using your hashtags,
you’re creating connections all over the place you know, tell me if there’s
anything I missed, anything that you want to know more about when it comes to Facebook
or social media or business in general. Leave a comment below, I’ll make a video
and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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