43 thoughts on “How to use Google Assistant verbose mode with Chromecast

  1. I swear Google helped me gain over 10k YouTube subscribers, monthly brand deals, became a local celebrity in my town here in south Florida and signed with a PR marketing firm. #teamgoogle

  2. That's nice and all but how will he watch the cat videos? I guess it makes sense if he's trying to put it on for sometime else

  3. and I am the Balding, Full beard wearing, Moustache twiddling, gaming addicted Sparrow. I don't have an assistant but I do have a memory and an agenda.

  4. It really drives me crazy to hear people issue voice commands with robotic sentence construction. That is not how humans talk; when you take all this voice data and feed it back into your neural network to make it better at recognizing speech, you're teaching it the wrong things.

    If you were talking to another person, you wouldn't say "pay cat videos on living room tv" — you'd say "play some cat videos on the living room tv". The more naturally you speak, the better things will get at recognizing more natural speech!

  5. How is he supposed to SEE whatever he chooses to see on TV that"ts absolutely nonsense and very unappropiate for people with sight issues. Totally wrong. Tell us you have an AI explainer of what is displayed on a TV but not a blind person asking to choose between seeing cats or dogs on Youtube that is insulting

  6. Google vous devriez penser a faire des vidéos avec d'autres langues étrangères pas juste en anglais .
    Ok Google 🌍

  7. ایا امکان اینکه اشنائی با این برنامه به زبان فارسی هست؟

  8. Can Google please make a new mode for those of us who want Assistant to shut up?
    So when I say "Ok Google, turn off the lights." it will just say "Ok."

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